Where to find all Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statues

Where to find all Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statues. Find and collect all of the demiguise sculptures in Hogwarts Legacy It can be a bit cumbersome, but it's worth it. if you want Gladwyn Moon to teach you Alohomora. There are three levels of the spell to master, which involves collecting numerous statues overnight.

Once you find yourself in Hogwarts Legacy and have met the fearful guardian, Gladwyn Moon, you will enter into a deal with him.. In exchange for your help in tracking down numerous demiguise statues that a mysterious assailant has placed in various locations around the world, with the supposed purpose of tormenting Statue with the utmost fear of him, Gladwyn Moon will be willing to continue teaching you more advanced versions of the Alohomora spell., which you will need to unlock the level 1 locks in Hogwarts Legacy.

In the vast world of Hogwarts Legacy, there are a greater number of statues than necessary to complete The Keeper's Statuary Lament. However, we have decided to make things easier for you and we will tell you where to find all Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statues. It's time to start the search.

Where to find all Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statues

Once you've gotten those first few statues for Gladwyn, you won't need to ride the Hogwarts Legacy broomstick to find more, as there are five that you can immediately collect in the castle. Just remember to wait for the night to come. If not, simply access the map and choose the option to adjust the time.

  1. In the south wing, There is a closed bathroom with the out of service sign on the door. To get to this bathroom, you need to enter Gryffindor Tower from the Defense Against the Dark Arts block. Continue down the hall and past the unlocked bathroom. There you will find the bathroom of a prefect. Use the Alohomora spell to open the door and enter the cubicle in the middle. You will discover a secret room where a demiguise is located.
  2. As for Muggle Studies, from the bell tower courtyard, go to the History of Magic classroom. This place is also a key Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian location. Go down the stairs that are right in front of the classroom. Continue down past the sleeping dragon statue and you will find a locked door to the Muggle Studies room. The demiguise statue is on the desk in that room..
  3. Head to the Divination classroom during the night to find the statue on the teacher's desk. You will not need to use any spell.
  4. To get to the Restricted Section of the Library, use fast travel and go directly to that section. Remember that you have already completed the mission Secrets of the restricted section. Head down the stairs until you reach a room with wood paneling. Upon entering, you will see an enchanted book on your left. Continue down the hall to the right and look for one of the Hogwarts Legacy White Eye Chests. Look at the small table a few steps ahead to see if there is a demiguise..
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Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statue locations

Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statue locations

Hogsmeade is a place full of demiguise statues, and for the most part you won't need to use Alohomora to get them.. These five, along with the previous four, will be enough to unlock Alohomora II. Although most of the main shops in Hogsmeade have semi-hidden statues, these statues are the most accessible to find:

  1. The exclusive room above En Las Tres Escobas: Enter the Three Broomsticks pub and climb the stairs to the top. There you will come across a locked door that leads to the private room, where another demiguise awaits you, as well as a Field Guide page if you use Revelio.
  2. In Pig's Head: Go to En Cabeza de Puerco and discover the demiguise in the bar.
  3. In Volumes and Scrolls: Visit In Volumes and Scrolls and go behind the counter and from the merchant to the adjacent room on the left. There you will find the demiguise.
  4. In fine rags, fashion for magicians: You will be able to discover another demiguise on the surface of the Gladrags counter, clearly visible as you enter from Hogsmeade Square.
  5. In the house southeast of the mill: North of Hogsmeade, you will spot a waterwheel on the other side of the river, just behind Zonko's. Here a moth painting awaits you, and you will also find another demiguise resting in the open air.

With this, you will have enough resources to unlock the level 2 locks. Now, go back to Hogwarts castle and look for Gladwyn in the teachers' wing., located a few steps from the Floo Llama travel point. Turn in the statues you've collected so far and you'll be able to open level 2 locks as well.

Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statues

Hogwarts Legacy demiguise statue locations to get level 3

After delivering the above nine statues to Gladwyn, he will unlock Alohomora 2 for you.. With this spell, you will be able to access slightly more challenging statues scattered throughout the kingdom. If you want to learn the powerful Alohomora 3, you will need to collect 13 additional statues this time.. Here's a set of statues that should be enough to achieve that goal:

  1. creature classroom: Take a quick trip to the fire on the floor of the creature classroom and access the hut using Alohomora 2. Head into the room on the right side and you will find the demiguise sitting on the circular table.
  2. Housing close to in Cabeza de Puerco: In Hogsmeade, head to the Hog's Head pub and head towards the food cart outside. Move towards it and you will discover a locked door that you can open with Alohomora 2. Once inside, you will find the demiguise on the top floor.
  3. Next to Next to J. Pippin Potions: The house adjacent to the potions shop in Hogsmeade has a locked door on Level 2. Once you unlock it, head upstairs and you'll find the statue on the bedroom dresser.
  4. Residence behind Honeyduke's: Starting from the outskirts of Honeydukes, turn right and jump over the ledge onto the dirt path. Follow the path until you reach a house on your right, where picking a Level I lock will reveal another demiguise figure on a small table..
  5. kendale: This place does not require the use of Alohomora spells, but it is somewhat distant from the castle. Travel to Keendale and look for a house decorated with pumpkins on the outside. Enter this unlocked dwelling and collect the demiguise statue.
  6. Pitt-Upon-Ford: Take a fast trip to this village, or fly there from the fast transport point located in the Tower of Saint Bakar. You must go to the residence furthest to the right as you make your way up the path from the llama on the ground, just before you reach the first bridge. Open the lock and go to the top floor of the house to find the statue of the demiguise.
  7. Feldcroft Region: Head to Feldcroft and continue straight from the point of the flame on the ground to the house with vines around the front door. Cast the Alohomora spell to enter, and the demiguise will be found on the windowsill to your left.
  8. irondale: Head towards the nearby town of Irondale and access the first residence that is on your right when you reach Floo Flame. The demiguise is located right inside it, and your character will give you the signal when he spots it.
  9. Arranshire: Take a quick trip to the village of Arranshire and head to the locked door on Level I located at the opposite end of the town center. The demiguise is immediately inside.
  10. Hogsfield High: From the point of the flames on the ground, go straight ahead and enter the second house on your left. You will notice a small wooden wheel to the right of your front door. Inside you will find a demiguise.
  11. Low Hogsfield: Enter the first residence on your right when you reach the fast travel point, which also houses the Bickle family that you met with Natsai. The demiguise is located to the right of the front door once you are inside..
  12. Dervish & Banges: Head towards Dervish & Banges from Hogsmeade Square and locate the statue on the counter in front of you.
  13. On the ground floor of the Great Hall: Take a trip to the flame on the floor of the Great Hall and walk along the corridor until you reach the lectern. Continue to the right and you will find a locked door along the right wall. Use Alohomora to open the door and inside you will find another demiguise statue..
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Once you have delivered these last 13 statues, Gladwyn will show you Alohomora 3 as a reward once you return them to him.

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