What is netherite in Minecraft? How to get it?

Nether world Minecraft

If you have been playing Minecraft for a long time, you have to use netherite, or underworld, as it is also known. This material is perhaps the most desired among fans of the mining game. But it's not for fun netherite is a material that serves to maximize tools, weapons and diamond armor. As advantages that this offers we find the increase in the resistance of the items, becoming resistant to lava and fire. For all this and more, today we will explain what is it and how to get netherite in minecraft.

Minecraft is an open world mining and construction game that has been known to attract millions of players around the world. It has been in existence for more than a decade and it is already one of the most important games ever. Part of its success is perhaps due to the continuous "advertising" received on YouTube channels or any similar platform, being the favorite of many content creators, thanks to the infinite possibilities it offers to innovate and create original content. For many years, his strongest material was diamond, but that changed in the Underworld Update, with the introduction of netherite.

What is netherite in Minecraft and what is it for?

The netherite was the material added in version 1.16. with this you can upgrade weapons, tools and diamond armor, increasing the previous maximum of resistance. Another of its characteristics is that cannot be destroyed by lava or fire, and provides this feature to any item you add netherite to.

How to create a netherite item?


To create any netherite item, you first need the same item but of Diamond. Let's give an example, let's say you want a netherite helmet:

  1. First of all, you need two ingredients: a diamond helmet and a netherite ingot.
  2. Now go to the work table, and place the two ingredients. The diamond helmet (or any other item you want to netherite) goes in the center left. The netherite ingot goes right in the center.
  3. You can now get your netherite helmet in the product box, with its increased resistance and being resistant to fire and lava.

How to create magnetite?

Another item that you can create and can be quite useful is magnetite. The objective of the magnetite is to remagnetize the compass. The original function of a compass is to target your base (or spawn point). What the magnetite does to the compass is that it is aim at the lodestone block, something that can be really useful to keep you oriented.

To magnetize a compass with the lodestone, just right-click with the compass in hand and the lodestone nearby.

How to get netherite in Minecraft?

netherite what is how to get

Do you want netherite to have the best possible items? No problem, below I explain everything you need to get it and be able to use it.

The netherite can be found mainly in the nether. So now you know where to go to look for it. Once there, he explores as much as you can and you will surely find netherite. But surely you can imagine what is coming, you will not find netherite in ingots, but in a cruder form that you will have to purify.

by exploring In the nether you can find ancient debris, which are the most "wild" form of netherite. But this is very useful, these "ancestral debris" are very valuable so save them to continue with the process.

The next thing you want to get is netherite shards, and the process to get them is quite simple. All you have to do is pass the ancient debris through the furnace, with fuels, and you will obtain fragments of netherite.

Lastly, we will convert the netherite shards into netherite ingots. Before explaining this step, I'll let you know that netherite ingots are actually an alloy of gold with netherite. Now yes, to obtain netherite ingots, you need the following.

  1. Go to the nearest workbench, and open it.
  2. Place in the order you prefer: 4 gold bars and 4 netherite fragments.
  3. This results in a netherite ingot, you can already get it in the products box.

nether minecraft

And yes, as you just saw, you will have to get gold if you want to get the strongest material in Minecraft. But this is totally worth it, since you will hardly be able to obtain an item resistant to fire and lava in any other way. Remember that going to the nether is very dangerous so make sure you take plenty of resources with you, and return while you still have resources.

And this is all, I hope I have been helpful and that you now know what netherite is in Minecraft and how to get it. Let me know in the comments what you think, and what you think netherite should be used for.

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