How to get Voltorb Hisui in Pokémon Go

Voltorb Hisui Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO is a game that leaves us with many elements new ones on a regular basis, such as various events or the introduction of new creatures. Since January of this year, the Niantic game has introduced Pokémon with regional forms of Hisui. These are the original Pokémon that were included in the franchise with the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus for the Nintendo Switch.

One of those that we find in this case is Voltorb, which many want to get. Since it is not something that is completely simple, so it is good to take a series of aspects into account in this regard. For this reason, we will show you below How can you get Voltorb Hisui in Pokémon GO. Since it is important to know the steps that we must follow for it.

The arrival of these pokémon to the game is a novelty of importance that many players were looking forward to. Before showing you how you can get Voltorb Hisui in Pokémon GO, we show you what are the new pokémon that have left us in the game in this case, since there are a couple currently available. Now that this region is somewhat visible in the universe, it assumes that new creatures have been introduced to this universe, as you know.

These are creatures already known in the saga that have received alternative versions in terms of design and characteristics. This is so due to the influence of living in a different region, which in this case is Hisui. So this is something that is going to have an influence on them, and that certainly makes it so interesting to get these creatures in the game. Voltorb is one of the most desired in this case, which many users are looking to get on their accounts in the game.

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Hisui's Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Voltorb Electrode Hisui

As we have mentioned, since January this year These new Hisui pokémon have been introduced in the game. It is something that many users were eagerly awaiting and that finally became official in January, so many are sure to want to know how it is possible to get them in the well-known Niantic game.

It is important to know that there are a dozen of Hisui's pokémon. But not all of them are available in Pokémon GO at the moment. But it is planned that they will be shown over time, so that every few weeks we will surely see a new one available. So it is necessary to be aware of this matter, in case a new one is already available in the game, although Niantic will most likely announce when a new one is introduced in it. Voltorb is of course one of the new pokémon available in this region and it is one of the ones that we can already get in our account in the popular game.

Currently we can capture both Hisui's Voltorb in Pokémon GO and Hisui's Electrode. These two have been available for just over a month in the game, the first since the end of January and the second since mid-February. So they are the two options that we are going to see now if we enter today. Of course, as the weeks go by we can expect new creatures to be introduced into the game, so we will have more and more options available in this case. Since the idea is that all of Hisui's creatures will be available in the Niantic title. Stay tuned for the announcements that are made in this case.

Requirements for special research

A common question from users who want to get Hisui's Voltorb in Pokémon GO is if there is any kind of special requirement in this investigation that has been opened. Since many fear that some requirement must be met in order to activate the special investigation. Fortunately, this is not so. You do not have to activate or meet any special or rare requirements in this case, for this to be possible. A tranquility for all in this sense.

Since directly, when you start playing Pokémon GO we will receive notification from Professor Willow at any time (there is no set time when this happens). When this happens in the game, the investigation journal will be automatically activated, so that we will be able to complete it whenever we want. In this way we can get started to capture this pokémon in the game.

Of course, they have to comply with some phases that will make it possible that we are going to capture this pokémon now that it is available. Although this is not something too complex, in addition, we are going to tell you what we have to do in this regard. So it will be even simpler in this case.

Get Volterb Hisui in Pokémon GO

Voltorb Hisui Pokemon Go

Volterb Hisui can be obtained as a reward for the aforementioned special research in Pokémon GO, which we have mentioned in the previous section. As we have said, there are no special requirements to be met to be able to take part in it, but it will be something that will be shown to you directly on the screen when you open the game. We just have to wait for this notice or information to be shown on the screen, then. Although there is no specific time for it to be shown.

Of course, a special investigation in the game is usually made up of several phasesas well as tasks. So we have to first fulfill these tasks and these phases, so that we will be able to reach said reward. In this case the reward is going to be this desired Hisui Voltorb. Below we will tell you more about the phases that have to be completed in this case, as well as the tasks to be fulfilled, so that we will be able to obtain this Voltorb.

First phase

In the first phase of this special research in the game we have a total of three tasks to complete. It is something that we must comply with, yes or yes, since otherwise it will not be possible to advance in it, as expected in this case. The three tasks that are currently in this first phase in the game are the following:

  1. Catch a total of 10 Pokémon: when you have done this you will be able to have this encounter with Voltorb. They can be of any type, it doesn't matter what they are, as long as you capture a total of ten.
  2. Use 10 berries to help you catch Pokémon in the game: encounter with Voltorb as a result of completing this task. You will be able to use all kinds of berries in this process, so the ones you have that will help you capture a pokémon will serve you well.
  3. Give 3 treats to your partner in the game: so you get to this encounter with Voltorb.

In addition to this encounter with this Pokémon, the game also provides us with two more rewards. since they give us a total of 3 Pinia Berry and 3 Razz Berry. So it's good to keep this in mind, as these berries are always some help in-game. Especially to be able to try to capture new creatures in the game.

Second phase to complete

Voltorb Hisui Pokemon Go

As you can see, the first phase is not something complicated for most players. Although it is usually important that we do it relatively quickly, especially once we have picked up some pace in this case, since it will help us complete them all in a short time. Once that first phase is completed, this special investigation in the game also has a second phase, where the difficulty is increased somewhat, but that should not be a problem for the players. We find ourselves again with a total of three tasks within it:

  1. Catch a total of 20 Pokémon in-game: the reward is then that encounter with Voltorb. They can be all kinds of pokémon, there is no requirement in this regard, they only have to be 20 for this task to be fulfilled.
  2. Use 20 berries to help you catch Pokémon in the game: Meet Voltorb as a reward for completing this. Again, they can be berries of all kinds, whatever you have available at the time.
  3. Make 10 curve ball throws: you're going to get that encounter with Voltorb as your reward.

In addition to this encounter with Voltorb as a reward, the game also leaves us with 9 Pinia Berry and 9 Frambu Berry. These are two additional rewards to fulfill with this second phase of special research in the game. Depending on the pokémon you want to get from these new ones from the Hisui region that are arriving now, the tasks to complete are something different at all times, so it is something that you are going to have to take into account in this regard.

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