The six best virtual reality games of 2024

virtual reality vr

Virtual reality games have been experiencing exponential growth in recent years, transforming the way we interact with video games. However, it is true that enthusiasm for this technology has come and gone. And unfortunately, for the general public, The periods of interest have been shorter than those of disinterest.

The year 2024 is promising to be a year to remember these types of titles. Virtual reality and augmented reality have seen major changes in the current calendar. Now we see helmets for almost all needs and Apple has also given visibility to this technology, with its Vision Pro. If you are an enthusiast of this world, today I am going to bring you the best virtual reality games of this year.

Max Mustard

max mustard

This is a virtual reality platform game, which maintains a timeless artistic style. It presents us with a total of forty unique levels, each one of them made with a very original Chinese-Japanese design philosophy. It has first and third person game modes and surprises in each of the levels.

As for its story, it is not an artistic novel, but it is not bad at all. Max Mustard is an investor from a dying planet called Krunch. In which he is evidenced as An unscrupulous businessman is capturing and selling small creatures as a cosmetic product for the richest.

Your goal is to ally yourself with this investor, together stop the illegal trafficking of these little creatures and thus be able to save as many as you can.

However, along the way you will come across unexpected turns, characters who reveal their true identity. So you will have to make tough decisions that will change the course of the game.

Access the game at Steam.

Contractors Showdown


The game offers us a immersive first person shooter experience taken to the field of virtual reality. You have the opportunity to participate in pitched battles with up to 60 players, on a gigantic map that covers sixteen square kilometers.

The main nuance of the game is its Battle Royale mode, where strategy and combat skills are essential for users. Prepare your mind for participate in hand-to-hand combat, squad games and a visually stunning virtual reality environment.

You will have to adapt your arsenal to the style of play at your own headquarters, with the game's highly customizable equipment system. Additionally, you can Coordinate your equipment via spatial voice chat to gain more advantage.

One of the best virtual reality games of 2024. Find it in Steam.

Micro Machines


One of the most popular virtual reality games that currently exists. Here you have the possibility of Build incredible tracks, through an intuitive system that allows you to change and place pieces with ease. You create loops and aerial roads for toy cars, and thus achieve record speeds.

You can also compete in campaign mode, where you must choose the right car and track to meet certain objectives. Sometimes you must choose fast cars and other times strong trucks with which to break obstacles.

You can also Unlock vehicles, skins and parts to improve speed and stunts. Change parts and tune your cars to improve acceleration, grip and much more.

Well, find very varied scenarios, build on sofas, tables, and avoid pets, survive and stay at the top of the weekly leaderboard.

find the game here.

Titanic: A Space Between

Titanic A Space Between

Here we will have to embody our protagonist Hendrik van Eden through time travel. We are in charge of returning to the Titanic to discover a mysterious disappearance of a previous traveler, named Diana. We will discover little by little The horrors of time travel and the dangers that come with it.

You must use your wits to escape the ship and let yourself be carried away by the bowels of the Titanic. Solve tons of puzzles and avoid dead-end paths to escape the flood.

The game features a weighted physics system, and Interactions feel natural and fluid. Maintains an impressive graphic section where we can appreciate the Titanic in all its splendor, with first-class lighting and water system.

Through countless updates and hacks, a Unmatched gaming experience in the world of virtual reality.

Soul Covenant


The premise of the game is about a near future, where the world is controlled by an artificial intelligence called Adam. This, she wants to assume the role of a God, so she is shown as an object of amazement, and overwhelming fear. Adam also has mechanical weapons which launch a global invasion, killing anyone who does not obey their master.

Enter a dystopian Japan where a dramatic battle takes place between humans and machines. Make your way Among hordes of enemies and defeat colossal adversaries.

The weapons in the game are wild, and there is a specialized weapon for defeating the mechanical gods, called the Scapegoat. You can change your weaponry in two different ways, allowing for new combat techniques, range and power.

Thanks to virtual reality, you will embody your character in a special way. Additionally, you will experience the emotional impact of a life story, after death.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2

Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2

Is the sequel to the terrifying virtual reality experience, which has given life again to the classic horror saga that bears this name. You will enter the game as a new member of staff, and you will have to prove that you can handle the administrative aspects and maintenance of the pizzeria.

You will have to go to Backstage to Help Roxanne, Wolf and Staffbots prepare for their performance. You can have fun playing classics like Bonk-a-Bon and Fazerblast. Take care of things behind the scenes of the pizzeria in the Staff Only session. Can Try new attractions with the digital pass, like Captain Foxy's Cowboy Adventure.

Lastly, if you haven't had enough horror, you can venture into the Sister Location world where you can enjoy classic gaming experiences. This is, without a doubt, one of the jewels of virtual reality this year.

And that was all, let me know in the comments what you thought of these six gems of virtual reality for 2024.