The Last of Us 2 Guide

The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2 is a very recent game, that recently was officially launched. Although it is a title that was eagerly awaited by users around the world. It is likely that many of you have already started playing this new title in the franchise, because the wait has been long for many.

The duration of the game ranges from about 25 to 30 hours in total. Then we leave you with a complete guide to The Last of Us 2. So if you have started playing it, you are going to be able to get the most out of this game and know the best way to move in it.

Chapters The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2

In this new installment, Ellie's story begins in Jackson. Although the game is going to take us far beyond this place, something that is done through various episodes, nine in total. Each of the chapters is further divided into a series of sections, so that this division becomes somewhat more complex. Although it is good to know what chapters there are, so that we know the rhythm that we are playing when playing:

  • Prologue and Chapter 1 in Jackson: The adventure starts here. We are given a short introduction to the story and then we begin to prepare the character, learning the first skills that we have available for him.
  • Chapter 2 (Seattle Day 1): In this case we arrive in Seattle, where Ellie has a clear objective, although few clues, so we will move little by little to obtain them.
  • Seattle, day 2 (Chapter 3): We come across the first problems that will try to keep us from completing the mission.
  • Chapter 4: Seattle, Day 3: Now we have clues, which will help us to complete the pending mission in Seattle.
  • Chapter 5: El park: We are facing a small detour, which will allow us to meet someone very interesting.
  • Seattle, day 1 (Chapter 6): An episode where we begin to see that nothing is what it seems.
  • Chapter 7: Seattle, Day 2: In this episode we learn more about said world, which is good preparation.
  • Chapter 8: Seattle, Day 3: An unexpected outcome that we reached after a series of events, also unexpected.
  • Santa Barbara (Chapter 9): We have one mission to complete if we want to be able to finish the game.


The Last of Us 2 weapon

Weapons are an aspect of enormous importance in The Last of Us 2. Therefore, you have to know many aspects about them, in order to be able to be prepared when we play. There are some weapons that we obtain on a mandatory basis, but we are going to have to look for many others throughout the journey that we undertake in the game.

  • Semi-automatic pistol- A common and basic pistol, which we have from the beginning in The Last of Us 2.
  • Stir- A very powerful and deadly weapon, although it is slow to load.
  • Bolt-action rifle- A powerful hunting rifle with which to shoot down targets with a single shot.
  • Pumping shotgun: A powerful weapon that destroys any enemy.
  • Arc: It is silent and very lethal, in addition, there are cases in which we can recover its arrows.
  • Crossbow: A hunting weapon that is deadly and also allows arrows to be retrieved frequently.
  • Silenced submachine gun: Very fast and quiet. No one will notice that you have used it.
  • Double barreled shotgun: A powerful and easy to handle weapon.
  • Flamethrower: Very lethal and a fast way to finish off enemies in The Last of Us 2.
  • Military pistol: One of the most accurate weapons we can find.
  • Hunting pistol: Loads only one bullet, but it is powerful and enough to knock down enemies.
  • Revolver 38: It is a weak weapon, but in some cases it can be useful.
  • Cropped: It has two cannons, which will kill any enemy.

How to upgrade weapons

Almost all the weapons we have in The Last of Us 2 support improvements, which gives many possibilities, since there are weapons that we can make that will be more effective and lethal in this way. So for the users in the game it is something to take into account, in order to have a better weapon, which will always be of help to us.

In order to apply these upgrades or customizations to a weapon, we have to find and go to a work table. Unfortunately, there are not too many scattered throughout the game, so we have to find them in order to use them. Each weapon has a number of different upgrades, so there is nothing we can apply universally.

In addition, we must bear in mind that each improvement that we want to add to a weapon in The Last of Us 2 is going to cost us certain parts, parts are needed to be able to introduce that improvement. The parts can be obtained as other resources in the game, since we find them in places such as workshops or landfills, although they can actually go anywhere.

How to find artboards in The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2 artboard

In all chapters of The Last of Us 2 let's find a work table, at least one. So in case we want to improve any of our weapons, we should not have problems for it. What we have to do is locate said work table, something that is not always easy. Luckily, we can find them in these locations:

  • Jackson: Work table in the bookstore.
  • Seattle Day 1:
    • Fifth avenue in Centro.
    • Gas station workshop and gym on Capitol Hill.
    • Tool room in the tunnels.
  • Seattle Day 2:
    • Rosemont and garage at Hillcrest.
    • Closed building and pharmacy in Serafitas.
  • Seattle Day 3:
    • Convention center and store on Camino al Aquarium.
    • River and recreational in Flooded City.
  • Santa Barbara:
    • Mansion in Inland.
    • Patio workshop in El Complejo.


In The Last of Us 2 we find more than 280 collectibles. A huge amount, as you can imagine. There are several different types, which are good to know, to have at least a series of categories in our head, with which to work when looking for or finding any of these objects in the game.

  • Artifacts: documents, letters, peculiar objects in general.
  • Collectible cards- A special deck of comic book characters.
  • Journal entries: The collection of Ellie's diary entries.
  • Work tables: They indicate the location of the places where you can improve your weapons.
  • Coins: Coins of different states.
  • Safes: safes with resources and other valuable objects.
  • Training manuals: These are books that you need to unlock new skills.


The Last of Us 2 skills

In The Last of Us 2 we find a somewhat special skill system. Since it is a system of skill trees, where we will be able to unlock improvements in Listening Mode or crafting objects, for example. There are quite a few skills that we can use and that of course we can unlock in the game, so it may be convenient to know them all:

  • Survival skills- Basic skills to survive in harsh environments.
  • Manufacturing skills: allow you to craft new or improved items.
  • Stealth Skills: allow you to go unnoticed when eliminating enemies.
  • Precision skills: improve your handling of weapons and thus spend less bullets when shooting.
  • Explosive skills: Learn to use bombs, which can save us many times.
  • Of field tactics: These skills help improve survival skills and thus survive in more types of situations.
  • Black ops skills: Allows you to go unnoticed in any environment.
  • Combat skills in close quarters: Fighting when weapons don't work will save us sometimes.
  • Of firearms: They will allow you to get the most out of firearms.
  • Weapon skills: They allow to create special objects thanks to what has been learned with rifles and pistols.

Enemies in The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2 rat king

We meet a number of enemies in The Last of Us 2. There is a good variety in this regard in the game, which is quite hostile towards visitors, so we have to be careful at all times. In addition, each enemy behaves in a different way, which is a detail that will complicate things when we are playing and that is something that we have to keep in mind, to know how to face them properly.

  • Corridors: It is a basic enemy, like a zombie, although they move more quickly.
  • Clicker: This is the most recognizable enemy in the game. They stand out for being blind, although they are very lethal.
  • Stalker: an infected who is halfway between a runner and a snapper. They tend to ambush when attacking, so we have to be aware of that.
  • Wolves: one of the groups of survivors that swarm the length and breadth of the United States.
  • Scars / Seraphites: It is a sect that lives in nature.
  • Wild Serafita: An imposing mass of muscles that we are going to meet a handful of times on our way in the game.
  • Swollen: It is one of the last stages of the infected, very dangerous. They are blind but they have good hearing and if it catches you, you will die instantly.
  • Shaky: More dangerous than the inflated one, it is also blind and with good hearing, in addition, it has the ability to launch explosive projectiles and are very resistant to attacks. When they die they explode, so it is good to stay away to avoid damage.
  • Rat king: A strong monster, best faced in an open field. It is like a bloat and stalker in one, so you will have to kill it in phases, as one part separates.

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