Cheats Super Arcade Football PC

Cheats Super Arcade Football PC

cheat index

  • Infinite life
  • special blows
  • indelible option

If you want to dominate your opponents in Super Arcade Football for PC, then you've come to the right place! Here we share some tricks that will make your game a better experience:

Infinite life

To activate infinite life in Super Arcade Football, press EL + SHIFT +F11. This will allow you to play for as long as you want without worrying about the characters' health level.

special blows

Use the following cheat codes to unlock the special shots in Super Arcade Football:

  • ELF + UP + SHIFT + F1 for an air punch
  • ELF + DOWN + SHIFT + F2 for a fire punch
  • ELF + LEFT + SHIFT + F3 for an electric strike
  • ELF + RIGHT + SHIFT + F4 for an ice punch

indelible option

If you want to unlock all levels of Super Arcade Football, press ELF + SHIFT + D + F12 on the home screen of the game. This option will allow you to play each level without any limitation.

Cheats Super Arcade Football PC


Super Arcade Football PC offers a variety of codes and cheats for players to get an enhanced experience.

The codes included in this version are:

  • ULTRA VICTORY: unlock ultra victory mode.
  • SUPERTEAM: teams have 10 stars in each.
  • METEORS: teams can access meteorites.


In addition to the codes, players can follow these tips to get an edge on the pitch:

  • Play the matches in real time mode for even more enjoyment.
  • Learn the basic controls to play with greater precision and skill.
  • If you draw during a match, try to find a successful rhythm of play that you are comfortable with.
  • Play with the team you like the most.

Alternative Tips

Players can also follow these tips if they need some level of variety:

  • Face better teams to improve your level of play.
  • Try to acquire unique skills for the team
  • use the trick ULTRA VICTORY to have a clear advantage.
  • Play with the equipment of your own choice for greater control and precision.

Cheats Super Arcade Football PC

Start matches without rest:

In order to make the matches start without a break, the following steps must be followed:

  • Season: When starting a season you must select the option No Break before selecting the match.
  • Quick game: When selecting the mode of quick game you have to check the box No Break to disable the break between matches.

Increase Player Stamina:

Players' stamina is increased by performing the following steps:

  • Go to menu Options.
  • Select Player Durability.
  • Adjust the resistance between 1 and 100.
  • Select OK To save the settings.

Add teams to the field:

Add teams to the field to enable the Play Now option by completing the following steps:

  • Go to menu Options.
  • Select Team Selection.
  • Select the desired teams.
  • Select OK To save the settings.

Use the codes:
Codes are entered from the main menu to obtain special features:

Go to Options menu.
Select Enter Code.
Enter the desired codes.
Select OK to save the settings.

Cheats Super Arcade Football PC

Cheats Super Arcade Football PC

General advice

  • unlimited points: Play the game twice and win. You can't lose in the second game to get unlimited points.
  • Delete players: When you collide with a player, your team will receive a penalty.
  • Calendar Trick: During the game, leave the front end piano to get all the seasons.

skill cheats

  • Super ball: Lock it inside the field and you can use it as a special ball for any player.
  • Let go: This will allow them to go the distance in an instant.
  • desire to run: This will increase the speed of the players.
  • Increase Speed ​​and Stamina: This will help players keep moving.

finish games

  • Press F12: This will allow you to finish the game without having to wait for a match to complete.
  • Game over: This will end the game without needing to wait for the clock to reach zero.

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