Steam Tank: Description, variants and much more

Here we present all the information you need about the steam tank de Total War Warhammer, so that you know all the secrets of this deadly battleship, which is one of the most popular war machines in the game.


Features Total War Warhammer Steam Tank

El warhammer steam tank It is one of the Empire faction's war machines, which has great range and stopping power, firing armor-piercing projectiles that wreak havoc on the ranks of enemy armies.

This steam tank features a steam-powered cannon, which has the ability to launch a spinning iron ball that is aimed at opponents' lines.

It also has a steam pistol located in the tank's turret, which fires jets of steam at the opposing army, which is extremely effective in combat.

The tank has a thick and armored armored and reinforced metal armor, on which arrows and swords bounce.

Steam tanks are designed to be part of the front lines of armies and are most efficient when paired with protective infantry.

The design of these fabulous war machines corresponds to the Engineer Leonardo de Miragliano, who was inspired by the oceanic steam ship of the Dwarf faction.

The steam tank works with a pressurized boiler that drives the steam through a system of pipes and pistons that make it move the wheels.

Your crew in battle has a Senior Engineer who man the tank, and his main duty is to efficiently manage the amounts of steam that the boiler produces.

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If the pressure in the boiler is allowed to build to hazardous levels, it could rupture with catastrophic effects, both for the crew member and the defense infantry that accompanies them.

The engineer who drives the tank usually carries as a self-defense weapon, a repeating pistol, which can also fire from the turret hatch.

Although the Empire has tirelessly tried to create a new Steam Tank from scratch, no engineer has succeeded in replicating it.

When the Engineer Leonardo de Miragliano disappeared, in a very mysterious way, he took all his sketches and plans with him, so no more have been built.

Advantages of the Steam Tank

  • Their armor-piercing projectiles pierce the target's armor, making them the ideal weapon for fighting heavily armored enemies.
  • Its armored armor is capable of blocking almost all enemy attacks.
  • They are intimidating weapons due to their size and structure, which causes terror in enemy armies.
  • They are practically unbreakable.

Disadvantages of the Steam Tank

  • Its main disadvantage is that its attack is very slow, which makes it poor in attacks on light and fast enemies.
  • It is vulnerable to attacks from powerful heroes with great damage and armor penetration power, such as Grimgor or Archaon.

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Total War Warhammer Steam Tank Variants

Of the eight original variants designed by Miragliano, today the imperial army only has five different models of steam tank with surprise from Total War Warhammer, with its own unique characteristics and abilities.

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The Conqueror

This is the most common design for warhammer steam tanks, and is smaller in size compared to the other standard cannons of the Imperial Army.

His great maneuverability, ability to resist enemy attacks and his power to fire projectiles and steam jets, have made him a favorite of the Empire's strategists.

The Conquistador model was the first tank to which the steam gun in the turret was adapted, which has now become a standard accessory on all models.

The old friend

In this version of the steam tank, in addition to its general equipment, a salute cannon was added to replace its traditional cannon.

This addition has been very efficient against enemies with powerful armor, although it also represents a risk for the crew, since, at times, it has a tendency to explode.

Despite this drawback, it is a deadly weapon of war and has formidable potential for destruction.

The Relentless

This model has as a distinctive feature a mortar that fires explosive projectiles, in parabolic shot.

It is a very versatile and maneuverable war machine, with great resistance to attacks and durability. It is equally trustworthy and highly feared by the Orcs of the Black Mountains.

The Hammer of Sigmar

This variant of the warhammer steam tank It is known for being only a machine that is used for defense and dispersal strategies of enemy armies.

All weapons were removed and his armored armor has been reinforced to withstand the onslaught.

The Von Zeppel

This adaptation of the steam tank Traditional, it is the work of Engineer Von Zeppel, who adapted a combat platform on the fuselage of the tank, from which a combat crew presents battle with various experimental weapons.

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These experimental weapons include modified versions of the repeating muskets and long rifles.

General characteristics of Total war warhammer

Total War Warhammer is a 2016 video game, developed by The Creative Assembly and distributed by Sega for Microsoft Windows platforms, OS X and Linux, based on the popular board game Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

The game, which can be played solo or cooperative and competitive multiplayer, is of the real-time strategy genre, in which the dynamics of the battles between the different factions are established:

  • Empire.
  • In years.
  • Greenskins: Orcs and Goblins.
  • Vampire Counts.
  • Warriors of Chaos.
  • Beastmen.
  • Wood Elves.
  • Bretonnia.
  • Norsca.

If you want to know much more about the steam tank with surprise of Total War Warhammer, be sure to see the following video.

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