Squad Busters, the new release from Supercell

squad busters

There are not a few people who carry time waiting for the release of Squad Busters, and we can finally try it from our devices. Keep reading this article so you can find out everything about this new game.

As far as Spain is concerned, Squad Busters is being quite a sensation. It already has more than a million downloads in the Play Store and Apple App Store. And it is no wonder, because for five years, we did not have such an important title. Today we are going to know the launch date, as well as the main features of the new Supercell jewel.

Beta and Game Release Date

From the past 6 February, a premiere was made Closed beta of Supercell's new game, Squad Busters, only in Canada. A few months later, the beta also reached Mexico and Spain, specifically the May 22. Since its release, the game generated very positive opinions among users, however, there was a lot of room for improvement.

Today, we can play Squad Busters from anywhere in the world, and it is quite a sensation. May 29 was the date chosen by the company to open its new masterpiece to the world.

What is Squad Busters about?

The idea of ​​Squad Busters is very simple and fun at the same time. We will start controlling a single character in the game, and then little by little, we will try to make our group bigger. To achieve this objective, we must defeat enemies who will give us coins to open chests.

When opening these chests, we must select one, among three available heroes, and this will join our team, so we will go expanding the squad.

The game offers us compete against nine other players in real time, while we try to get as many jewels as possible, before the timer runs out. These jewels can be hidden on the map or we can also obtain them in a mine.

The gameplay has a simple concept, of our team attacks automatically, and we will only have to use spells to hinder other players. We must also make strategic decisions to get the greatest number of gems possible.

squad busters gameplay

Each member of our group will have specific skills, so many times We will not be able to carry out the same strategy in two different games.

The truth is that the game is much more interesting than it seems at first glance, thanks to its simple mechanics. Unlike its first betas, the official launch has a higher pace of games. In addition, it contains a selection of modifiers that change randomly each game, in order to give more variety to the game.

The Squad Busters phenomenon; Supercell continues to consolidate

Squad Busters Supercell's first title in the last five years, which has already generated a lot of expectation about this release. It gives us the opportunity to form our army with each of the most popular characters in the Supercell universe.

This new free MOBA-style strategy game was released a few hours ago; therefore, Now all users can loot all possible bosses and other players.

These are incredible numbers for a mobile game, but without a doubt, there is a desire for Squad Busters.

Squad Busters Launch Rewards

On the other hand, Supercell fans You already have the possibility of claiming exclusive rewards in other games like Clash of Clans or Hay Day. All with the aim of celebrating this achievement. The success of this new proposal is something to celebrate, on the part of the studio, and for the future of the game, since the standards are always high.


Let's remember that the studio doesn't mess around, and they don't hesitate when it comes to ruling out projects that aren't up to par. As already happened to Clash Mini, which ended in nothing, due to the lack of support for the project.

Thanks to the number of pre-registrations for the game and its release, The company wants to reward the first players to reach the new title. Clearly, the prizes would be gifts from the game itself, with which to facilitate the departure of these users. These are divided into five reward levels, depending on the number of pre-registrations.

  • 1 million pre-registrations: 10 coins.
  • 5 million pre-registrations: 1x The tiger (character).
  • 20 million pre-registrations: 3x chests.
  • 30 million pre-registrations: 1 exclusive gesture.
  • 40 million pre-registrations: 1x exclusive decoration.

If we take into account that the game had more than 30 million pre-registrations, players will have some improvements in their first games.

Rewards for other Supercell games

Clash Royale

If we look closely, Squad Busters is not the only game from the company that offers us rewards for its launch. If you have any other Supercell games installed, you can also get rewards for launching this title.

  • Brawl Stars: 1x random star drop, 1x squad pin, 1x Shelly skin.
  • Clash Royale: 1 tower skin, 1 king emote, 1 battle banner, 1 mini king emote.
  • Clash of Clans: 2 Resource Potions, 1 Builder's Potion, 1 Squad Decoration.
  • Hay Day: 5x diamonds, 1x hat, 10x diamonds, 1x decoration.
  • Boom Beach: 1 million gold, 1 aspect, 1 gold vault.

Why is Squad Busters so good?

  • Combine and evolve more than 25 characters: Start your adventure with adorable babies, who can evolve into adult heroes with incredible abilities.
  • Have fun with Mods: The game has dozens of mods and combinations of different characters, so your possibilities are endless.
  • Exciting worlds and iconic characters: Start your adventure in new and exciting worlds, with different themes. Discover and unlock your favorite heroes and villains as you play.
  • Play with your friends: You can connect with your friends, family and other players to test your skills online.
  • Action and strategy for all players- Run, fight and think fast when choosing attackers, providers and speedsters for your team. Choose three identical characters and you can merge them into a giant troop. You can play it safe and collect gems little by little, or you can go all out and beat the rest of the players.

And that's all, let me know in the comments if you already have this new game installed, and what your favorite character is.

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