Sonic Frontiers 2 is already in development, will it disappoint?

Sonic frontiers

sonic frontiers saw his premiere in November 2022 and, since then, little has been said about a possible sequel. And although it is true that Sega's mascot has remained very active lately with various titles, We are all waiting for news of a second part of the saga. These days there have been rumors about what could be a new title with the name Sonic Frontiers 2.

Sonic Frontiers is a game action, adventure and platform, developed by the Sonic Team team and published by Sonic. The game takes place exploring the Starfall Islands to collect the Chaos Emeralds, embodying our blue protagonist. It is the first 3D open world Sonic game we have to date. and one of the best titles on the market. Today we will see a little of what is known to date about the second installment of the saga.

Sonic Frontiers 2 is in development

It has been almost eight months since we received the Sonic Frontiers latest update. Beyond this, we have not had any major news about the game that all of us blue hedgehog lovers fell in love with.

Sonic frontiers

We recently received the announcement that the second part of this saga is in development. It was not an “official” announcement, but rather a leak a insider, with confirmation from another one. So we are waiting for an official announcement, since this is still in the category of rumor.

You have to trust the development team

El Sonic Team many times he has surprised us with his deliveries, he has had his ups and downs, but they have always known how to bring the audience a product that excites them. An example of this was the case of the first Sonic Frontiers.

If we base ourselves on their history, they have been launching games on the market since the last century, therefore, they have a solid industry experience. Furthermore, the direction of the company in recent years has been going in the right direction. Although of course, every game is made from scratch, and none of them are usually similar to the others, especially the second parts.


Until now, always They have shown the ability to innovate to add new mechanics and characters. And although it took them a while to find the formula for an open world, in Sonic Frontiers they have nailed it.

Moreover, the studio has the opportunity to show us that it has learned from its mistakes, and this time it can prove that Sonic Frontiers was no fluke.

Concerns with Sonic Frontiers 2

The nerves are on edge, and it is normal; Sonic games tend to maintain a bad gaming profile, only for fans. But now, with a gem of the Sonic Frontiers level As a direct predecessor, there is really something to look forward to, there is something that can be ruined.

It is understandable to worry about the quality that we could see in the second installment of the saga, since the game has many followers. Even worse if you stop to look at other recent cases where they have focused on answering their pockets first than the community.

It is always important maintain the balance between microtransactions, paid DLCs or the cost of the game, and, on the other hand, the demands of the community. Estudio must be very clear about this if they want to continue the line they have taken until now. But, above all, if they want to earn a place among the giants of the industry.

It is crucial that the people in charge of this title look back and maintain the same line you drew with Sonic Frontiers. Focusing on expanding what they already have, since they should only work on that basis. The truth is, everyone hopes that this will be the case and that they will soon be playing a better title than the previous one, although it is difficult to think about it.

"Second parts are never good..." but not in video games

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There is a very popular phrase, second parts are never good, and the truth is that In the world of video games there are many contradictory examples. It is true that we have seen many sequels that kill an entire saga, whether due to a weaker story, lack of innovation or changes in the development team.

However, we have seen other examples such as Red Dead Redemption, Portal, Half Life or Dead Space that kill the phrase with one shot. The key to a good sequel is none other than following the same line, what works, is not changed.

What could we expect from Sonic Frontiers 2?

But leaving the bad vibes behind and feeling optimistic, the new title could be a big hit. Let's dream, that it is free, and Let's think about what could be improved about the blue hedgehog's last game. If those in charge of developing it manage to do their job well, I am sure it will be a game that will compete with the best. Let's see all the good things that this title could bring.

  • Greater freedom of exploration: First of all, it could expand the focus on exploring its open world. This would offer players greater freedom of discovery.
  • Graphic Improvements: It is obvious that, with the advancement of graphics engines, a more visually impressive and detailed game could come. This will introduce users to a visually stunning world.
  • New game mechanics: We could get new mechanics in the gameplay. This would add more freshness and excitement to the gaming experience, keeping the saga with an air of relevance and excitement.
  • immersive story: With a well-written narrative and a well-told story, Sonic Frontiers 2 would offer us a much more immersive and exciting gaming experience.
  • New characters in the game: We could also expect the introduction of new playable characters. Although also, the introduction of challenging enemies could add variety and excitement to the gameplay.


There's no doubt that the game could be a real gem, and we all know it. Now, what remains is to wait and pray that the developers give us news soon.

And that was all, let me know in the comments what you think of a new installment of the saga.

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