Sekiro Guide - Tricks and Secrets to Advance the Story

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a very popular game on consoles and PC, which has millions of followers around the world. It is possible that you are going to take your first steps in this title, so you are looking to know something more about the story and how to advance in the best possible way in it. So we have this guide.

We leave you with a Sekiro guide, where we tell you some tips and tricks to help you move forward in the history. Thus, it will be easier for you to move in this game, since especially at the beginning it can be complex.

Game Scenarios

Sekiro scenarios

In Sekiro there is a series of scenarios where the story will unfold. It assumes that you have to advance between these scenarios, so it can be helpful to know something about these sites, such as their name or some important detail, in order to know what awaits us in each of them.

  • Ashina Reservoir: The place where Sekiro's adventure begins
  • Ashina surroundings: The wolf seeks the entrance to the castle
  • Hirata Estate: Sekiro is overwhelmed by memories.
  • Ashina Castle: The hero seeks to rescue his lord
  • Abandoned dungeon: An area full of insects and zombies, which is quite dangerous.
  • Senpo Temple: The protagonist looks for something that gives him power in this place.
  • Submerged valley: A large snake awaits us, but it is a place where we can find many useful objects.
  • Ashina Depths: A place where a couple of secondary bosses await us.
  • Mibu Village: A small village where there are some small but numerous beings.
  • Return to Ashina Castle: Something happens in the castle and we have to fix it
  • Manantial Palace: A strange place in the game, with many secrets.
  • Divine Realm: A place to look for an ingredient that we need.
  • Ashina Castle (War): The end of an era begins.
  • Ashina Surroundings (War): The area around the Desolate Temple has been destroyed.
  • Hacienda Hirata (Purification): It is time to discover the reality about everything that happened at Hacienda Hirata.

Final bosses in Sekiro

Final bosses Sekiro

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has a few final bosses, which we are going to have to face at some point. It is good to know what they are or if there is any characteristic that makes them special, to know in this way what we can expect from said battle against them, to be prepared. The final bosses that we find in the game are:

  • Giant Snake: A big snake that is between the cliffs
  • Gyobu Oniwa: A mounted warrior on horseback guarding the gates of Ashina Castle
  • Lady Butterfly: A kunoichi that attacks in our memories
  • Ashina Genichiro.
  • Screen monkeys: They are an illusion
  • Guardian ape: An oversized jumpsuit with a secret
  • Corrupt nun: She protects a cave in Mibu Village
  • Great Shinobi Owl: The wolf faces the old master
  • Divine Dragon: The last obstacle to helping Kuro
  • Swordsman masterIsshin Ashina
  • Demon of hatred: A secret boss
  • Great Shinobi Owl (Father): He was a great ninja in his day
  • Emma, ​​the Gentle Sword: This is Lord Ishin's apprentice, who is very dangerous
  • Isshin ashina: E leader of the Ashina Clan, who is powerful and skilled despite his age

Secondary bosses and appearances

In addition to the final bosses, as we progress through the game we also find the so-called secondary bosses or mini-bosses. They are dangerous in many cases, but they will allow us to advance and fulfill the missions that we have to fulfill in Sekiro, so we will meet many throughout the game. They are especially important because they will help us get all the Prayer Beads we need.

Apparitions are a special type of secondary boss. They stand out for being especially dangerous, cause great terror and have the ability to kill us instantly. Therefore, it is important to be very attentive when facing any, because it may take us by surprise and we have little chance of winning this battle against these appearances. By defeating them we gain Spiritual Fall of various kinds.

Prosthetics and materials

Sekiro loaded ax

Your katana is your main weapon throughout the game. Although we also find a series of prostheses, which are presented as a good help in Sekiro. These prostheses or materials will allow us to equip or improve our weapon, in order to be prepared in various scenarios, such as when we face bosses in the game. They are also seen as secondary weapons, which is something that will help us a lot while playing. The weapons are as follows:

  • Shuriken charged: a very versatile throwing weapon that we can use in all kinds of situations.
  • Holes: a thing that scares the animals
  • Loaded ax: a powerful tool that allows to knock down any shield
  • Loaded lance: this item allows you to hook enemies
  • Sabimaru: a poisoned dagger
  • Iron fan: A shield that blocks enemies with great ease
  • Divine kidnapping: a fan that makes enemies turn around.
  • Whistle: Help to annoy the guardian animals in some scenarios
  • Fog Raven: dodge enemy attacks and allow you to counterattack in a lethal way
  • Flaming duct: A powerful cannon to fight groups of enemies in the game


When you start playing in Sekiro, you will have just a couple of skills and attacks that you will be able to use. This is a limitation, but the good part is that as the game progresses, new abilities and attacks are obtained. This is something important, because in this way it will be possible to defeat the enemies and bosses that we encounter in the game. The main skills or techniques that we find in the game are:

  • Shinobi Arts: These are the basic skills with which we start the game.
  • Ashina Arts: Skills that we learn from the leader of the ninjas Ashina, who will tell us about his fighting style.
  • Mushin Arts: A fighting style for the best warriors.
  • Temple Arts: You learn to fight with your bare hands.
  • Prosthetic arts: Make the most of secondary weapons thanks to your own combat techniques.
  • Ninjutsu- Special abilities to take advantage of stealth kills.

Finals in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro all endings

As in other games of this style, There are several endings in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. In this specific case, there are four different endings in total. In some cases we can complete them in a couple of games, but this is something that depends on a multitude of factors, so you should not obsess in this regard. The endings in the game are as follows:

  1. Abandonment of immortality: Sekiro fulfills Kuro's wishes in this ending. To access this ending you have to refuse to harm Kuro during Return to Ashina Castle.
  2. ROI: This is an ending that you access when you haven't defeated the Divine Realm final boss.
  3. Purification: Emma looks for another way to help Kuro in this ending.
  4. Shura: You have to advance until you reach the Return to Ashina Castle, as normal. What happens is that now you have to decide to assassinate Kuro and thus you reach this end.

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