SCUF Envision PRO, the best controller for PC | Complete analisis

SCUF Envision PRO, the best controller for PC

More and more people are making varied use of their PC. ORThey use this, both to play FPS, and to play strategy video games with keyboard and mouse. If you are one of these people, this article is for you. Today we are going to talk about the SCUF Envision PRO, the best controller for PC. 

For the most demanding players and professionals, the famous SCUF brand recently launched the new version of the SCUF Envision. A controller capable of replacing the keyboard and mouse when playing on the PC. It is called SCUF Envision PRO, the brand's new gem, and it is one of the best controls, that is right now in the industry market.

Basic features of the SCUF Envision PRO SCUF Envision PRO, the best controller for PC

  • Handle Dimensions: 165 x 107.5 x 63.5 mm.
  • USB-C ports, 3.5mm Stereo Headset Jack.
  • Symmetrical sticks.
  • Mechanical switches OMRON in ABXY.
  • Adaptable triggers.
  • Five G buttons.
  • Two side quick action buttons SAX.
  • Four rear paddles.
  • Two thumbsticks replacement.
  • Two side buttons replacement.
  • Two rear levers replacement.
  • Weight: 285 grams.
  • Compatibility with Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Exterior design and controller materials SCUF Envision PRO, the best controller for PC

In the external construction of the new SCUF Envision PRO, The main feature that stands out is the material of the main board (completely plastic), blue-gray in color. The great thing about this one is that if you want, you have the possibility of changing it to another one that better suits your tastes or needs. You canImplement purchasing the controller directly with our favorite design.

All this is possible thanks to the SCUF configurator. We also see a configuration in the style of the Xbox controller, with four main buttons, but the general layout of all the buttons resembles that of the PS5. In the central part of the controller, we will see a region that resembles the touchpad that is in the DualSense controller, although unfortunately it is not.

All It is designed so that you do not have to take your hands off the controller, and don't miss the keyboard and mouse at all. The controller also has six removable parts, so we can customize it to our liking. Including the central piece we talked about previously, the thumbsticks, the side buttons...etc.

If we look at the back of the SCUF Envision PRO, We will see a switch that gives us the possibility of changing the type of connection, between cable and wireless, according to our needs. We also want to talk about the non-slip material that the controller has on the back (performance grip), which is essential for people with sweaty hands, maintaining grip on the controller. In general, we can say that the build quality is robust and special, but this is something that is not new in SCUF controllers.

Fully customizable button panel SCUF Envision PRO, the best controller for PC

Together with its triggers, the SCUF Envision PRO keypad builds the main properties of the controller. The buttons contain Omron mechanical switches, so they use the same quality standard that the mice high end.

We also see customizable D-Pad that also uses Omron switches and It has an instant response level, to enjoy the greatest possible agility. We find the profile change button at the bottom center, button Home, just above, and above we have two buttons (back and start), all of these are customizable to our liking.

There is a space on the controller where we will find 5 buttons (5 G-Keys), These can be used to add the function we want. Whether it's raising or lowering the volume, opening an application, activating a overlay or any other function, you can configure these buttons for whatever you want.

We also have an audio jack, with which you can connect your headphones, an advantage for those who use wired headphones. RGB lighting, which we can customize and set the color we want.

To the left of the G3 button, We will find the battery indicator, which warns us when we are low. On the back you will find two buttons, next to the rear triggers. Finally four rear paddles, which complete an extensive customization set.

Gaming Experience gaming controller

The experience during Gaming it's marvelous, Each button on the controller replaces a key, so you don't miss the keyboard or the mouse. We can also change profiles at any time, and with each of these change the button configuration.

Of course, When looking for precision in shooting games, the controller will always subtract a little, if we are used to the mouse. The experience of using SCUF Envision PRO is totally superior and greatly improves when using the Xbox controller.

Connectivity and charging

The controller connects to our PC, through a USB receiver with Cosair SLIPSTREAM technology. This is about making the most of the connection speed, and reduce latency to a minimum, and give us an experience similar to a wired connection. This type of connection is much better than the connection via Bluetooth, giving us a perfect experience when playing.

Regarding the battery of the SCUF Envision PRO, This gives us more than 17 hours of active gameplay. So casual gamers, like most, will last a few days without connecting the charger. With this duration, it is above the PlayStation DualSense, but a little below the Xbox controllers. Although keep in mind that this controller recharges via USB, not by batteries.

Is it really one of the best accessories?

After seeing all the features of the SCUF Envision PRO, It can be said that it is one of the best gamer controllers for PC currently. It offers very satisfactory comfort, excellent vibration and a precise response of its main buttons with OMRON switches.

The only thing that would be reproachable is the position of the two quick-action side buttons, especially because they are somewhat uncomfortable when holding the controller. Beyond that, the controller is perfect for the function it was created for. Although due to its price, it points towards a very specific type of player.

And that was all, let me know in the comments what you thought of the new proposal from the SCUF brand.

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