Robloxian High School Codes: Classes, How To Redeem Them

Robloxian High School is one of the most popular games on the Roblox platform. Here we know what it is and which are the best Robloxian Highschool codes.


Robloxian Highschool, the high school experience now in the virtual world

The Robloxian Highschool codes They have been a recurring information since 2016, when the small studio RedMantaStudio managed to create this entertaining game within the Roblox platform. The latter is well known. A perfect space where young creators find a blank canvas to mount simple creations that they can immediately test with the young audience of the community.

Robloxian High School was one of these creations and achieved impressive success by Roblox standards. Despite its sketchy design, the idea of ​​forging a digital version of the educational space to serve those who are probably just at that age proved to be a great success. The system became not only a playful place, but also a kind of public square, a social network that used avatars as transcripts of themselves to share events and conversations.

The developers were able to channel these gregarious impulses by incorporating ever-increasing clothing and hairstyle customizations into a complex avatar editor. Soon the student dormitories and the homes of the characters began to also be filled with minute details to create a complete experience of contact between people.

Gambling also offered young people a kind of joyous investment in their daily life. It allowed the user to play different roles other than the simple student, such as athlete, cheerleader, teacher and even rector of the educational center. On the other hand, the classes were not a severe learning space, but games to overcome. The Robloxian was the site where students took control as teachers and enforced the law of the game in the classrooms. Nothing more attractive for a teenager.

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Between classes, jobs, shopping and coffee shops

The main gaming space at Robloxian High School, as has been said, are the classrooms, which in this context have been reconverted into mini-games to be overcome by the user. Each subject or elective task is a playful challenge of some nature. For example, Performing Arts class is a great memory exercise performed using cards that are flipped over very quickly on a stage.

The Kitchen is another class where participants will be asked to find different, ever-changing combinations of ingredients on some shelves to be added to pots. Dance class will require pressing the keys at full speed to play the notes appropriate following the rhythm of music. And Art class will have you mixing paintings in a very precise order.

The other classes are ironically quite literal, with the Science class collecting materials throughout the high school, the Physical Education class posing a physical shock minigame and the Maths demanding the swift resolution of equations simple. If so much high school fun is not enough for you, the game will offer you outside of the building typical youth jobs to reach your own income.

Food delivery man is an option within the game, which you can undertake by traveling around the city driving a cart to distribute coffee and various types of food to citizens who request it. Servant is another fairly simple option, in which you will have to clean and keep a certain place in order. Another job, much stranger, is Potions Craftsman, a sort of precarious pharmacist who mixes ingredients to offer personalized drinks to each customer.

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Not everything is stress and work game in Robloxian. You can also buy in stores, go swimming, decorate your house, spend real leisure time in the dining room or have fun in nightclubs in your spare time. It is about youthful life in full, expressed in a format that is a cross between an RPG game and a social network with highly developed avatars.

In the following video we are given an audiovisual tour of the second installment of Robloxian High School, a premiere a couple of years ago. The general structure remains the same, with similar challenges in class, although it can be said that the edges of the bodies are much smoother and the movements more careful than on the first occasion. The personalization of one's own uniform has also been enriched.

Current Robloxian Highschool Codes

The codes of a successful game tend to come and go regularly, depending on the level of advantage given to some players over others, violating competitiveness, or how much their use betrays the identity of the project. Or how much they compromise the technical stability of the game, on a more practical level.

Robloxian Highschool is no exception. Unfortunately, a long list of commands that have generated a lot of enjoyment in the public have passed away, leaving us devastated.

Commands like ManyFixes, Sry4BeingLate, PlayOn or 3YEARS gave us more than 300 game coins each. StarOfTheShow offered 500 game credits, as did BeautyOfArt. SUPERSTAR allowed to receive 777. OnTheGrind put the equivalent in credits of two hours of work in our hands, without doing anything. Not to mention the dress codes in Robloxian Highschool, always so attractive. Sigh.

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Only three surviving codes remain from this debacle:

RHS2DISCORD: With this code you get a special pigment for the paint of your vehicle, Burple, with good resistance.

RHS2ad: This code will instantly put 250 game credits in your hands.

GHOSTHUNT: The most powerful code of the moment. It will put 500 game credits in your hands, without doing anything else.

The way to redeem the codes is simple. It will be enough to enter the Roblox Configuration Menu and type the code where Enter Code Here indicates. Press Submit and your code will be active.

So far our article on Robloxian Highschool codes. Good game!


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