Renegade Purple Magic: Explanation

forspoken presents Purple Magic as a special kind of magic used by the main character, Frey. Purple Magic is based on earthly rocks spells and it is the first type of magic that Frey learns upon arriving in Athia.

The Purple Magic Stat increases the power of Purple Magic's spells in combat. Forspoken's combat system is completely based on these spells, so it's important understand skills and statistics related to Purple Magic to succeed in the game.

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What is purple magic in Forspoken?

Purple Magic is the first type of magic Frey learns in the game, and focuses on spells based on earthly rocks and plants.

Purple Magic spells include attacks, support and Surge Magic, allowing Frey fire rock projectiles, use plants to contain and damage enemies, or heal Frey.

Players can spend your mana to unlock abilities like Scatter Shot, Shield Shot, flower turrets, and rock mines. Purple Magic is a valuable tool in combat and it is important to understand its use in order to be successful in the game.

In Forspoken, there is a stat called "Purple Magic" on the gear page, which can be confusing at first because it's not clear how this stat increases or what it does.

After playing all of Forspoken, it can be deduced that Purple Magic's stat increases the power of all Purple Magic spells, which means that the damage done by these spells is increased. It is important to keep this stat in mind when equipping Frey and planning his combat strategy.

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To increase the Purple Magic stat on Forspoken, you must unlock gear items and apply specific updates.

Equipment items like cape and collarr have inherent stat boosts, but additional buffs can also be applied through crafting.

Purple Magic Augments are one of the upgrades available for equipment, so if you want to specialize in Purple Magic, it is suggested increase Purple Magic's stat as much as possible. It is important to note that you must choose your upgrades and equipment carefully to maximize their effectiveness in combat.

Renegade Purple Magic Spells

The variety of purple magic spells and abilities in Forspoken they will be unlocked from the start, while others will have to be unlocked by spending mana. Some will also be obtained through story progression or from Fountains of Blessing.

Some of them are the following:

  • Shot: a standard attack that involves firing a burst of three small rocks followed by one larger one by quickly pressing R2.
  • Burst shot: an attack that involves charging up and shooting an explosive chunk of rock by holding R2. The size of the rock increases by charging it for a longer time and can be upgraded to level 3.
  • Shield Shot: a defensive attack that consists of creating a rock shield by holding R2 and exploding it into damaging shards on release. It can be upgraded to level 3.
  • scattered shot: an attack that involves firing a constant stream of small rock projectiles and charging up a high-damage shot by holding R2. R2 is released once fully charged to fire the high damage shot and can be upgraded to level 3.
  • bind: a support that involves entangling enemies in a small area by holding down and releasing L2.
  • Dispersion: a support that involves creating a flowery turret that launches rocks at enemies by holding down and releasing L2.
  • Leach: a support that consists of curing the poison state by pressing L2.
  • Screen: a support that consists of surrounding yourself with stones that defend you from enemy attacks by pressing L2.
  • Tendril: a support that involves swinging a large ivy whip that deals damage around Frey and heals her based on the damage dealt by pressing L2.
  • Implant: a support that involves throwing seeds at enemies that deal damage over time by pressing L2.
  • Prime: a support that consists of creating a magical mine that explodes when you step on it by holding down and releasing L2.
  • Burrow: a support that involves sending out roots for items and recharging Support Magic abilities faster based on how much loot they find by pressing L2.
  • Genesis: a Surge that consists of creating a wave of spiked branches in front of you that do a lot of damage when pressing L2 and R2. It can be upgraded to level 3.
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Parkour and stealth skills are associated with the Renegade Purple Magic skill tree, but can be used with any type of magic.

  • Flow-Parkour: Hold down the Circle button and use the left stick to move quickly.
  • Jump – Parkour: Use the left stick and the Circle button while in the air and facing a wall to climb higher.
  • Shimmy – Parkour: Press the X button when landing to take off from the ground and increase your speed. Modify – Crafting: You can turn the Breaksharks into fragments of another type.
  • Rarify – Craft: You can combine Breakshards of the same type to improve their level.
  • Vivify – Crafting: You can improve the amount of health a necklace provides.
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