Why is my account under review on Tinder?

Why is my account under review on Tinder? Tinder is one of the most used applications to meet people. Above all, people who are in the same location range. With this platform you can match and coincide with other profiles and then have a conversation. Even satisfactory appointments have been established with this app.

Tinder believes that the safety of its users is paramount, which means that it is constantly recision to avoid any kind of violations. So if your account is being reviewed, it's likely because other users have reported you:

Complaint from other users

If your account is being reviewed, you should know that it is about other users have been reporting your account to Tinder. This causes the pertinent measures to be taken so that your account is verified in accordance with the usage guidelines.

What can cause other users to be reporting your account? Well, it is likely that, you are not contemplating some rules that other users do. That is why it is vital to read the terms of use. To avoid any kind of inconvenience in posterity, and of course, in the future.

What happens when my account is checked on Tinder?

When your account is reviewed by the Tinder team, it means that they are making sure that there is no violation on your part of the terms of use that they raiseas well as the Community Principles.

Because as we have said, some users have reported your profile when they feel an infringement on your part. Or have committed any serious offense that goes against the provisions of the principles of the community. Do you see the importance of knowing about these rules within the Tinder community? Well, each user must know them, even if it is to know to what extent a user would violate the Terms of Use.

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What if you have violated a rule set in Tinder?

If they have already reviewed your account and it is established that you have not violated any of the rules set in the policies of use, congratulations, you can continue using your account without any problem and you will continue accessing as usual.

But if it turns out you have violated any of the aforementioned rulesThen the Tinder team will apply the sanctions they deem appropriate in relation to your account. This can mean that your account is closed indefinitely, and not only that, you will be prohibited from accessing from another account. Making your departure a permanent affair.

How long does it take Tinder to review an account?

There is no set time for this. Tinder invites you, if they haven't reviewed your account yet, what you should do is wait, it's likely that it will be soon. Tinder will generally keep you informed about the process of your review.

On the other hand, once again, it is important that you review the terms of use in this great network. This way you will know what is allowed.

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