Pokémon Go Fest Madrid 2024 and everything that awaits us

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Throughout the year, a large number of Pokémon Go events are held around the world. Some of these are very important; As the Pokémon Go Tour, celebrated in February, on the same date as Pokémon Day. However, in summer we always have a big event called Pokémon Go Fest; a must-see event for fans of the game, and this year 2024 will be in Madrid, Spain. Today we will see some information about this year's event.

El Pokémon Go Fest ends up visiting several cities around the world every year, drawing millions of people, making it a global event. And this year will be very special, since it is the first time that this great event is held in the capital of Spain, Madrid. Today we are going to show you everything you need to know if you want to participate in this global party, don't miss any details.

Is this the first time that Pokémon Go arrives in Spain?

If we look back, we realize that It is not the first time that the game invites us to visit Spain. Two years ago, it already happened in Seville; and last fall we also had an event in Barcelona, this time it is the capital's turn.

What happens is that, in the previous cases, the Safari area, which compared to Pokémon Go Fest, is a minor event. This time it will be celebrated in style, as Philip Martz, Marketing Director of Pokémon Go, has already stated.

Spain itself, in addition to Niantic, want all game masters to explore and enjoy the city. All while they do tourism throughout Madrid, capturing pokemon everywhere.

Everything that this world event generates

Pokemon Go Fest 2023

Niantic also wanted to leave Of course everything that would benefit the Pokémon Go Fest in Spain, bringing to light a series of very interesting figures. For example, it is known that only in 2023, they were captured a total of 7000 million Pokémon among all Madrid trainers. It is also known that, among all of these, they traveled a total of 17.6 million kilometers.

In addition to the economic, since the company is aware of the boost that this means for them and for the city. The Seville Safari Zone generated income close to 30 million euros, and in turn, the Pokémon Go Fest 2023 generated a total of 79 million. We are talking about very significant figures that, without a doubt, would benefit both parties.

Pokémon Go Fest 2024 Locations, Date and Tickets


The company's desire, without a doubt, is for everything that happened at Pokémon Go Fest 2023 to be repeated. The idea is that players Enjoy the event wherever you go, through the center of Madrid. However, the main place to go will be the Juan Carlos I park. This, without a doubt, is an area large enough for all the teachers to walk around.


The event will be celebrating between June 14 and 16, being each of the days, from 9 in the morning to 7 at night. Thus, the participants will have 10 hours throughout the day, in order to make the most of everything that is available at the Pokémon Go Fest in Madrid.


The tickets are a slightly different topic, you can find two different types of tickets, so the players will not have time to sit still. The experience will not be different in either case, except for the time, which may vary depending on each location.

  • Morning tickets: The first part of the day would spend in the park Juan Carlos I and during the second part, you will have to go to the Madrid center.
  • Afternoon tickets: The first part of the day would take place in the Center of Madrid, and the second part would be, visiting the Juan Carlos I park.

Clarified this, tickets for the event are now on sale, and at this moment it has a fixed price of 32 euros. These passes would only be good for a single day, but they are of vital importance to fully enjoy Pokémon Go Fest 2024. Otherwise, you will not have access to any of the benefits, features and advantages of the event.

Different ways to take advantage of the Pokémon Go Fest in Madrid


Entry to the event directly will unlock a special research task. Another series of field tasks can also be completed by spinning PokéStops to obtain numerous rewards. That said, if that still doesn't seem enough to you, you can acquire a series of extra passes, to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Raid Pass

Price: EUR 17

  • 18 additional raid passes, when spinning PokéStops.
  • 5000 experience points when winning a fight.
  • Six additional candies in level 5 raids and Mega Raids.
  • Three additional Candy++ in Tier 5 Raids and Mega Raids.

Pass dedicated to eggs

Price: EUR 17

  • The eggs require a quarter of a distance to hatch.
  • Triple stardust.
  • Triple experience points.
  • Triple Candy

Ticket for an additional day

Price: EUR 23

If you want to participate another day at the event, you can get this ticket that allows you to access the same exclusive benefits. The difference is, although you can enjoy all the advantages, does not give access to your special research task.

Pokemon present at the event according to habitats

As we mentioned earlier, entry to the event unlocks a special investigation, which has as protagonist to the pokemon Marshadow. This is a very interesting pokemon, which debuted during the seventh generation of the saga and that this time it can be captured for the first time. In turn, as we complete the mission, it will leave unlocking some history data of this rare pokemon.

We will also have others, who will join the party as Crabrawler and Klefki, that for the first time we will be able to capture them in their shiny version. Pikachu and Eevee They will also appear at the event with some special costumes. Rotom will be another one that will also make an appearance, in its Electric/Fire version, but it will only appear on certain occasions, in surprise encounters.

You can find the rest of the wild Pokémon in the Juan Carlos I park, these will rotate throughout the event, depending on the available habitat. These are some of those that have been confirmed so far.

Rocky Shore

  • Amaura.
  • Chinchou.
  • Crawler.
  • Dewpider.
  • Eevee.
  • Hope.
  • Jangmo-o.
  • Lapras with scarf.
  • Nosepass.
  • Pikachu.
  • Shieldon.
  • Throh.
  • Tirtouga.

Cursed Forest

pokemon saberye

  • Cacnea.
  • God
  • Eevee.
  • Flabébé.
  • Lunatone.
  • Oricorio passionate style.
  • Pancham.
  • Phantump.
  • Pikachu.
  • Sableye.
  • Tangela.
  • Umbreon.
  • Zubat.

Gate of Dawn

  • Bronzor.
  • Carbink.
  • Cherrim sunny form.
  • Eevee.
  • Hope.
  • Fletchling.
  • Furfrou.
  • Helioptile.
  • Oricorio.
  • Pikachu.
  • Skarmony.
  • Solrock.
  • Tyrunt.

Mysterious Labyrinth

Mysterious Labyrinth

  • Baltoy.
  • Beldum.
  • Eevee.
  • espurr.
  • Ferroseed.
  • Lickitung.
  • Munna.
  • Nature.
  • Panage.
  • Petilil.
  • Pikachu.
  • Umbreon.
  • Hisui's Voltorb.

And that's all, let me know in the comments if you plan to participate in this global event this year.

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