Pokemon yellow gameshark codes: assets and more

If you want to know the pokemon codes yellow gameshark, do not detach yourself from this article, where we are going to give you a long list so that you can obtain characters, abilities and varied resources.


Pokémon yellow gameshark codes

Pokémon has been an iconic figure in comic strips and in recent years a leading figure in video games. Some version or update has been played in all parts of the world, the Pokémon yellow gameshark update brought a number of elements where millions of users were added.

The platforms began to generate Pokémon yellow gameshark codes, thanks to the permission of the developers a large number of open codes, which can be implemented in the video game.

In this sense, a huge community of fans has grown that day by day they interconnect in the network to apply them and be able to live this fascinating experience. Today we are going to take these codes to your home so you don't have to open countless pages to locate them. You can also locate other codes for the game that is described in the following article The Lego Marvel Avengers Codes: Strategies and more

Valid Pokémon yellow gameshark codes

Pokémon has a unique personality, thanks to its patience it has been able to meet hundreds of friends, which make up its environment and community. He has also managed to rescue them from innumerable dangers, this has made him a very beloved character.

But having all the characters on his side from the beginning was somewhat difficult and the decision was made to gradually generate Pokémon yellow gameshark codes to get them to arrive and thus achieve the necessary game actions. For this, the code system was implemented where when placed in the game they are activated immediately.

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To catch Pokemon

  • 014ad7cf: You get an Articuno.
  • 014bd7cf: You catch a Zapdos.
  • 0149d7cf: You have a Motres.
  • 0158d7cf: With this code you catch a Dratini.
  • 0159d7cf: You capture a Dragonair.
  • 0142d7cf: You catch a Dragonite.
  • 0183d7cf: You get a Mewtwo.
  • 0115d7cf: Unlock a Mew.
  • 010526d1: Catch a Level 5 Pokémon.

The following codes allow you to capture the pokemon according to their levels, we will see how the capture is obtained, you only have to place the code and that's it, let's see:

  • 010a26d1: Pokémon Level 10.
  • 010f26d1: Pokémon Level 15.
  • 011426D1: Pokémon Level 20.
  • 011926D1: Pokémon Level 25.
  • 011E26D1: Pokémon Level 30.
  • 012326D1: Pokémon Level 35.
  • 012826D1: Pokémon Level 40.
  • 012D26D1: Pokémon Level 45.
  • 013226D1: Pokémon Level 50.
  • 014B26D1: Pokémon Level 75.
  • 016426D1: Pokémon Level 100.
  • 019626D1: Pokémon Level 150.
  • 01BE26D1: Pokémon Level 190.
  • 015cd7cf: You manage to catch a Horsea.
  • 0102d7cf: You catch a Kangaskhan.
  • 011ed7cf: With this code you catch a Tangela.
  • 0128d7cf - Unlock and catch a Chansey.
  • 0101d7cf: You grab a Rhydon.
  • 0112d7cf: With this code you catch a Rhyhorn.
  • 018fd7cf: a Weezing.
  • 0137d7cf: You catch a Koffing.
  • 010bd7cf - You catch a Lickitung.
  • 0191d7cf: a Marowak.
  • 012cd7cf: a Hitmonchan.
  • 012bd7cf: You catch a Hitmonlee.
  • 0184d7cf: This code allows you to catch a Snorlax.
  • 01abd7cf: You manage to catch an Aerodactyl.
  • 015bd7cf - Unlock and catch a Kabutops.
  • 015ad7cf: You can catch a Kabuto.
  • 0185d7cf: a Majikarp.
  • 0163d7cf: an Omastar.
  • 0162d7cf: an Omanyte.
  • 0162d7cf: You catch an Omanyte.
  • 01aad7cf: You manage to catch a Porygon.
  • 0167d7cf - You get and catch a Flareon.
  • 0168d7cf: This code you catch a Jolteon.
  • 0169d7cf: a Vaporeon.
  • 0166d7cf: Catch an Eevee.
  • 014cd7cf: With this code you catch a Ditto.
  • 0113d7cf: You get a Lapras.
  • 0116d7cf - Unleash and catch a Gyarados.
  • 016cd7cf: Unlock and catch an Ekans.
  • 012dd7cf: You catch an Arbok.
  • 0154d7cf: You take a Pikachu.
  • 0155d7cf: You get a Raichu.
  • 0160d7cf: With this code you catch a Sandshrew.
  • 0161d7cf: a Sandslash.
  • 010fd7cf: You catch a Nidoran.
  • 01a8d7cf: You manage to catch a Nidorina.
  • 0110d7cf: You can catch a Nest Queen.
  • 0103d7cf: With this code you catch a Nidoran (male).
  • 01a7d7cf: Catch a nidorino.
  • 0107d7cf: You get a NidoKing.
  • 0104d7cf: You can get and catch a Clefairy.
  • 013972d1: Catch a Surfer Pikachu.
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The list goes on and with it you can reach almost 300 characters, only if you want to know some tricks you can activate them by placing similar codes. As our job is to inform it would be very tedious to put them all; we have only considered locating the most important ones.

Some tricks with codes

In order to offer other alternatives, we are going to offer the reader certain tricks so that they can appreciate some aspects and abilities of the characters, as well as obtain resources, let's see:

  • Pikachu flying with balloons: 013f99d4
  • Surfer Pikachu 013973d1
  • Start with an Infinite Zo Charizard 01B41ED1
  • Get Infinite PP (4th Position) .01282fd0
  • Redeem these codes and you get Infinite money 019947d3 or 019948d3 or 019946d3:
  • This code allows you to limit enemies from attacking you. 0170e8cf:
  • Protect Status.010017d0.
  • 100% success in your attacks 01ffd5cf
  • Infinite Casino Chips 0199a4d5 or 0199a3d5:
  • 01f00dd7: Infinite time (zone of the Safari).
  • 016446da: Infinite Safari Balls.
  • 01282 cd 0: You get Infinite PP (1st Position).
  • 01282dd0: Infinite PP (2nd Position).
  • 01282ed0: PP Infinites (3rd Position).
  • 01ff15do: Infinite HP (in a battle).
  • 015563d1 or 013972d1: Get Pikachu Pacifico.
  • 010a13d7: float in the air.
  • 01017 CCF: Buy Master Balls for free.
  • 0115d8cf: Pokémon looks like Mew, in Battle.
  • 0115e8cf: Leave your rival Pokémon Burned and Asleep.

All of these codes are still working. We have limited ourselves to not placing some that other pages usually place, since they have expired and do not work. The following are the most wanted, so save them well:

  • Get infinite money 01994BD3, 01994CD3 and 01994DD3.
  • To buy candy in any store: 012880CF.
  • To buy elixir max in any store: 015380CF
  • Buy unlimited masterball at any store for free: 010180 CF.
  • Acquire max revive in any store: 013680CF.
  • Buy restores everything in any 011080 CF store.
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How to redeem them

If you want to activate them, you just have to open the emulator before starting the game, then go to the options menu and activate cheat: Then you go to the upper right part of the screen and the word cheat appears again, you must click there.

A notepad is then opened notes where we place the codes that we want to activate, try to place them little by little. Go through the process several times, so if you enter a large number, the game will take a long time to start and you could lose your patience.

We hope you can get the best out of this group of Pokémon yellow gameshark codes. If you use them well you will be able to spend pleasant moments and experience very funny situations. Remember that this figure is emblematic in the world of video games and having many skills makes you a better player.


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