How to play Dreidel? All you need to know


The tradition still keeps alive many games or forms of entertainment, one of these is the dreidel. The dreidel is a game with Jewish origins dating back more than 2000 years.. Today the tradition of playing dreidel consists of winning more "gelt" (chocolates), but it can be played for any other object. The dreidel is a Jewish variant of the whirligig, and is known in many parts of Europe. In this article we will show you how to play dreidel

Throughout history, games of chance and betting have been very famous, so much so that it seems to be an inherent characteristic of human beings to want to give away their belongings to their peers. kidding aside, it's impossible to define how longevity games of chance have. Today, it is impossible to know a town or city where there is not a business that benefits from "chance". But this trick is older than we might guess.

Instead, the dreidel is a game of pure chance, which is maintained more for tradition and for fun. Getting to the point that it is usually played by children even. And it is that this game is based solely on chance, there is no way to take advantage of any type of experience. Players are mere representatives of who is actually playing, their luck.

What do you need to play dreidel?


Short answer: not much more than the dreidel itself. But he keeps reading.

At least 2 people

An important point is the people, because you can play between 2, but it is much more profitable with more people. It is important the largest number of people because it increases the fun and the bet on the table ensures a good time with friends. instead andbetween 2 people it usually becomes boring and repetitive.

Chocolates or any set of pieces that can be used as tokens

The most usual are the "gelt", which are chocolate coins with gold foil wrapper. However, anything else can do, money, other sweets, nuts, some kind of tokens (limited countable objects). You should also adjust according to the age of the people participating in the game: do not give them shots of tequila or money to the children.

the dreidel

The dreidel is perhaps the most necessary and most difficult object to obtain. In the end it works like a 4-sided dice, if you are thinking of looking for an alternative, you can figure it out there.

A dreidel is a 4-sided spinning top, with one word on each side. the words are “Nun”, “Gimel”, “Hay” and “Shin”. The true importance of the dreidel is that each of its faces has a different effect on the game. But I won't go any further, you know what it takes to play, now let's talk about how to play.

play dreidel

How to play dreidel?

Divide the gelt

To begin, take all the "gelt", coins or tokens that you have chosen and distribute them equally among the players. This ensures maximum competitiveness and that each player has an equal chance of winning.

Put a gelt in the pot

Whichever token they have chosen, each player must put one in the pot. This is a fundamental part of the game mechanics.

spin the dreidel

Choose the first player in the way you prefer, or select one at random. The player must spin the dreidel, and it will perform an action based on the face let it fall. Next I explain the proper action with each face.

the chances of gambling


When "Nun" comes out, you do < >. It's not the best but at least you get rid of this, it's like your turn is blown.

In some versions of the game, the role of "Nun" can change, the most fun being when you get kicked out of the game. Yes, you can play this version and you will ensure a much more active and dynamic game. Ideal for when there are large groups of people and do not want to take a long time.


This is exactly the luck you are looking for. When "Gimmel" comes out you leave the boat empty, because you keep all the “gelt”.

There are

Another good alternative, when “Hay” comes out, you keep half of the “gelt” What's in the boat? If the pot has an odd number of chips, you round up.

For example, if there are 6 gelts, you get 3. But if there are 5 gelts, you also get 3.


Fear this one, because it is the least friendly face, Shin forces you to put a chip in the pot. It's the only luck that makes you decrease your pieces, or even lose (in this version).

These are the 4 possibilities there are, you are definitely going to drop one of them, unless you have a defective spinning top.

hanukkah tradition

Have each player spin the dreidel

This mechanic couldn't be simpler, no rolling twice or randomly. Arrange so that all players drop the dreidel As in any board game, no flying turns!

How do you lose and how do you win the dreidel?

  • When there is only one gelt in the pot, or no gelt at all, all players must place one.
  • Any player who runs out of chips loses.. Although if you agree with another player, you can borrow some so that you can continue playing.
  • The player who keeps all the gelt wins., and enjoy them!

play dreidel online

Don't have items to play dreidel? Do you want to play dreidel online?

If the answer to the last question is positive, there is a game in the Play Store just for you: Online Dreidel Fun. Online Dreidel Fun allows you to play dreidel with anyone, with the classic rules.

[appbox googleplay com.DefaultCompany.Dreidel&hl=es_419&gl=US]

If they have everything but a dreidel, and don't feel like looking for alternatives; There is something very simple that you can do:

  1. Opens Google
  2. Search “dreidel”, and ready. A dreidel will appear on the screen that you can tap to spin. There is always an alternative.


Well and this is it. I hope I've been helpful. If you have any questions or there is something you want to add, please leave it to me in the comments.

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