Pinewood Computer Core Codes: Active, Valid

Pinewood Computer Core Codes, is what we will talk about throughout this post, where you will be a spy who will have to solve secrets and conspiracies, which makes this a great video game where you can live many adventures. So we invite you to continue reading.


Pinewood Computer Core Code

If you are the type of person who likes adventure video games, in this specific case you will be a spy who will have to solve various situations during the game. Therefore, we invite you to continue reading so that you know the pinewood computer core codes that you can apply during your game in order to advance during the game.

About the game

This is an RPG that takes place inside a futuristic modern facility crafted by Diddleshot. The main feature of this game is that players will have to melt or freeze the reactor core, this is a game that is considered a Roblox classic and which has a large number of fans.

 Valid and active codes

One of the peculiarities of this game is that compared to other games, the pinewood codes Computer Core they will not give you any specific object during the game. Because these codes will help you to enter the commands of the main computer of the nuclear reactor.

The importance of these Pinewood Computer Core odes, is that the only way the player can access to complete their task safely, is by knowing these codes. Just as it is important to mention that during the game you will come to find three main panels which each one will have an assigned command, which you must know.

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This is why we will have only three operating codes that areon more than enough to complete the game. Which we will mention below, these will be in the order that the consoles will appear in the game, which are:

primary code

This primary code must be entered in the main panel of the laboratory that is located in sector B. After the player enters the code, they will be able to access the panel, this code will also serve to open the doors of sector F and G.

  • 5334118 – This is the primary code that you will enter inside the main panel of the lab.

This primary code can be achieved in this way:

  • In an ad that is reproduced occasionally.
  • Within clipboard Roleplay that you can get through a gamepass for 4r$ or inside the credit store for 5 credits where it shows you the main and secondary code.

secondary code

Regarding the secondary code after you get to enter it, you will be able to access the tertiary code. You can find this code using the clipboard which will mention the first three digits of the code for you to complete the rest, this code is used to open the door of sector G.

The code to use is:

  • 6445229: This will be the code that you will place in the secondary panel of the laboratory.

tertiary code

The tertiary code is a third code that you must enter into the control panel. Which is the following:

  • 9773727: This is the code that you will place on the third panel of the laboratory.
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In this particular game about espionage and many plotting situations, all pinewood computer core codes that we mentioned above are still active. So you can continue using it in your games.


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How to change Pinewood Computer Core codes?

In order to use these Pinewood Computer Core codes. You just have to go to the computer panel, and when you're there you'll have to click on the number button to get to place the codes that we've mentioned before.

Additional data

Additionally to the c Pinewood Computer Core odes, which we have been talking about, we will also talk about the sectors and corridors that you will get during the game:


Within this game there are several sectors which are divided into 7, listed from the AG. Players will reach a black room with lots of spawn pads, teleporters to the spawn room and an Easy Escape from the cargo bay and a hallway to a room with elevators.

After the main exit of the facility, players will enter the credit shop, where items can be exchanged for credits. In this store you will also find gamepass and merchandise that you can buy with robux.

Main hallway

The main corridor is the corridor that is reached after the main exit, through this corridor we can achieve what we will mention below:

  • The main corridor has turrets and a coffee machine that when a player gets close can kill him.
  • Outside the elevator you will find a small corridor, in which you will have access to the PIA room, which is a decontamination room with a hazmat suit and a radiation detector, as well as a decontamination chamber.
  • You will be able to enter the generator room from this hallway to the right as well as some small server rooms.
  • To take the elevator to the top floor it is on the right, opposite the metro station.
  • To the left of the corridor you will see a subway station.
  • To the right there is a staircase that takes you to the server room.
  • Then further down the hall, you'll find the pet HQ, which has a pet uniform and a charge giver.
  • And at the end of the hall is the entrance to the computer labs.
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If you want to know more about pinewood computer core codes, we will leave you the following video. Which can be very useful when playing this great game.

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