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Stumble Guys has become one of the most popular mobile games of recent times. This is based on the successful PC game, Fall Guys, with the difference that Fall Guys is not available for phone. This game has several types of currencies, however, the main and most valuable of all are gems. With in-game gems, you can get Skins, Battle Passes and other rewards that will make your game more fun. Let's see how to get free gems in Stumble Guys.

This game has a competitive online multiplayer, in which different characters battle each other. Here, you can enjoy Frantic races full of obstacles and traps that will make your life impossible. In each game, one can participate. maximum of 32 players and each challenge is more difficult than the last. If you want to learn how to get free gems, you have come to the right place.

Getting free gems in Stumble Guys is not difficult, however, it requires perseverance and discipline. If you love the game and open your game every day, you will surely soon have your pockets full of these. Next, we are going to show you some methods that can help you if you want to obtain gems even faster.

Battle pass

The battle pass is a plus of the game, with which you have the opportunity to earn some extra gems. This has two versions, one paid, with which you will get the best rewards and another completely free.

The free version is the one that interests us, with this you can win from 50 to 150 gems without paying anything at all. You just have to maintain a constant pace of play, and open the game every day.

How to activate the battle pass?


Activating the battle pass is extremely easy to do in Stumble Guys.

  1. First of all, we must open the game.
  2. Then, we go to the lower left corner of the screen, and click on the Battle Pass or Stumble Pass option.
  3. Once inside, you will see the paid pass and the free pass, choose the free option.

View Ads

Although it may seem strange that we recommend this way, the truth is that It is very effective to earn free gems. The game will reward you if you watch ads, with gems. So, if you are short in this sense, you can watch the odd video and you will be able to get some pieces for your piggy bank.

Daily Roulette

If you go to the in-game store, you will see a lot of paid offers to get gems. However, there is a section in which you will find The Wheel of Luck, you can do this spin for free once a day.

If you are an active Stumble Guys player and open the game every day, Try to spin the Roulette to get multiple rewards. Not only will you get large amounts of free gems, but you can also get in-game skins and credits. It's all in luck.

How to find the Wheel of luck?

To access Roulette, you just have to follow these steps.

  1. First of all, open the game.
  2. Then go to the store section, which you will see in the upper left corner of your screen.
  3. Next, go to the section Sales, which you will see at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Once here, just look for the Wheel of Fortune, and turn it.

win games


By winning games, you can also be rewarded with some gems, and although there are not many, it is another way to obtain them for free. In addition, when you come first in a match, the game gives you the opportunity to watch a promotional video, if you do, you will get some extra gems. Always try to stay on top.

Win Tournaments

Another way to get gems completely free is participating in game tournaments. These tournaments offer good rewards to winners. The only negative point is, that you must bet your own gems to participate in these, since entry to this competition is not “free”.

If you are a pro at the game, or you just like to risk everything, you can try your luck by participating in these tournaments.

What to do to participate in a game tournament?

To participate in a tournament you must follow these simple steps.

  1. Within the game, go to the section Tournaments which you will find on the right of your screen, just above the Events section.
  2. Once here, you will notice that there are four or five tournaments to participate in, choose the one you like the most and select it.
  3. Touch the button Sign Up on the lower right corner and that's it.

Get offer

stumble guys

We are almost out of offers, but it still exists a way to get gems easily and that should be taken advantage of. Another way to get free gems is through the offers that the game provides us. These are tasks that the game itself assigns us, to fulfill in other types of applications. Therefore, you will have to install other applications and do what the task says.

Once you have completed everything, you can get a large number of free gems. Depending on the difficulty of the task assigned to you.

How to access the offers?

To activate one of these offers, you just have to follow these steps.

  1. Open Stumble Guys.
  2. Go to the shop of the application, we previously mentioned where it is.
  3. Once in the store, you must go to the Extras, which you will find in the lower right corner of the screen.
  4. Look for the option of Get Offer, look for the offer that best suits you and that's it.

What are gems for in this game?

As we said earlier, Gems in Stumble Guys are the most valuable currency (like in most games). These can be used to obtain the greatest treasures in the game. Next, we will see the best rewards that we can buy with them.

  • Skins: Skins are a strong point of this game, since, although none is better than the other in terms of skills, they are important to give life to our character. Here there are different types of Skins, from random Skins to legendary. You can get all of these with gems.
  • Battle pass: As we announced previously, there are two types of battle pass, one free and one paid. The paid one offers the best rewards and only costs a total of 250 gems. In addition, with these you can buy reward levels within the battle pass, in order to obtain better benefits.
  • Tournaments: we had also said that, to participate in tournaments, We pay some gems out of our pocket. And so it is, the more gems we bet, the better rewards we will get if we win said tournament.
  • Spin roulette: The wheel of luck only allows us to spin it for free once every so often. However, if you want to continue trying your luck here, you can spend your gems and keep spinning.

And that's all, let me know in the comments if you know any other methods to keep getting free gems in this game.

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