Professions Minecraft Villagers: Generation, variants

In this post we will tell you all about the villagers professions in Minecraft, so that you understand how they can enhance your experience in the game.


General characteristics of l Minecraft villagers

Minecraft is an open world construction video game, developed by Mojang AB and released in 2009, in which players have absolute freedom in creating their world, their characters and their stories.

Villagers in Minecraft are passive mobs that spawn in villages that can be found in the game's grassland, tundra, desert, taiga, and savanna biomes.

Villagers in Minecraft interact with each other, reproduce, exercise their professions, whose clothing identifies them, and they are the ones who carry out commercial activity in the villages.

Players can trade with villagers, using emeralds as in-game currency. These mobs are peaceful creatures and are found in every village in the game.

How are l Villagers in Minecraft?

There are several ways that villagers can be spawned in Minecraft, either by player's will, by natural generation, or by healing from a zombie.

Generation by player's will

Playing in creative mode, players can generate villagers through the spawn egg, objects whose function is to generate creatures in the game, or through specific commands (summon).

Natural generation

For the natural generation of Villagers to emerge in Minecraft villages, the villages must have houses for each villager, equipped with at least three beds each.

In relation to the number of beds in the house, it will be the number of babies that each pair of villagers will generate in the game.

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Generation by healing

Villagers can also be spawned if a player throws a weakness potion at a zombie, and then feeds it a golden apple.

Once the healing process is complete, a villager will be produced whose characteristics will depend on the biome in which it was generated and the Villager professions in Minecraft they will be random.

Variants in Villager professions in Minecraft

In the game different variants of villagers are presented, distributed in the different biomes of the minecraft world.

  • Zombi : Zombies, if they attack other villagers, they are able to spawn a new zombie. They can also spawn spontaneously in the Overhold.
  • illagers : Illagers are hostile mobs, physically similar to villagers. These are spawned in forest mansions, castles, patrols, or invasions. There are four types of Illager in the game, Defenders, Summoners, Bandits, and Illusionists. They are considered the outcasts of villages and attack players and villagers alike.
  • Witches : Witches are mobs that also look like villagers. They wear black hats and spawn in the upper world. They can appear spontaneously in the huts or spawn when a villager is struck by lightning.
  • Merchants : These villagers randomly spawn near the player. They are the ones who do business in the villages and make deals with the players.

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Villager professions in Minecraft

Each villager will dedicate himself to a trade, and it is by their clothing that we can know what profession they exercise. We can also see it if we read the interface of the trade.

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A villager can choose his profession by applying for a job. His daily routine is divided between work, gossip or gossip, meetings with other villagers and sleep.

There are fifteen Villager professions in Minecraft from which villagers can choose:

  1. Unemployed.
  2. Simple / Nitwit.
  3. Armor blacksmith.
  4. Butcher.
  5. Cartographer.
  6. Priest / Cleric.
  7. Farmer.
  8. Fisherman.
  9. Goalkeeper.
  10. Furrier.
  11. Librarian.
  12. Builder.
  13. Cattle herder.
  14. Blacksmith.
  15. Gunsmith.

Trade degrees for p Villager Professions in Minecraft

Some of the company's Minecraft Villager Professions 1.14.4 There are different degrees obtained according to the experience gained in your profession or trade. The more experience they accumulate, they are able to run more business activities.

  • Stone Badge : This is the least degree of experience of the game, the Rookies.
  • Iron Badge : This is the grade of apprentices, who have accumulated some experience.
  • Gold Badge : This degree is for villagers qualified in their profession or trade.
  • Emerald Insignia : This is the grade awarded to experts in their profession.
  • Diamond Badge : This is the degree of the masters consecrated in the profession.

Assignment of workstations for Villager professions in Minecraft

In order for any villager to claim a job, the path to the job block must be clear. If after several attempts the villager does not manage to reach the job, he will express his anger and go to another place.

Any unemployed villager can claim for himself an abandoned workstation.

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Trade for Villagers in Minecraft

The commercial activity of the villagers allows the player to acquire the various items he needs, exchanging the currency of the game, mainly emeralds, although deals can also be made for gold.

Emeralds are a very valuable resource in the game and are found in the mountain biome, in individual veins.

The defense of the villages

Although the villagers are peaceful in nature, the zombies attack them just like the players.

Villagers generally tend to flee from attacks on the village, but in some cases, they build iron golems, sturdy creatures that defend them from invaders.

Golems can appear in villages, a ratio of one for every sixteen villagers, which is sometimes insufficient to defend the village from invading hordes.

Villagers panic if they see a zombie or mummy, or any of the invading mobs. Usually they will immediately flee from them by taking refuge in their homes.

If you want to know more about Minecraft Villager Professions 1.14, do not stop seeing the following video.

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