Minecraft enchantment commands

Minecraft is one of the great building games of the virtual world. Join us to review the main Minecraft enchantment commands and its operation within the video game.


Discover Minecraft's enchantment commands

The Minecraft enchantment commands can be considered as a very well representative sample of the open nature of this video game. Since its launch in 2011, Minecraft has established itself within the gamer market and popular culture as the clearest paradigm of a video game made for free user creation.

As is well known, the game consists of nothing more than potentially infinite blocks representing all possible elements, from trees and stones to human beings. The intelligent accumulation of these blocks in constructions or their destruction to extract elements from their smallest blocks create a personal empire adapted to the taste of the creator.

The enchantment system incorporated into the game seems quite complex, but it is manageable if it is shelled in parts and applied step by step, accumulating experience. Complication in Minecraft can be just as deceptive as simplicity. Let's first examine what it is.

What are Minecraft enchantment commands?

The enchantment mechanics in Minecraft is simply a function of the game to achieve more power to the tools used by the player during the game. These tools include both picks, axes or fishing rods, as well as weapons and armor, such as crossbows, helmets or swords.

Enchantments are reserved for users who have reached a certain level of experience during the game. This is because, to activate an enchantment on an object, it is necessary to have another series of previous objects to execute it. And these objects, to produce the enchantment itself, will also need other objects to be obtained. This must be clear to know how to add enchantments to minecraft items with commands.

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For example, the essential piece for creating enchantments is the Table of Charms, a kind of Wizard's table that requires a book, four blocks of obsidian and two diamonds. To give power to the Table of Charms, you will need bookstores around it, made up of six wooden blocks and three books. And the books themselves will need a leather and three sheets of paper to be created.

On the other hand, the mineral lapis lazuli, only extractable at high levels of the game, is essential for casting enchantments. The anvil (created by four ingots and three iron blocks) fuses objects of different power to form a single one. And the sharpener, made of a stone slab, two sticks and two wooden blocks, will serve to scrape an ineffective enchantment from the object.

In general, enchantments need to be applied on a good object, obtained mainly with diamonds, be it armor or weapons or diamond picks. With these materials you can chop minerals such as quartz and coal to gain experience and raise to the minimum level 30 for the best enchantments. Trading with villagers and taking down Minecraft dragons and monsters called mobs will quickly increase your experience to take on that level.


The most used Minecraft enchantment commands

When it comes to truly applying an enchantment, having achieved both the necessary level and the basic tools, you must first decide which type of enchantment to use and which are appropriate for which weapons and tools. Once our need is established, we can right click on the table or go to the enchantment commands to generate it.

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Minecraft enchantments are many and varied, each with its own specific name and code. Let's review the most outstanding ones to know how to get high minecraft enchantments with commands.


One of the most useful enchantments in Minecraft, it allows you to make repairs on resentful objects during experience gain. Although it is usually achieved through looting, shopping with villagers or fishing, the command / enchant [Player name] [mending] [Enchantment level] will instantly execute the enchantment.


With the command / enchant [Player name] [unbreaking] [Enchantment level] we will obtain maximum durability for our tools, never eternity, but long duration.


An enchantment that increases the chance of mining a resource once it has already been found once. Thus, a found diamond increases the probability by three times of finding more diamonds. His command is / enchant [Player name] [fortune] [Enchantment level].

Silk touch

The Silk Touch helps us to chop material delicately, without destroying its structure. The command / enchant [Player name] [silk_touch] [Enchantment level] will give us this enchantment for picks, hoes, axes, shovels and scissors.


Protection codes have several aspects. This can be general protection, damage percentage reduction (/ enchant [Player name] [protection] [Enchantment level]), explosion protection (/ enchant [Player name] [blast_protection] [Enchantment level]) , fire protection (/ enchant [Player name] [fire_protection] [Enchantment level]) and projectile protection (/ enchant [Player name] [projectile_protection] [Enchantment level]).

Aquatic commandos

These commands will bring advantages in the aquatic environment, particularly if we want to know how to get high enchantments in Minecraft with commands in the edition 1.13, dedicated to content oceanic. The affinity (/ enchant [Player name] [aqua_affinity] [Enchantment level]) allows quick biting in water, agility (/ enchant [Player name] [depth_strider] [Enchantment level]) a better swim and breath, (/ enchant [Player name] [respiration] [Enchantment level]) longer underwater.

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In the case of how to put multiple enchantments on an item in Minecraft with commands, it is possible, but it is necessary to check if an enchantment does not collide with another and cancel the entire process. For example, an Infinity enchantment does not allow a Mending on the same item.

So far our article on enchant commands in minecraft We say goodbye with this fantastic video where we are given a detailed guide to enchantments in the game. See you around!

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