Cheats Logic World PC

Cheats Logic World PC

Logic World is a game for PC that allows you to create new worlds to your liking, go on great adventures and explore a world of magic and fantasy. If you want to further expand your gaming experience in this awesome world-building game, here are some tricks you can apply to improve your gaming level.

Tricks to Get Gems, Money and Special Items

  • Use the CLAIM cheat: This will allow you to get extra gems and a greater number of items so that you can speed up your item construction faster.
  • Use the EXPAND cheat: This will allow you to add new maps to the game by breathing life into your worlds.
  • Use the UNLOCK cheat: This will give you access to fun mini-games and different special elements that will put your wits to the test.
  • Use the MONEY cheat: This will give you an extra sum of money so you can expand your world.

Tricks to access secret worlds

  • use the cheat SECRET: This will give you access to secret worlds to further expand your fun.
  • use the cheat EXPLORE: This will automatically load new territories even outside the main world.
  • use the cheat MYSTERY: This will give you the chance to find very rare artifacts and items that you won't find in any other possible worlds.
  • use the cheat EVENTS: This will unlock exclusive events for more experienced users, which means a higher amount of gems, money and items.

Now that you know the cheats for Logic World PC, let's play!

Keep expanding your world and having the most fun!

Cheats Logic World PC

walk through walls

Logic World players can pass through certain walls simply by jumping near the top of it. This gives you access to most areas of the world that can be explored. To do this, players should make sure they are close to the high end for jumping and practically jumping over the wall.

Player Tips

  • Cooperation: Players must work together to master Logic World PC Cheats. This allows them to explore and discover the world much faster.
  • life equipment: Players need to make sure to properly equip themselves with the correct amount of health. This occurs when they are in difficult areas.
  • Play it safe: Players must avoid situations that could cause serious injury. This includes firearms, wild animals, and speeders.

Combat tips

  • Star Attack: This unique ability allows the player to summon a starburst that can damage enemies located in nearby areas.
  • Long Range Shooting: Players should look for missions that incorporate the use of long-range weapons. This allows them to damage enemies at long ranges without compromising their position.
  • Robbery and carambola: Players can use their steal and carom ability to get some additional bonuses. This ability allows them to move objects that are blocking their path.

extra rewards

Players can also earn additional rewards when they complete certain achievements. These rewards usually include special items or gold coins. These coins can be exchanged in the in-game market for useful items. Once players have collected all available rewards, they will be able to choose to share them with other users within the game. This will ensure that your additional rewards are shared with all players.

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