Last Day on Earth Tricks That Will Save Your Life

Would you like to know all the Last Day on Earth cheats Android ?, is the right time to announce that in this article we present one or another trick, tip or advice so that your hours of play in Last Day on Earth are better.

last day on earth tricks
Excellent Tricks

Cheats Last Day on Earth Android

If we talk about games with an incredible level of success on Android, we can undoubtedly mention Last Day On Earth; It is one of the survival games Fundamnetales for cell phones thanks to their excellent finishes. Although it is in its development phase, it is a game that can be played perfectly.

It has thousands of things to do and have certain Last Day on Earth cheats It can certainly be of great help to both new players and those with experience. That is why below we will let you know a couple of tips so that you can put them to the test in your new games.

Surely some of the tricks you have already used, however, one or the other you will not even know that it existed. On the other hand, there are some that are not even possible to put them into practice because they only work at certain levels and generally help you save.

Last Day on Earth cheats

Next we will let you know some of the Last Day on Earth tricks that you can put into practice to save much more.

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Use Footwear and Clothes

The clothing, in addition to making the wearer look good, is capable of protecting the player from each of his enemies and consequently, it is vitally important to always wear something. The most important garment is the boots or the shoes which will help the player to run much faster and thanks to this they will be able to carry out the tasks and flee from the enemies much faster.

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Last Day on Earth Cheats: Little Importance to Unused Parts

Within the game you will be able to enjoy different elements, but not all of them become extremely important in the first levels; In case you find yourself at an event and hesitate to take a weapon, it is important that you know that you will not be able to use it until a more advanced level and for this reason it becomes a bad idea to keep it until such a time when you can easily obtain it in the bunkers.

Take with you only the essentials

When leaving the base, in general, you will go to find materials such as wood, stone or different pieces of which you can get large quantities, however, having so many things with you it is very likely that you do not have the space available.

That is why you should leave the base only carrying only the things necessary to have more space available

last day on earth tricks

Tricks Last Day on Earth: Attack Zombies and Animals from their back

Constantly having to defend yourself against zombies could be tedious if you don't have the wide variety of weapons or adequate protection. In the lower left part, the button to crouch is located, which will help us get closer to the zombies without them noticing.

Right when you are behind him, you should hit him. Sometimes that single blow will finish them off.

Shower often to avoid being an Easy Prey

In case you enter a pine forest and hundreds of zombies are heading towards you despite being meters away, it has a simple explanation: your smell. It is vitally important that whenever you can, you shower properly; especially in the moments before going hunting.

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This will allow us not to be discovered and also will help us if we want to attack a greater number of zombies from behind.

Last Day on Earth Cheats: Kill each of the Zombies and Animals just before collecting

Collecting is one of the tasks that you must carry out a good number of times per day because you must save food, parts and different materials. This work could be quite tedious in places where there are a lot of zombies as they will all seek to attack you.

It is always advisable to attack each of them from behind long before chopping or felling, this will allow us to establish security in the area.

Auto-Collect after finishing with the enemies

You may not know it, but in the left area of ​​the screen there is a button that says Auto, such a button will be considered one of your greatest allies. When you have finished off all the zombies, you must press it and in this way you will observe how your character begins the self-collection of each of the materials in the area except for the suitcases with pieces.

We can allow the character to carry out the task completely alone, and if we have used the previous trick we should not worry about the appearance of new zombies.

Last Day on Earth Cheats: Be careful with other Players

It is possible that every time you go to collect or hunt you will find one or another player who wants to attack you and then steal your material. It is important that you verify the amount of life you have and the weapon you use because depending on these two factors your life will be intact or not.

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By killing him, you can take each and every one of his belongings with you, but in the opposite case, at the moment in which the opposing player ends your life, he will be the one who can take all your belongings with him, in addition to the clothes and the backpack.

If you have the use of shoes, the safest thing is that you can run much faster than him, that is why it is recommended to flee to the green areas shown on the map.

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