Kingdom Hearts IV, the early announcement that ruined the hype


From the Kingdom Hearts IV announcement, developer Square Enix explained that they had released the game prematurely to avoid leaks. Therefore, it was in 2022 that we learned about his project, and not much else had been known about it. Although all this time Some details and rumors of the game have come out, it hasn't been until more than two years later that we have news of the title.

Kingdom Hearts IV is the fourth installment of the veteran action and role-playing saga from Square Enix, with licenses from Disney. Almost 20 years after his debut, Sora's adventures this time turn to a new enemy, the Lost Master. The game continues after the events of its previous installment, therefore, it leaves behind the plot with Xenahort. In this article we will see a little of everything that is known to date of this title.

Estimated departure date

Kingdom Hearts IV first reared its head back in 2022, so it's not crazy to think that soon we could have it on our consoles. Its release date remains unknown today., but everyone thinks that this year it could finally be decided, but not released yet.

Although true information is unknown in this regard, if we take into account what the company Square Enix is ​​up to, it is clear that this would be an estimate.

Now, what is known is that An insider has pointed out that the company seems to be very advanced with the project. So much so, as to internally think that everything would be ready to launch the game in 2025. However, this information has not yet been officially confirmed, therefore, we will have to continue waiting.


Game progress news

Back in April 2022, the game advance, and the news that this was in development. And the truth is that no one was too surprised, since the third part of this series had been far from closing the story created by Tetseyu Nomura.

That gameplay, which only lasted a few minutes, was a drop of water in the desert, to which many people clung. At the time, Nomura himself assured that we would not see Kingdom Hearts IV again for a while, and until now, he continues to keep his word.

Regarding the realistic aspect of the game, he assured that it will be a unique aspect in the world of the trailer.

However, in other places, The aesthetics of the game would be a little more similar to the usual one of the series. For now, what is known is that the game is in the early stages of development. Although the little we have seen has been generated with the Unreal Engine 4, we can expect the final result in the much coveted Unreal Engine 5.

Also the composer of the saga, the legendary Yoko Shimomura, assured that They are working on the title, and there are already several songs written so far.

Plot and Characters

The plot of the game will cover some themes, but above all it will focus on what happened after the Sora's disappearance and the Lost Master arc. The latter will act as the main villain of the game. Again, Nomura has shown characters dressed in the typical dark robes, with hoods, which prevent us from seeing the identity of these.

king hearts 4

We must also say, to clear up doubts, that Sora will continue to be the main protagonist of the series. Although it has also been indicated regarding Axel, Roxas, Xion, Ventus, Aqua and Terra, that it would be great to share and include more of them and their stories in future opportunities.

On the other hand, it is said that the presence of Elements and characters from the Final Fantasy universe will see a drastic decline in the Kingdom Hearts saga. It's nothing new, as we already saw in Kingdom Hearts III. And this has no major reasons, but rather Nomura believes that the saga has already acquired enough personality, so as not to have to depend on others.

The cameo that seemed like a reality

We can also rule out any ties to Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin or The World Ends With You. This cameo seemed possible, since Kingdom Hearts IV will play with the concept of an isekai. Nomura explained that the inhabitants of Quadratum perceived his world as a reality, and the world where Sora and her companions were, as a fictional world.

In the video we saw a female character who appears in the apartment with Sora, her name is Strelitzia. This is a mysterious character who appears in front of Sora in the new world. This is not new in the saga, we had already seen it in Kingdom Hearts Union. Back then, she wanted to give a message to the player, but she couldn't after releasing her heart.


We must also point out that Goofy and Donald are trying to save Sora from Quadratum. And to accomplish this task, they seek help from a character who until now has not been revealed. Finally, The person who narrates the trailer is not Brain, but he will not be a stranger either.. Other times we had seen it, but we had never heard it.

Worlds and Stages

Kingdom Hearts IV will not abandon one of the saga's strong points, Disney worlds. It has already been revealed that these will have a strong presence in the game, although at the moment only the world of Quadratum has been revealed.

We will see one representation of Minami-Aoyama, one of the most famous areas of Tokyo. We will also have to Shibuya, another central region of the city. This would mean a big change in the saga, since until now we had never been shown a real location. Yes, it is true that we saw a glimpse of this place previously in the “Re: Mind” DLC.


To date, it is not yet known on which platforms we will have the game, however, It will probably come out for the PS5, Xbox Series XS and probably PC. The series has always been released for computers, that is why we will surely have the game on Steam or Epic Games Store.

And that's all, let me know in the comments if you're looking forward to Square Enix's new game.

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