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Dead by deadlight

Since it hit the market, the number of assassins present in Dead by Daylight has been growing notably. If you have been playing for a long time, you probably already know which ones and how many murderers there are in this title of the firm. Luckily, if you do not know what they are, we will help you below, since we leave you with a guide with help.

We show you all the killers in Dead by Daylight, so that you know more about them. A good help to know what awaits you when you go to play this title.

The Nurse

The Nurse

A character present in Dead by Daylight from the beginning, which has changed over time, though his power hasn't changed. It has the ability to perform and chain teleportations, so that it travels great distances, as well as crossing all kinds of surfaces (walls, ceilings, floors and structures). This is a tricky assassin in the game.


This assassin has the ability to hit a survivor with his power and thus know the location of the rest, so he can chain attacks at any time. Although it will only hurt users, as it is one of the less lethal killers. Therefore, if you fight the Legion, you will not need to heal, as it is not lethal and will not hurt you too much.


Another one of the oldest killers in Dead by Daylight, besides being one of the most powerful. He has the ability to go through the maps at high speed with his chainsaw. Although the greatest strength of this assassin is that it has the ability to knock down the survivors with a single blow using said chainsaw. He is a powerful assassin, so you must always be careful with him.


The Dead Spirit by Deadlight

Spirit is one of the assassins best known to users in Dead by Daylight. It is a very lethal assassin, in addition to being difficult to master, so you always have to be careful, because it is dangerous. In addition, it has the ability to change to an alternate plane in which it can travel with great speed, which makes it especially dangerous and keeps us alert at all times.

Although this ability he has is somewhat limited, since when using it, he stops seeing the survivors (although he can continue to see their marks) and they do not see where he is moving. She is an assassin who stands out for being difficult to predict in her attacks.


Another killer that sounds like many players is Huntress, which is a assassin capable of throwing hatches from a distance, so that's something to keep in mind. Plus, you have no problem with pallets or window jumps. This makes it a challenge when facing it, because it is difficult to avoid it. Another aspect that makes her a complex assassin is that she can surprise us from a distance, being one of the few assassins in Dead by Daylight that has the ability to do this. Be careful about it.

The Nightmare / Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger

One of the best known to any player in Dead By Deadlight is Freddy Krueger, who is seen as one of the most lethal assassins, some say that he is the most lethal, but at least it is clear that he is a killer against whom we must have a lot careful at all times. Its main ability is that can teleport very quickly between generators. So this is something that is going to complicate our lives a lot.

It is a powerful assassin, although it is easy to use in some way. Since it also has the ability to hinder looping by using blood traps or the use of their well-known illusionary pallets, which have the ability to affect survivors when they are asleep.

The Doctor

The Doctor is a murderer has evolved over time in the game, also improving its original features. Since in the new versions the ability to reveal the position of the survivors in two different ways has been introduced in it: with the usual shock therapy or using an extensive shock wave. By increasing the insanity of the survivors, they will suffer from all kinds of handicaps.

The Shape / Michael Myers

Michael Myers, also known as La Forma, is a killer who stands out for be able to knock down a survivor with a single blow. In addition, it has the ability to do it with various types of hits, which makes it even more complicated. This murderer can gradually increase his level of evil or inner rage, so that for a limited time he will become a killing machine that will destroy everything in his path. It should also be noted that this assassin has a reduced terror radius, and this is something that allows him to catch survivors by surprise on a regular basis.

The Oni

One of the most powerful assassins in Dead by Deadlight, since it has a great physical presence, which is undoubtedly something imposing. In addition, it is a murderer that has the ability to absorb the blood released by injured survivors. This allows him to locate them more easily, in addition, he also enters a kind of anger mode, which will allow him to move at an enormous speed and thus knock them down with a single blow. Although this mode is something that lasts for a limited time.

Ghost face

Ghost Face Dead by Daylight

When you activate your power, the terror radius disappears and is very stealthy, so it is difficult to see him coming. Also, if this power is active, it has the ability to spy on the survivor and if it is for a long enough time, the survivor will be invulnerable for a limited period of time.

The clown

The clown doesn't seem like too lethal a killer at firstBut you have to be careful, as its smoke bottles allow survivors to be slowed down and it is an anti-loop killer this way. Therefore, he is a dangerous killer.

The Cannibal / Leatherface

This killer is another that has been advancing and changing in the game over time, but it maintains its essence. Its power is to knock down the survivors with a chainsaw with one blow. Although in his case it is more durable and can chain several blows. He's a killer that still works much better in the open field.

The Harpooner

The first killer in Dead by Daylight with a gun and therefore can attack from a distance. Since it can hook any survivor from several meters away, even through windows. In addition, it can take many by surprise.

The plague

The Plague Dead by Deadlight

The Scourge has the power called red vomit that allows it attack as many targets from a distance for a limited time. To play against her it is important not to heal in the sources of healing. It is a killer that stands out for being very susceptible to genrush.

The pig

This killer has capabilities that many question. Because while she can crouch and remove the terror radius, she has a hard time getting up, so this makes her less lethal. Also, inverted traps slow down generator repair a bit and if you trap a survivor after the endgame has arrived, they will be of no use.

The witch

The traps that the witch sets have a trap, because if the survivor is crouching he does not activate it and can be eliminated with a flashlight. If the survivor uses these two techniques, this assassin is useless. Although he is a murderer that gives some scares.

El Verdugo

El Verdugo

A known killer in Dead By Daylight, which is not as powerful as it seems. His main ability allows him to send survivors he torments to punishment cages. His attack can be interesting at times, although he is an assassin that can be easily dodged.

The spectre

This killer has gone losing presence and positions in Dead by Deadlight. He is an assassin who can do some actions while invisible, so he is faster. Although on many occasions he has to go in and out of that state, which weighs down his persecutions with a survivor who is skilled.

The Demogorgon

The power of this killer allows you to make a long-range attack and thus avoid an excessive loop, although it is not exceptional. The portals through which he moves give him good control of the map, a point in his favor. Although the survivors can destroy them relatively easily, making it less dangerous.

The Trapper

The Trapper Dead by Deadlight

The original killer from Dead by Daylight It is still an uncomfortable killer already to consider, because it is unpredictable. So it's something to keep in mind when dealing with this killer. However, its ability to take down survivors without even having to chase them, made possible by the power of its traps, makes it not too lethal.

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