How to update Youtube

How to update Youtube

You have just heard about some recently introduced features for Youtube. Would you really like to have them on your mobile phone, but you don't know if the app you have installed on your device Android o iOS is it the latest version or not?

Well, in case those features have already been officially released for everyone, all you have to do is update the Youtube app. Once you start the application, after the update, you will find the changes that are already at your disposal.

However, if you are here now and reading this article, you probably don't know how to update Youtube on your mobile phone. Do you want a hand to know how to do it? Sure there is no problem. I am more than happy to help you; You will see that I will guide you step by step explaining how to proceed with the update.

So take a few minutes of free time to find out. how to update youtube app. I'll tackle the topic by talking about all the most popular software platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone. You will see that if you follow my instructions, updating YouTube will be very easy. Happy reading and happy updating!

How to update Youtube on Android

If you are using a device with a operating system Android and you want update Youtube manually to the latest stable version, open the Google Play Store (the icon is shaped like a shopping bag with the ▶ ︎ symbol in the center), press button ≡ located in the upper left and select the item My applications and games from the menu that appears on the side.

At this point, look for the Youtube application in the list of applications that need to be updated. If it is present, it means that you will be able to perform the new update. Then click on its icon and then on the button Update to start the download. Then wait for the latest version of the app to download and install on your mobile phone. Once it is updated, it will automatically have all the latest features available.

To make things even easier for you, you can update Youtube by simply visiting the link below that refers to the application in the Play Store. Once you've clicked on it, just hit the button Update present on the screen that opens to update the application.

  • Youtube: update the application from the Play Store for Android

Actually, the procedure we have just seen together can be performed automatically from your Android device. Mobile phones, in fact, have an automatic update function that downloads and installs the latest versions of the applications as soon as they are available (or almost). In the event that YouTube has not been automatically updated on your mobile phone, it is possible that this function has been disabled by mistake.

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You can check, and possibly reactivate, this convenient automatic update feature on your device, in a very simple way. How do you do it? Just open the Google Play Store, press button ≡ located in the upper left and select the item configurations from the menu that appears on the side. Then touch the voice input Automatic application update. You will find the voice Automatic app update only via Wi-Fi. If it is not active, check this item to activate it. This way, Android will start updating apps automatically as soon as your device connects to a Wi-Fi network. This will prevent the update from downloading automatically when you are using packet data traffic.

Alternative method to update Youtube

If you have an Android mobile phone, but Google Play Store is not present, you can still update the Youtube application with an alternative method, which I will illustrate below. In fact, I will explain how to manually update the package apk of the latest version of the application.

To download the Youtube apk package, open the browser you use most frequently to browse Internet on your device (for example Chrome or Firefox) and visit the following website: -inc / youtube / and press the icon arrow below which is next to the latest version of the Youtube application.

At this point, scroll down the page that opens to the dialog box. Download, select the first link below the header Variant and proceed to download the YouTube application through the site that I indicated. You will have to press the button Descargar APK present on the page that has been opened. Also, if you are asked which application you want to download the Youtube apk package, please choose the browser you are using at the moment (for example, Chrome ) and answer Okay to the notice that will appear below.

Once you have completed the application download, open the application Download Android (or use a file manager like ES File Manager to open the folder Download of the device), select the Youtube apk package and confirm the installation of the updated version of the application by pressing the button Install on pc, present in the lower right part of the screen that opens.

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If an error message appears, it means that you will need to authorize the installation of third-party applications. Then follow the steps below. Go to menu Settings> Security Android and authorizes the installation of applications from Unknown origins putting the check mark next to the corresponding item.

How to update Youtube on iOS

Would you like to update the YouTube application and you don't know how to do it because you have a iPhone? No problem, it is very easy. I will explain how to do it in the following lines. First of all, to update Youtube, you must open the iOS App Store (the blue icon with the letter "A" printed in the center) and you must go to the section updates located in the lower right (symbol of the Arrow down ).

At this point, all you have to do is look for the Youtube icon in the list of applications to install. You found it? Excellent! Tap its icon and click the button Update placed next to it to update the application. Now you will clearly have to wait a few seconds for the update to download successfully to your mobile phone. If by chance, instead of the button Update find the button Opens, it means that you already have the latest version of Youtube installed on your phone. Therefore, the application will not need any further updates at the moment.

I want to make things easier for you. If you are reading this guide directly from your trusted iPhone, I can share the app link with you. You can update the Youtube app on the fly by connecting to the iOS App Store page and pressing the button To update. Very easy, believe me.

  • Youtube: update the application from the iOS App Store

If you had to update the Youtube application manually, using the procedure that I just explained, it means that the automatic update system of the application may not work properly. Make sure everything is in order: open the menu configurations on your iPhone (the gear icon on the main screen) and go to iTunes Store and App Store.

On the screen that opens, if they are not already active, activate the options Application and updates. In this way, your mobile phone will be able to download application updates completely automatically. However, if you do not want your iOS mobile phone to download updates while the 3G/LTE data network is in use, make sure the option Use data mobile phone (which you will find a little further down) is disabled. Did you see that it was really easy?

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How to update Youtube on Windows Phone

If you have a device with Windows Phone, you surely know that the official Youtube application is unfortunately not available on your mobile phone. However, do you have an unofficial application to watch videos on Youtube and you want me to explain how to update it to take advantage of all the latest added features? Sure, I'll explain it to you in no time; You will see that, if you follow the procedures that I will show you to the letter, updating the application on Windows Phone will be very simple.

If you have a mobile phone equipped with the Microsoft operating system and you want to update the unofficial YouTube application, all you have to do is open the Windows Phone Store (the shopping bag icon with the Windows flag in the center). I found it? Very well! Now press the button with the three point symbol located at the bottom and select the item configurations in the menu that appears.

On the screen that opens, go to Sip levers relative to options Update apps automatically es Update with Wi-Fi only and touch the button search for updates. This will trigger automatic app updating and, if available, start downloading the latest version of your alternative app for Youtube (as well as any other apps that need an update). as easy as drink a glass of water!

Other Youtube apps to update

Do you want to update the other complementary applications dedicated to Youtube as well? Google's video sharing platform offers a few secondary applications. Among these, for example, is the YouTube Creator application, designed for all YouTube content creators, that is, all users who have a personal YouTube channel and want to manage their content through their smartphone. Below you will find all the Youtube apps that you can update.

  • YouTube for Google TV - the official Youtube application to play videos on Google Smart TV.
  • YouTube Creator Studio (Android/iOS) - the official YouTube application to manage your YouTube channel on mobile phones.
  • YouTube for Android TV - the official YouTube application to play videos on a Smart TV with Android OS.
  • YouTube VR - the official Yotube application that transforms all the videos on the platform into a virtual reality experience. The application is dedicated to virtual reality devices such as Daydream View.
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