How to update PS4

How to update PS4

Just bought a PS4 and want help setting up console updates? Have you tried updating your PS4 via Internet but the procedure fails due to an error? Don't worry, you've come to the right place at the right time.

With today's tutorial, we'll find out together how to update PS4 over the Internet or offline, using a pen drive common. Both procedures take a few minutes to complete and pose no particular risks. The games and saves in the HDD of the console remain in place.

As is easily understood, the online update procedure is the simplest and most immediate - I suggest you start with that. If you have problems later and / or prefer to operate offline, please take a few more minutes and follow my instructions on how to take advantage of offline updates to PlayStation 4. You will find everything explained below. Happy reading and happy updating!

Update PS4 over the Internet

If you want to update your PS4 via the Internet, go to the console settings and, if necessary, set up an Internet connection on the console. The connection can be wireless or wired.

Not sure how to set up an internet connection on your PS4? No problem. Access the main menu of the console, press the up arrow on your controller and select the icon adjustments (the case) using the key X. On the screen that opens, go to Red Level, to choose set up an internet connection and establish a connection Wi-Fi or a connection with network cable (LAN) selecting one of the two options available.

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If you choose to configure a network Wi-Fi, select the option Typical On the screen that opens, indicate the wireless network to which you want to connect the console and enter the password necessary to access it.

Once the connection is established, you can start checking for updates for your PS4 by going to the menu adjustments console and selecting the item System software update from the last batch.

If there is a new version of firmware available, the PS4 will notify you and invite you to download and install it. To start installing a downloaded update on the console, first press the button Venga and then on that To update. To see the list of changes included in the update, press the button Show details.

After confirming the update installation, the PS4 will reboot a couple of times and automatically install the latest firmware.

Note: Manually checking for updates is not always necessary. The PS4, in fact, is set to automatically download the latest firmware as soon as they are available. When notified that an update is available, wait for it to download to the console (you can follow the progress of the download by going to the notification menu top left) and install it following the above procedure.

Update PS4 via USB stick

If the Internet update process fails, you can update PS4 downloading the firmware from the console to a pen drive and installing it in safe mode. If you don't know what I'm talking about, take five minutes of free time and try to follow the instructions I'm about to give you.

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First, connect to this web page and download the latest firmware for PS4 by clicking the button Download the update. The firmware is in PUP format and is over 300MB in size, so you need an average fast connection to download it.

When the download is complete, take one USB memory with at least 400 MB free, insert it into your PC and create a folder PS4 on your main path. When done, open the folder PS4, create a folder called TO UPDATE inside and copy the PUP file of the PS4 firmware on the latter. At the end of the procedure, you should get a USB stick structured like this: X:> PS4> UPDATE> PS4UPDATE.PUP (where instead of X: there should be the letter of the USB memory drive).

Now you need to boot the PS4 into Safe Mode and you need to install firmware update via USB stick.

To start the PS4 in safe mode, you must completely turn off the console and turn it on again while holding down the key The ability to until you feel two "beeps" (this should take approximately 8 seconds). If you do not know how to completely turn off the PS4, go to the main menu of the console, select the icon Delete which is top right, go up Energy saving options es turn off the ps4 selecting the appropriate item from the screen that opens.

Once the PS4 is off, connect the USB pendrive updating the firmware to one of the ports available on the console and activating the Safe Mode following the instructions I gave you earlier (ie press and hold the power button for about 8 seconds, until you hear two 'beeps').

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At this point, connect the controller using a USB cable, Press the button PD in the latter and select the item 3. Update the system software. Then go up Upgrade from USB storage device, Answer Okay to all warnings that appear on the screen and wait for the firmware installation to complete. It shouldn't take long.

In the unfortunate case that the PS4 does not recognize the USB stick, try a format the drive in FAT32 (I explained how to do it in my tutorial on how to format a usb flash drive) and repeat the procedure I just showed you. Otherwise, try using another key.

Note: If you are trying to replace the HDD of your PS4, to install the firmware on the console you must follow a different procedure. You need to download the full version of the PS4 firmware by connecting to this web page and clicking on the item first New system software installation found at the bottom and then in the link [SCARIA PRAYS]. After that, you need to copy the PUP file with the PS3 firmware to a USB stick of at least 2GB (creating a folder structure like the one shown above), you need to start the console in safe mode and you need to select the option Reset PS4 (reinstall system software).

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