How to update iOS

How to update iOS

You just bought the first iPhone or your first iPad And, in view of the release of the new version of iOS, would you like to understand a little better how the update mechanism works? operating system from Apple? Would you like to know if there is any difference between downloading iOS updates directly from the iPhone or iPad and from the PC? No problem: if you want, I am here to clarify all your doubts on the subject.

In fact, in today's guide I will explain how to update iOS trying to delve into the subject as much as possible. First, I will give you essential information to prepare to update your device's operating system. After that, I will show you the procedures that you will need to perform to install updates from iPhone and iPad and from your PC. Finally, I will give you some tips on how to get iOS beta versions early and how to upgrade the operating system to previous versions.

I bet this introduction of mine intrigued you, right? In this case, my advice is to start immediately, without wasting any more time: sit back and read carefully the procedures you will find in the following chapters. I'm sure that, in the end, you will have all the information you need to be able to update the operating system of your iPhone or iPad. I have nothing left to do except wish you a good read and a good update.

  • How to update iOS on iPhone and iPad
    • Update iOS with WiFi
    • Update iOS with mobile data
  • How to update iOS from PC and Mac
  • How to update iOS Beta
  • How to upgrade iOS not to the latest version

Before explaining how to update iOS on your iPhone or iPad, I would like to tell you better about the two procedures that allow you to achieve this goal: the one that allows you to download the iOS update files directly from the device in use (system OTA ) and which, on the other hand, involves downloading and installing the new version of the operating system from the PC, using the software iTunes.

You can use whichever procedure you prefer, but keep in mind that the installation times of the iOS update via iTunes are longer than those from OTA, as iTunes will download the latest version of the operating system in its entirety, rather than take only the files. really need.

Also, before performing an update, make sure you have at least the 50% load on battery iPhone or iPad and you have enough space (at least 1GB) in its memory, to download the necessary data via OTA. If you do not meet this last requirement, a warning on the device screen will ask you to free some space before continuing. In this sense, I advise you to carefully read the advice that I gave you in my guide dedicated to the subject.

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In addition to that, I also recommend that you do a Backup of all your data. In general, this is not a necessary procedure, since they are not deleted during the iOS update. This does not mean that, as a precautionary measure, you can still create a backup of your personal data and avoid mistakes. My suggestion is to read all the tips I gave you in my guide on how to make a iPhone backup and iPad.

Lastly, if you've heard of a new version of iOS, like iOS 13, you can know in advance if your Apple device will be able to install it, especially if it is dated - not all new versions of iOS can be installed on older iPhones or iPads.

For this reason, my advice is to go to the official Apple website and read all the information that is provided to you about the next iOS update. If your device is among the lists, on the date of its distribution (or in the following days) you will be able to check the presence of the update.

If your iPhone or iPad is not on the list of compatible devices With the new version of iOS, maybe you can think about buying a new one. In this sense, you can consult the advice that I gave you in my guides on what iPhone choose and that iPad buy.

How to update iOS on iPhone and iPad

by update iOS on iPhone and iPad, what you have to do is read carefully the procedures that I will show you in the following chapters, in which I will explain how to update the operating system using OTA, taking advantage of the network so much Wi-Fi that data network of the SIM.

Update iOS with WiFi

The first step to take, before starting the update of an iOS device, is to connect it to the Wi-Fi network. Unfortunately, it is not possible to update iOS directly via the SIM data network, since the installation packages are of a considerable size to be downloaded with this type of connection to Internet.

In this regard, although you can still check for iOS updates with the SIM data network, you will still need to connect to a wireless network to download them. To do this, press gear icon ( configurations ), which you will find on the home screen, and select the item Wifi. At this point, choose the wireless network want to connect and type the password associated with it. If you want more information about this procedure, you can read my guide dedicated to the subject.

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Once done, it's time to check for updates on the iPhone or iPad: press gear icon located on the home screen, to go to the configurations ; then select the item General from the screen you see and go to Software update.

At this point, if a new version of iOS is available, press the buttons Download and install and confirm the download and installation of the software by entering the unlock code Of the device. Once the download is complete, the download will restart and display a progress bar indicating the status of the update.

Once this process is finished, iOS will ask you to write el unlock code device and possibly also your Apple ID password.

You can also have iOS updates install automatically as they become available. In this case, in section Software update of the configurations iOS, tap the item Automatic Updates and move the single lever shown in IN.

In case of availability of new versions of iOS, your iPhone or iPad will notify you and allow you to schedule the automatic installation of the update at night, always after confirming and entering the unlock code Of the device. Convenient, right?

Update iOS with mobile data

As I have already mentioned in the previous paragraphs, unfortunately it is not possible to update iOS via data network mobile phoneas Wi-Fi is required to download large packets.

The only way around this limitation is to use the SIM data network of other device and create a Point of wifi access in the latter, through which you can then connect the iPhone or iPad to the Internet.

To create a hotspot with a mobile phone or tablet, you must first activate the SIM data network and then enable the SIM data network. hotspot. In this sense, if you do not know how to proceed, I suggest you read my guide on how to activate hotspots in detail.

Once done, take your iPhone or iPad to update and connect to the newly created Wi-Fi network so that you can search for a new version of iOS and then proceed with its installation. For this procedure, you can refer to what I have already explained to you in the previous chapter of the tutorial.

How to update iOS from PC and Mac

If you cannot update via OTA on the iPhone or iPad, as I explained in the previous chapter, or if you do not have enough space on the device, you can act via iTunes - In this way, the update installation files will be downloaded to your PC and not to your device.

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The procedure to follow is very simple: connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer and wait for the automatic start of iTunes. In case this does not happen, open iTunes via its quick launch icon. If you want more information on how to connect your iOS device to PC, I suggest you read this guide dedicated to the topic.

After doing this, you will be shown a warning that a new version of iOS is available. Then click the buttons Download and update, Venga es I agree, so that iTunes can download and install the iOS update.

If, when you connect your Apple device to your PC, you do not see any warning about the availability of iOS updates, after launching iTunes, click the device icon placed in the upper left and press the button Update present in the section Your Order Of the program.

How to update iOS Beta

Apple gives you access to IOS public beta test - This means that even if you are not a developer, you can download iOS previews and test them on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, without resorting to unauthorized downloads.

To join the macOS and iOS beta testing program, you must register on this website - you will receive an email from Apple when you are authorized to download updates. But beware, places are limited and it may take months before receiving the desired confirmation.

How to upgrade iOS not to the latest version

that iOS degradation, that is, the procedure to install a version of the operating system older than the one currently in use, is not possible with any of the tools officially offered by Apple.

In fact, you should know that iOS updates are essential to ensure that system flaws are not exploited by malicious people, which could undermine the security of devices and, in general, of your personal data.

For this reason, it can be described as a practice that is generally not recommended, but may be necessary in some cases, especially if performance issues occur. That said, you can consult my guide on how to cancel the iPhone update, in which I have given you some useful tips to achieve this goal in some particular cases and using mostly unofficial procedures.