How to update Google

How to update Google. You have just heard about the new features of the official Google app. In fact, his friend told him that, after an update, he was able to Google information, using his voice commands. mobile phone.

How to update Google on Android

If you are using a device with a operating system Android and you want to manually update Google to the latest version, first make sure you have the app installed and the update is available.

Then start by opening the Google Play Store (The application is in the form of a shopping bag with the symbol ▶ ︎ in the center), press button ≡ which is in the upper left corner and select the item My apps and my games  from the menu that appears on the side.

At this point, check that there is a Google app in the list of apps that need to be updated. If it is present, it means that you have already installed it successfully at least once and you will be able to perform the new update.

Press its icon and button to update to start the download. Wait a few seconds, the latest version of the application is downloading and the application will update on your mobile phone. Once the installation is complete, you will automatically have access to all the latest features present in the latter.

If you want, there is also an even simpler method. May update Google with the official Google application in the Play Store. Once you go to the Play Store and search for it, just press the button to update present on the screen that opens to update the application.

Actually, the procedure that we have just seen together refers to the manual update of the application. Below I will explain in detail how to activate the automatic download function of your Android device. In fact, you should know that mobile phones have an automatic update function: the applications will be automatically downloaded and updated to the latest versions as soon as they are available.

You can verify the activation of this convenient function and eventually reactivate it on your device, in a very simple way.

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First you have to open the Google Play Store, press the button ≡ located in the upper left and select adjustments from the menu that appears on the side.

Touch the item Automatic update of applications. you will find the entrance Automatic app update only over Wi-Fi. If it is not active, check this item to activate it.

Once activated, your mobile phone can now automatically update applications as soon as your device connects to a Wi-Fi network. This will also prevent the update from being downloaded automatically when using packet data traffic.

How to update Google through Apk

If you have an Android mobile phone, but Google Play Store is not present or you want to try a manual and alternative method to update the google app, you can do it through apk, connecting to a website called APKMirror.

Thanks to an alternative procedure, which I will illustrate below, you can manually download the apk package of the latest version of the Google application.

Don't worry, you will find that in this case it is easier to do than to say. Follow my instructions to download the apk package from Google.

First, open the browser you use most frequently to browse Internet on your device (for example, Chrome o Firefox) and click the link on the website

Very well! At this point, click on the Arrow down which is next to the latest version of the Google app.

Now, scroll the page that opens to the Download, select the first link below the entry variant and proceed to download the Google application through the site that I recommended. You will need to press the button Descargar APK present on the page that opened. Also, if you are asked which app you want to download the apk package from Google, please choose the browser you are currently using (eg Chrome) and reply good Note that it will appear below.

Once you have completed the application download, open the downloads  Android (or use a file manager like ES File Manager to open the folder downloads  device), click on the Google apk package you just downloaded and confirm the installation of the updated version of the application by clicking the button install, present in the lower right part of the screen that opens.

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Did you get an error message and you don't know what to do? You may need to take additional steps to authorize the installation of third-party applications.

Then follow the instructions below. Go to menu Settings> Android Security and authorizes the installation of applications from unknown sources by placing the check mark next to the item of the same name.

On iOS

Do you want to update the Google application, do you have a iPhone and you don't know how to do it? No problem.

As usual, first of all, to update the official Google application, you need to open the App Store de iOS (the blue icon with the letter A) and you have to go to the section updates located in the lower right (down arrow symbol).

You will be able to check if the application really needs to be updated.

At this point, all you have to do is look for the official Google application in the list of applications to update.

Tap its icon and click the button To update, placed next to it to update the app. Now wait a few seconds; the update will download and install successfully on your mobile phone.

If by chance, instead of the button to update find the button open, means that you already have the latest version of Google installed on your phone. Therefore, the application will not need any more updates; for the moment you will not have to do anything.

I know you are a beginner with technology, so I want to offer you an even easier solution to update Google on iOS. If you are reading this guide directly from your iPhone, you can update the Google application on the fly by connecting to the iOS App Store page and pressing the button to update.

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Did you update the Google application manually, using the procedure I just explained to you?

So it means that the automatic application update system may not work properly. Take a look, to verify that everything is in order: open the menu adjustments from your iPhone (the application with the icon in the form of gear ) and go iTunes Store and App Store.

On the screen that opens, if they are not already active, I advise you to activate the options Application and updates.

In this way, your mobile phone will be able to download the application updates automatically.

But if you don't want your iOS mobile phone to download updates while the 3G / LTE data network is in use, make sure the option Use mobile data (found right below) is disabled.

In this way, from the next time, all the applications will be automatically updated on the Wi-Fi network and you will no longer have to do any procedures.

Other Google apps to update

In addition to updating the official Google app for searching, would you like to explain how to update other companion apps as well?

For example, instead of the Google application, to search the Internet, you may want to use the browser VPN extensions for Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is the official browser developed by Google and the application is frequently updated on Android and iOS.

In addition, below you will find a brief list of other useful and complementary applications to the Google application, which you can download free and update on your Android and iOS mobile phone.

  • Google Drive (Android/iOS): Google Drive is the official Google app for backing up all the files on your device.
  • Google Photos (Android/iOS): Google Photos is the new Google photo gallery that allows you to create a digital archive of photos taken from your device
  • Launching applications now (Android) - Google's official launcher that allows you to speed up the start of the home screen and access the service Google Now.
  • Google Translator (Android / iOS): very useful official Google application that supports the translation of many foreign languages.
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