How to track the purchase date of a mobile phone

How to track the purchase date of a mobile phone. In the last few weeks, you have encountered several problems with your mobile phone: turns off frequently your battery it lasts only a few hours and sometimes it doesn't even turn on anymore.

The suspicion is that it has a hardware defect and for this reason you have thought about taking it to an authorized service center, as the device must still be under warranty. You said right: it "should" be under warranty, but you are not sure, because you do not know if the two years from the date of purchase under the warranty have already passed.

Well, if you want to try to bring your mobile phone back to life, you need to verify this information and to do so you need proof of purchase of the device. But can't you find it anymore? This can be a problem if the product is still under warranty.

However, do not despair, because I am here to help you. In my guide today, I will teach you how to track the purchase date of a mobile phone through the IMEI code, requesting the invoice from the seller you bought it from or looking for the purchase date on the website E-commerce where you requested it.

How to track the date of purchase of a mobile phone: options

Verification of purchase date on receipt or invoice

The most immediate and simple solution for back to the date of purchase of a mobile phone is to look for the receipt or invoice, issued by the seller when buying the device.

Much information is indicated in these documents. But what interests us to understand if the product is still covered by the legal guarantee, is everything related to the date of purchase.

You can find it at the bottom, in case you are in possession of the receipt. On the invoice, on the other hand, the purchase date can be indicated in the document header or in the information displayed under the seller's references, just before the order detail.

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Given the importance of these types of documents, I recommend that you keep them carefully, so you don't risk not finding them when you need them. Just in case, produce a print or digital copy, just to be safe.

In case of loss of an invoice, you can contact the seller requesting one certified copy of the original. In this sense, depending on the requested shipping method, you will receive a copy of the document, in which you can read the recent and previous issue date, related to the purchase of the phone.

Purchase date verification through IMEI

Another possible method to find the date of purchase of a phone is to verify through IMEI code on the manufacturer's official website. I warn you that all brands do not offer this possibility.

The first thing to do is locate the brand of phones to perform this search directly on the official website.

You can find your text or logo on the mobile phone and device package: for example, if you have a iPhone, you can see on the back symbol of a bitten apple, or for devices Samsung y Huawei You can see these full brand names on the front or back of the device.

After taking note of the name of the mobile phone manufacturer, you need to find the IMEI code Of the device. To perform this operation, you can act in different ways: for example, you can take the box that contained the mobile phone when you bought it and read the IMEI code on one of its facades, which is usually written small together with other codes.

Alternatively, you can proceed directly through the GSM chain for write in the keyboard number of the mobile phone. For that, unlock the mobile phone screen and launch the application phone, the one with the icon with the symbol of a telephone. As if to call someone.

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After that, open the marker (The numeric keyboard ) and dial the code *#06#. As soon as you have written it, it will appear IMEI code on the screen, which you should write down, as you will need it shortly.

Now go to the manufacturer's website, to enter the IMEI code in the corresponding section of the Support Center.

After you reach the appropriate section on the manufacturer's website, look for the box where you can search for the warranty status through IMEI. Usually indicated by the title Check warranty o Looking for a  warranty.

Once this is done, in the appropriate field you see on the screen, type the IMEI code that you had found previously and press the Enter button on your keyboard or the button next to it Check, Search or any other similar wording. You may also be asked to enter a anti-bot code security, which will be shown in the box next to it.

If all went well, you can read the details about the mobile phone warranty status. Among the information shown on the screen, you can identify the one that refers to the date of purchase or, if not, the one related to expiration date.

In the latter case, if you have not purchased insurance packages for the legal warranty extension directly from the manufacturer, only subtract two years from this date to track the date of purchase.

How to Track Mobile Phone Purchase Date Through Online Retailer

If you purchased a product online through one of many e-commerce sites On the web, verifying the purchase date is a very simple operation.

First, I advise you to access the e-mail with which you registered an account on the e-commerce site. And look, among the emails, for the order confirmation. In general, these web portals send by email the confirmation of payment of the order, the fulfillment, the delivery and, finally, the one containing the purchase invoice. By finding these communications, you can easily verify the date of purchase of the mobile phone and the day the email was received.

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Alternatively, you can log in with your credentials on the e-commerce site and verify orders that have been previously placed. In the following lines, I will explain how to search for orders on some of the major e-commerce sites, such as Amazon


If you bought a mobile phone through AmazonFollowing the advice below, finding an order is an operation that will take only a few minutes.

So let's get to the point: go to Amazon's official website and hover over » Hello, log in », which you can find in the area at the top right. In the displayed menu, press the button to access And on the new web page you see, type in the credentials for the Amazon account you have.

After login, always in the upper right area, press the text orders and use the search engine above to find the mobile phone. If so, you can also use the filter from the drop-down menu on the left, which indicates the last 6 months or viewing orders by year.

When you have identified the mobile phone among the orders listed, on the product box you will find, on the left, the wording Order placed on, indicating the date of purchase of the device. On the right side of the box is also the invoice, which allows you to download the purchase receipt, which also contains the date of purchase of the product.

If you act from the Amazon application to Android o iOS, you can see all the orders you made by pressing the ☰ button and selecting the item orders from the menu that opens.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful.