How to stop attacks in Hogwarts Legacy

How to stop attacks in Hogwarts Legacy. Hogwarts Legacy immerses players in a magical adventure filled with danger and challenges. One of these challenges is the attacks that can occur at Hogwarts and endanger its students. Therefore, it is essential know how to stop them and protect others.

The players must be Watch out for signs of attacks and learn to use your magical abilities to defend yourself and neutralize attackers. In this sense, knowing the right spells and strategies will be key to maintaining safety in the most famous magic school in the world.

How to stop attacks in Hogwarts Legacy step by step

Hold down the block to stop

Hold down the block to stop step by step

Hogwarts Legacy incorporates many basic open-world combat elements, some of which are already very common in most AAA games. In addition to dodging, your character also has the ability to block and parry attacks. If you're one of those who doesn't like the parry mechanic so much in games, you're in luck, because the latest magic game on the market merges both techniques into one button, which makes things quite simple. This article will explain how to use the block and parry technique in Hogwarts Legacy.

Press the block button - it will launch Protego and create a shield around the character

In Hogwarts Legacy, Protego is the base blocking spell that you'll be able to get early in the game.. This spell acts as a shield that will protect you from the attacks and dangers of enemies. However, you should keep in mind that it has certain limits.

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For example, Protego will not be able to protect you from spells that manipulate your character or lift you into the air, nor will it be able to resist a powerful attack that you need to dodge.. But, you can also take advantage of the moments when your opponent leaves an opening to cast Protego and protect yourself from his spells, especially if it's another caster.

Holding down the block will stop and launch Stupefy

Hold down the block to stop step by step

Al hold down the Protego button In Hogwarst Legacy, he can transform into a parry to counter enemy attacks. This type of parry is similar to the stun spell Stupefy from the Harry Potter franchise, and not only stuns the enemy, but also exposes them to additional damage.

Enemies that are stunned or tampered will have gold damage numbers above their heads, indicating that they will inflict guaranteed critical hits. Additionally, you don't need to aim directly at the enemy to cast Stupefy, allowing you to target high priority targets such as weaker support enemies. This technique can be very effective for quickly taking out enemies in a fight.