How to See My Game Time in FUT Champions in EA Sports FC 24?

In the world of video games, especially in competitive and immersive titles like EA Sports FC 24, it is essential to keep track of playing time.

This practice not only helps us manage our time better, but also contributes to a healthier and more balanced gaming experience.

Fortunately, EA Sports FC 24 offers built-in tools for this purpose, especially in its popular mode FUT champions. In this article, we show you how you can easily check your gaming time on this platform.

Step 1: Access Settings

The first step to monitor your playing time in FUT Champions is to access the configurations de EA Sports FC 24. This option is usually found on the left side of the main game interface. Once there, you will be one step away from accessing valuable information about your gaming experience.

Step 2: Check Play Time

Within the settings menu, look for the option that says «Game time«. When you select it, you will be presented with a screen with various relevant data related to your activity in the game.

Step 3: Detailed Information

The game time section doesn't just show you how many hours you've spent playing FUT Champions. It also offers you detailed information such as game limits, packet limits y post-purchase points limits. This information is crucial to understanding not only how much time you spend in the game, but also how you spend it. If you are interested in optimizing your gaming time, consider reading our article on how to win matches in FUT Champions without having an elite team.

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Step 4: Parental Controls

A standout feature of EA Sports FC 24 is the ability to configure parental controls. This is especially useful for parents who want to supervise or limit their children's play time. Through this feature, you can set specific limits and ensure that gaming remains a fun and healthy activity. Also, if you are facing connection issues in FUT Champions, don't miss our article on how to overcome connection problems in FUT Champions.

Monitor your playing time in EA Sports FC 24 FUT Champions It is a simple but powerful process to maintain a healthy balance between play and other daily activities. If you are interested in qualifying in FUT Champions without spending money, we recommend you read how to qualify for FUT Champions without spending money. Also, for those interested in more specific challenges, be sure to check out how to complete FUT Champions challenges. We hope you found this article useful and invite you to try these features the next time you play EA Sports FC 24. Happy gaming!

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