How to remove VoLTE from my Huawei cell phone

The latest generations of smartphones have the ability to offer high-speed data connections to further the concept of VoLTE. While this feature can be very useful, in some cases there are users who want to disable it. In this article we are going to explain how to disable the VoLTE function on Huawei phones, a step-by-step guide so that each user feels more secure about the data connection of their device.

1. What is VoLTE?

VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) is a wireless technology that allows the provision of voice and data services simultaneously. This technology uses 4G LTE instead of the traditional 2G or 3G network, which works separately for data and voice. This means that call quality is better as less compression is used and less bandwidth is consumed.

Another advantage of VoLTE services is that the user can enjoy simultaneous data usage without interfering with call quality. As LTE's data upload speed is faster than 2G and 3G networks, a VoLTE call is faster to connect and can be dropped quickly. Also, the battery life of a VoLTE enabled device is longer as there is no switching between voice and data connections.

Mobile phone operators require a specific infrastructure to provide access to VoLTE technology and that the devices are configured and certified to handle this standard. This certification may have special batteries or new applications with higher discharge speeds. If you want to make a VoLTE call, both the user and the receiver must have access to the LTE network to benefit from the advantages of this technology.

2. Reasons to Remove VoLTE from your Huawei Smartphone

Reason 1: More expensive VoLTE calls

Many times purchasing VoLTE calls means that the user must pay higher rates, especially if the service is offered as a paid application. VoLTE requires the user to pay a single fee each month, although some carriers simply charge the $textit{IMEI}$ and $textit{IMSI}$ parameters on the same bill. Therefore, if you are concerned about the monthly budget, opting to remove VoLTE from your Huawei Smartphone may be a good idea.

Reason 2: Possibility of problems with coverage

Since VoLTE is based on bandwidth, there is a risk that the coverage of an area will deteriorate, especially if the number of calls on the network is high. To avoid stability issues, we may temporarily remove VoLTE from Huawei Smartphone. In this way it will not influence the general coverage of the caller.

Reason 3: Weaker data coverage

With VoLTE the data flow is considerably reduced for the user since the channels of $textit{Voice over LTE}$ and $textit{Data over LTE}$ are separated independently. This means that the data coverage is weakened and, if you are using a Huawei Smartphone, you have to temporarily disable the VoLTE function to enjoy better data quality and speed.

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3. How to Disable VoLTE on your Huawei Smartphone

Huawei has recently added VoLTE technology to the latest smartphones. This feature improves performance and offers higher voice quality and faster data speeds, but there are some cases where it may be necessary to turn it off. Here's how to do it on your devices.

Step 1: Access Settings. Open the Settings app on your Huawei smartphone, select the Mobile networks menu, then check the VoLTE option to turn it off.

Step 2: Reboot the device. After disabling it, you need to reboot your device to complete the process. Turn off the device and turn it back on.

Step 3: Check the deactivation status. After restarting the device, check that the VoLTE option is disabled, you can see it in the Settings application in the Mobile networks menu.

4. Secondary Impacts of Removing VoLTE from your Huawei Smartphone

When disabling VoLTE from the Huawei smartphone, there are a number of side effects that we should not overlook. The most powerful are the expected ones, such as the loss of the ability to make voice calls over LTE, which, for many users, is an essential part of their experience.

For example, latency will drop dramatically when returning to the voice telephone network. to make your calls, and those who make many calls a year may find that the quality of the calls is noticeably inferior to what LTE offered. It may also decrease the battery life of the device, since the VoLTE connection was a power saver.

In addition, another important change that you have to take into account if you disable VoLTE is that users they could go on to read their WhatsApp notifications through the normal SMS signal, with which the user's privacy will be diminished if that device has reached the limit of the SMS quota of its telephone company. Therefore, it is important to know these details before deactivating VoLTE from our Huawei device.

5. Alternatives to Disable VoLTE on a Huawei Smartphone

Deactivation from Phone Settings

The first alternative to disable Voice over LTE (VoLTE) on a Huawei smartphone is through the phone settings. To do this, it is necessary to access the device settings and there temporarily deactivate the Voice over LTE Call Box. To access the configuration, you must perform the following steps:

  • Enter the Settings option, which is on the main screen of the device.
  • Within the Telephony section, locate the Voice over LTE Call Box.
  • Once there, it is recommended to slide the button to the left to temporarily disable the function.

Deactivation from SIM Code

Another alternative to disable VoLTE on a Huawei phone is through the SIM Code. This is located on the outside of the phone, on the back of the SIM card. If it does not appear visibly, it is necessary to remove it to access the Code. Once the card is removed, you must enter the code in the corresponding application. Here you must select the Deactivate VoLTE section, so that the function is temporarily disabled.

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Deactivation from the Movistar App

Huawei Smartphone users who have a Movistar line have the option to disable VoLTE from the Movistar application. This application is free and is available in the Google Play store. To disable the service you must download the App on the Huawei phone. Once inside the application, it is necessary to enter the Activities section and choose Settings, so that the use of VoLTE is disabled.

6. Support for Mobile Apps after Removing VoLTE

Once VoLTE technology has been phased out, it is important to assess the adequacy of the user experience in mobile applications. To ensure mobile apps continue to work optimally without Volte, here are some recommended steps.

  1. First, monitor the app's performance on a device that doesn't have VoLTE. This will show if there are any issues that need to be resolved before removing the technology. This is particularly important if the app is used on mobile devices with different network connections.
  2. Perform a regression test, to check if the changes may have an impact on the application and if there are any incompatibilities. This will ensure that the app works properly after removing VoLTE.
  3. Check if the app is compatible with mobile devices without VoLTE. This means that the application server must support optimal performance without using VoLTE.

To ensure that the application user experience is the same without VoLTE, software developers should also make sure to check if the voice and video software of the application works correctly without VoLTE. This means checking latency for voice and video between devices with and without VoLTE, as well as assessing if there are any limitations related to audio and video quality.

verify that the mobile app is still scalable after removing VoLTE. This means that the application server can still handle multiple users without affecting performance. This can be achieved by testing performance with a non-VoLTE device and a stable connection.

7. Conclusion – You should remove VoLTE from your Huawei Smartphone

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is a feature in Huawei smartphones that uses LTE Data Network technology for phone service. Through this service, Huawei phone users can have better audio quality during calls and faster response time for all their connections. Due to these improvements, many Huawei phone users have VoLTE enabled by default. However, there are some cases where the technology does not work properly. When this happens, it is best to disable VoLTE so as not to have a poor user experience.

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One of the reasons why VoLTE should be disabled on Huawei smartphones is when there are problems with the voice call. Some users reported lag and audio issues during a call made over VoLTE. This may be due to the data connection, multi-radio VoLTE calls or the cellular network. Disabling VoLTE will force the phone to use the traditional DTMF Network to process the voice call, which should temporarily fix the issue.

Another reason to disable VoLTE is if you notice less battery life when using the technology. Analyzing battery usage on Huawei devices will allow you to check if VoLTE is affecting battery life. This can happen if the phone is constantly trying to connect to the LTE network for VoLTE. When this happens, the phone will work harder to establish the connection and the battery will drain faster. Disabling VoLTE will save phone resources and extend battery life.

Huawei phone users can make sure to disable VoLTE if they want to optimize their battery, improve network quality, or even want to avoid overcharging their cell phone data. Of course, it's important to remember that there are other methods to take care of the unit's battery, as well as to equate to much more affordable data service. However, by knowing how to disable VoLTE, Huawei users have become much more self-reliant, which will bring greater benefits to themselves in the long run.

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