How to remove the restricted account on Facebook?

How to remove the restricted account on Facebook? One of the most popular and used social networks around the world is called Facebook. Through it, users can chat with their contacts and share from photos, videos and any other type of content.

Now, if you have tried to enter your account and a blocking message, do not despair. In the next tutorial we will tell you a little more about account restrictions on Facebook and how we can regain access quickly and easily.

My account is restricted: What does it mean?

There are times when our Facebook account can be restricted momentarily. These types of sanctions occur more than anything when we have done something improper within the platform.

A restriction of our Facebook account we should not worry, since just by following a few simple steps we will be able to regain access. Now, if the situation repeats itself over and over again, the safest thing is that Facebook will proceed to close our account permanently.

How to know if my Facebook account is restricted


Do you want to comment on a Facebook post and you couldn't? Pay close attention, as your account may be temporarily restricted.

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When a Facebook account is restricted, it is most likely that limit certain functions within the platform, for example commenting on publications or sharing photos.

It is very easy to find out if our account is restricted. We just have to enter the Facebook page and access our account with the respective data. Now go to your profile and look at the top left. The message “Account restricted” should appear there.

Click on that button to know what were the reasons why Facebook decided to restrict your account.

Steps to remove restricted account on Facebook

After verifying that our Facebook account is restricted For some reason in particular, it is time to proceed to remove this restriction, something that can be achieved with just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Open Facebook

The first step is to open the Facebook platform and access our account with the requested data, that is, the email address and password.

Step 2: Find out if the account is restricted


Before continuing is It is important to be sure that our account is really restricted. If the message “Restricted account”, It means that you have actually committed an offense.

Now you must identify what was the reason why Facebook has decided to restrict your account on the social network.

Step 3: Take the necessary corrections

Removing the restricted account on Facebook will depend mainly on what was the reason for the sanction. Imagine that it was due to a complaint from another user. In these cases, it is best to block that person to prevent them from continuing to report you.

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So could you try to modify the security aspects and privacy of your account. That way you will limit the access of strangers to your profile and they will not be able to report your account.

Step 4: Do not commit crimes again

You already know what was the cause of your restriction on Facebook. Now try not to incur that type of faults again to avoid a new sanction. Remember that it may be something temporary, but if it is committed immediately, your account can be blocked forever.

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