How to delete a photo from a multiple post on Instagram

How to delete a photo from a multi-post on Instagram

Last weekend he visited a beautiful city of art and took a lot of photos, which he later decided to publish in Instagram in the form of a multiple publication or publication in "carousel format". After having published the post in the format in question on the social network of photos, you realized that you accidentally included a shot that you would have preferred not to publish and now you wonder how to remedy the error.

If that's the case, there's no question: you've come to the right place at the right time! In the following paragraphs, in fact, I will be able to illustrate you in detail how to remove a photo from a multiple post on instagram. Even if Instagram doesn't include an ad hoc feature that allows you to act on individual photos in multiple posts, know that there is a way to remedy the situation, and I'll have the chance to talk about it in detail in the following paragraphs.

So, are you curious to know more about the subject? Yep? Excellent! Get comfortable, take all the time you need to focus on reading the following paragraphs, and most importantly, try to implement the "tips" that I will give you. There is nothing left for me to do, but I wish you a good read and good luck in everything!

  • How to delete photos from multiple posts on Instagram

Before entering the tutorial and see how to remove a photo from a multiple post on instagram, it is my duty to provide some preliminary information relative to the operation that has been proposed to perform.

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First of all, I must inform you that, as things currently stand, it is not possible to delete a photo from a multiple publication and it is not known if Instagram will allow this operation in the future. All you can do at this time to remove a photo from a 'carousel' post is delete it and create a new one, being careful not to include the photo (or photos) you wanted to remove from the original post »«.

This is probably not what you had in mind to do, but since there are no other "paths" to follow, you have no choice but to do what has just been outlined. Obviously, before doing this, carefully evaluate whether it is convenient for you to proceed with the cancellation of the post that you have already published or not, since doing so would lose all the likes and comments obtained. If you decide to continue, follow the instructions in the following paragraphs.

How to delete photos from multiple posts on Instagram

Now the time has finally come to find out how to delete photos from multiple posts on instagram. I guarantee that success is not complicated at all. All you have to do, in fact, is delete the multiple post in which the photo to be deleted is present, create a new post with the "Carousel" function, being careful not to include the shot you would have wanted to remove from the 'original' post, and that's it.

Then launch the official Instagram application on your device Android o iPhone, log into your account (if you haven't already) and tap the little man placed in the lower right (or in your thumbnail Profile picture ).

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Now locate in yours alimentar the multiple post in which the photo you want to delete is present, tap on its advance, to see it in full screen, press the i symbol three points located in the upper right corner and select the item Eliminate in the menu that opens.

If before proceeding with the deletion of the publication you want to copy the title present in the latter, and then paste it in the publication that you will create later, select the element Edit in the menu that opened after pressing the i symbol three points, Select the text present in the description of it and touch the item Copy, in the menu that opens. Then proceed to delete post following the instructions I gave you just now.

Now, create a new multi-post to include all the photos you previously deleted from except the one you wanted to delete. Press the button capacitor positive (+) lead located at the bottom (in the center of the screen), tap the More items (the icon of two overlapping squares located on the right) and, after selecting the photos you want to publish (you can choose up to a maximum of ten at a time), press the item Venga which is in the upper right.

If desired, apply one of the filters Instagram selecting the one you prefer to use and touch the element Venga, located in the upper right. Now, tap on the text field Write a subtitle ... located at the top and write the title that will be included in the new post you are about to publish (if you have copied the 'original' post you just deleted, you can paste it by making a long tap on the text field in question, selecting the element Catch in the menu that opens and then pressing Okay ). In conclusion, proceed to publish the post by tapping the button Share located in the upper right corner of the screen and that's it.

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Don't have your mobile phone at hand right now and would you like to know how to proceed from your PC? Sorry, but the Instagram app for Windows 10 It does not offer the possibility to publish photos (it allows you to delete publications, but not to create new ones) and, consequently, you will not be able to use it to perform the operation in question. In case you were wondering, it is not possible to do it even from the web version of Instagram - even if you try change user agent and then make Instagram believe that you are using a mobile device, you will notice that the function that allows you to publish multiple photos in sequence is not activated, in fact, making it impossible to complete the operation in question.

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