How to recover Clash Royale accounts

How to recover accounts from Clash Royale. If you can no longer access your account Clash Royale I will tell you that there is a way to fix it.

Well, luckily for you, then I can help you out. If you allow me a few minutes of your free time, I can explain in detail: how to recover Clash Royale account, both Android and iOS. Assuming that Supercell has foreseen the occurrence of such a situation and that you can do everything directly from the device with the game installed, the operations to be implemented are not complicated at all, although at this moment you may think otherwise.

How to recover Clash Royale accounts on Android

Do you want to recover your Clash Royale account and have a Android device? Then what you need to do is make sure you have added the account from Google correct to your device.

To make sure, go to the Android screen where all the applications, press the icon of configurations (the one with the gear wheel ) go to General and touch the item Account.

Then press on the wording Google and make sure that the indicated account is the one you have always used to play Clash Royal.

Otherwise, press the direction of e-mail indicated, stop on the button [...] at the top right and choose the appropriate item to log out of the account.

Then redial the ace on your device with the correct Google account by tapping on the item Add Account what do you find in the section Account mentioned above, by selecting the Google icon and typing the email address and associated password.

Note: Considering that there are several versions of Android in circulation and that mobile phone manufacturers often apply customizations to the operating system and that I do not know exactly the brand, model and version of the operating system that you use, the indications that I just gave you may be slightly different for your device.

In other words, the menus to access and the steps to follow are always the same, but the items may differ slightly.

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After having carried out all the steps indicated above, there is nothing left to do but start Clash Royale by pressing the corresponding icon on the screen where all the applications are located, wait for the game to load and respond affirmatively to the warning that you see appear through which you are asked if you want to use the account in use to play and recover all the progress.

If the warning does not appear, press the gear which is in the upper right, press the red button Offline which is under the heading Access to Google Play in the window that opened and select your Play Games account from the menu that appears.

If you don't see the startup appear this way, obviously the account you entered in Android settings is not correct.

Recover Clash Royale accounts on iOS

If, on the contrary, what you are using is an iOS device and you want to know how to recover your Clash Royale account, what you have to do is simply log in to Game Center with the same Apple account you used when you started playing.

To do this, go to the iOS home screen, press the icon configurations (the one with the gear wheel ), scroll through the displayed screen until you find the item Game Center and press on it.

Now if you are not logged in with any account, press the item to login, type your Apple ID in the empty professional field, the associated password in the second field and then step on the item Log In top right.

If, on the other hand, the login to Game Center is done but with an account other than yours or in any case with the one you started playing, click on the link Use a different Apple ID for Game Center located at the bottom, select the option I'm not First Name Last Name in response to the warning that you see appear on the screen and through which you are asked if you want to configure Game Center as a current user or not and then provide the data related to the Apple account you want to use and click on Log in.

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In both cases, if two-factor authentication or two-step verification is also enabled for the Apple ID you are trying to log in to, you will also need to consent to the operation and / or write the code that will be provided to you separately, by SMS or as a notice on authorized devices.

Next, make sure that the lever you find corresponds to the item Game Center at the top of the Game Center settings screen it moves to ON.

Once the above steps have been carried out, there is nothing left to do but launch Clash Royale after tapping the corresponding icon on the home screen, waiting a few moments for the game to load and responding affirmatively to the warning that You see appear through asking you if you would like to use your Game Center account to play and retrieve all your progress. If the warning doesn't appear, obviously the account you entered in the iOS settings is not the correct one.

When a window pops up asking you to log into Game Center even from within the game, type in the relative email address and associated password and wait a few moments before you can perform the steps I just indicated.

If, on the other hand, you cannot access your Apple / Game Center account and therefore cannot recover the Clash Royale account because you have forgotten the email associated with it or the password, I suggest you read my tutorial on how to recover the ID Apple through which I have proceeded to provide you with all the necessary information to be able to deal with such a situation.

In case of more problems

Could you have slavishly followed the instructions I gave you in the previous lines, have you still not managed to recover your Clash Royale account? There is one more last attempt you can make to deal with the situation: contact Supercell directly.

To begin, regardless of whether you are using an Android or iOS device, go to the screen where all the applications are grouped and start the game by pressing on its icon. Create a new game account or log in to the account you are currently logged into (you only need to contact the developers, not to play!)

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Then stop on the button with the gear located at the top right of the main game screen and select the item Help and assistance which is at the bottom of the new window that is open.

Now, hit Account lost in the section Help, select the question I lost my account. How can I have it back? and press the button No that you find next, next to the question Was it helpful to you? then press Contact.

At this point, there is nothing left to do but complete the form that is proposed to you by writing in the space dedicated to entering the text the reasons that are prompting you to contact Supercell (hence the fact that you cannot recover your Account from Clash Royale), the full username (or player tag, if possible) and possibly also the name of the clan to which the lost account belongs, the exact level of XP always related to the lost account and the reason why the account would be lost.

If you also remember other information, such as the cards you owned, the number of gems, and the number of trophies, I suggest that you also include this information in your message to make Supercell's search procedure even easier.

Then write your name (if necessary) in the field Your Name, your email address in the field Optional email) and press the button with the Paper plane (on Android) or in Send (on iOS) in the upper right to forward your request to the developers.

In a few days you will receive a response from the Clash Royale team that if possible (depending on whether you have correctly provided the requested information and the mishaps of various kinds that may arise) will provide you with the necessary information to be able to access your account again.

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