How to Record Screen on Huawei

Currently, many mobile phones have the ability to record the screen, although there are differences in the amount of functionality that this function offers depending on the model and manufacturer. Huawei phones offer some great screen recording features, allowing you to capture content like games, videos, images and more. If you want to know how to record screen on your Huawei phone, read this article.

1. Is it possible to record the screen on a Huawei?

Many Huawei users who want to record the screen of their devices wonder if it is possible to do so. Luckily, many of the latest Huawei phones include a built-in tool to record the screen or any activity on your device. The tool, known as Smartphone Screen Recorder, allows users to Capture every movement on the screen, from apps to videos and other content.

To set up this tool, Huawei users must first update the system to the latest version of EMUI. Then, they must activate the Smartphone Screen Recorder tool from the Configuration Menu, in the Personalization section. Once this process is complete, users can open the app, choose the recording time, and disable the microphone to skip any background sounds.

Once the recording is done, the video will be automatically saved in the Gallery. Users can also share the video directly from the Smartphone Screen Recorder app through various platforms. Recorded videos can be saved in video format or image format.

2. Learning the Basic Steps to Record Screen on Huawei

Screen Recorder on the latest Huawei models

With the arrival of the latest models of smartphones, the screen recorder has become one of the most used functions by users. This function allows us to easily record video or take screenshots, however, the way to enable the screen recorder will vary depending on the furniture. In the case of Huawei phones, the screen recorder is relatively easy to activate.

How to activate the screen recorder on a Huawei

Here are the basic steps you can follow to enable screen recorder on a Huawei device:

  • Open the settings menu among the icons on your main screen
  • Within the settings section, locate the More tab at the bottom
  • Within "More" locate the "Multimedia" section.
  • In the multimedia search for “Screen recorder”.
  • Enable it to show the screen recorder among the icons on your home screen.

Finally, you just have to click on the icon and the screen recorder will open for you to make your capture or video. Always make sure to activate the permissions for the use of your Huawei's camera before taking your videos or screenshots. These permissions can be enabled in the same way that we have detailed to activate the screen recorder.

Screen Recorder as a useful tool for Huawei user

The use of the screen recorder in Huawei devices offers us several benefits, among which the fact of having a simple tool to document any graphic event that we need stands out. In this way, and if the mentioned step-by-step process is followed, you can learn to master the tool to document the development of a task on video or screenshots.

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3. The Different Types of Tools Available to Record Screen on Huawei

When it comes to screen recording on a Huawei device, there are many tools to choose from. These tools allow you to record video, audio, screenshots, and much more. Some of the main tools available to record the screen of a Huawei device are described below:

smart recorder is a simple yet powerful tool to record screen on Huawei device. This app is free and allows you to record video, capture audio, take screenshots, and combine multiple recordings. Furthermore, Smart Recorder also offers a variety of edits like video filters, watermarks, and much more. With this app, users can easily customize their recordings to make them more original.

Huawei Editor Screen Recorder is a screen recording tool that is specifically designed for Huawei devices. This tool allows you to do video recording, screenshot, and various editing like cutting, cropping, and applying effects. Furthermore, this app also offers voice recording feature which makes it ideal for creating video content.

Screen Recorder Go Recorder is a versatile tool to record screen on Huawei device. This app allows you to choose the screen size to record, capture audio and save all in a high quality audio format. Furthermore, Go Recorder also offers the voice recording feature for video recordings, making it perfect for interview content. Another highlight is that Go Recorder has no time limit for recordings, allowing you to record long-form videos.

4. What is needed to record the screen on a Huawei?

1. Necessary configuration: To record the screen on a Huawei, it is necessary to have a phone with rooting enabled, that is, with root done on the device. This is because the Android system needs to be modified to achieve screen recording. Root can only be done from specific applications like Kingroot. Some models already have rooting enabled, although you should check the security of the files and backup them before doing so.

2. Software requirements: After making sure that root is enabled on the device, you can search for a screen recording tool. It is important to look for a secure application to ensure that you do not lose your saved data. Huawei users have a large number of recording apps to choose from, such as AZ Screen Recorder, DU Recorder and others. Most of them are free, although some include premium features that can be purchased for a small fee.

3. Recording process: The recording process once an application has been downloaded depends on the software chosen. Huawei users recommend AZ Screen Recorder to carry out the process easily. Once all the settings for recording are configured, you simply have to open the application and press the record and hide buttons to begin the process. While recording, you can choose to record a specific part of the screen, such as an open application, or fullscreen.

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5. Configuration Requirements for Screen Recording on Huawei

Install the app

To record the screen of a Huawei device you must download the application Screen Recorder. This is available through the Huawei AppGallery app store or in some third-party apps.

If you have downloaded it from AppGallery, enter the “My AppGallery” section, select the application and press “Install”.

If you want to download the app directly, look for the .APK file on platforms like Apkpure. Then you can install the downloaded file without problems.

Configure the app

Once the app is installed, it will open automatically. Then you need to set this app to record screen properly.

To do this, go to the "Settings" section and enter the device's screen resolution. From here you can also define the moments in which you want the screen to be recorded.

recording commands

Once the Screen Recorder app is set up, you can start recording.

For this, there are several options. First, you can set the app to record every so often. Thus, she will activate automatically.

Another way to activate recording is through commands. For example, when you press the buttons Volume - y Volume + at the same time, the recording will be activated. This will be saved on the device until you use the same commands to disable it.

6. How to Set Up Screen Recording on a Huawei

Setting up screen recording on a Huawei phone is a simple task if you follow the right steps. These instructions are applicable for most recent Huawei phones, such as the P Smart 2021.

First, open your phone settings and find the More tools option. From here, you will find Screen Recording: The next step is to enable screen recording. Once enabled, scroll down until you find Advanced Screen Recorder Settings. From here, you can configure the recording quality, screen size, and other details.

Second, set the quality of your screenshot from the Advanced Screen Recorder Settings tool:You will notice that the default quality is HD. This will give you the best video quality. If you want a smaller file size, you can change it to SD or Baja. Please note that the quality will be lower, but the file size will be smaller.

Third, choose the screen size option if you don't have HD resolution: If you don't have HD resolution i.e. 720p or 1080p, don't worry, there are options for that. From the same Advanced Settings window of the screen recorder, you can enable the screen size option. This will give you the option to select the desired size, which does not have to be HD.

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7. Tips and Tricks for a Signature Recording Experience with a Huawei

The Huawei smartphone has become one of the most popular phones on the market. Not only does it have a top-notch camera, but it also offers features ranging from HD recording to professional video editing. This opens up a range of possibilities for those looking to create quality content.

Set Up and Use Voice Recording Mode. They allow you to record crystal clear sound in vibrant or quiet places within the same recording. This is especially useful for long audio tapes, where signal quality can be compromised by background noise. Voice recording mode inserts solid objects between the camera and the audio, helping to maintain the separation between voice and noise.

Use Wi-Fi Connection for live broadcasts. This feature allows to energize the reading of audios for presentations, allowing the best voice quality. This ensures that the device receives the audio data without noise, optimizing the recording for use in online streaming. This is very useful when you need to give a live presentation on the phone.

We hope that after reading this article, you have learned how to record a screen on a Huawei device, no matter if you are using the latest model or an older model. Remember that this is a useful tool both to save your memories and to improve your ability to communicate. If you followed the steps correctly, you can now view the results of your work directly on your Huawei device. Congratulations on learning how to record screen on Huawei!

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