How to read Instagram messages without seeing them

How to read messages from Instagram without seeing them

Some of your friends are very persistent in sending you private messages about Instagram and they get annoyed when, seeing that you've read their direct, you don't respond quickly. You tried to make them think but there was no way, so you wonder if there is any feature of the social network that can solve your problem.

Going more specifically, you would like to know how to read instagram messages without seeing, so you can read your friends' messages, but don't make them (and you!) anxious about having to reply right away. So it's true? Then you will be glad to know that in the next chapters of this guide of mine I will provide you with all the useful information on how to be successful in this goal, showing you, step by step, how to implement some solutions that, applicable to the photographic social network, could do for you . you.

With that said, if you're eager to learn more now and can't wait to get started, sit back comfortably and take a few minutes of free time. Read carefully the procedures that I am going to show you, so that you can put them into practice easily and quickly. Have a good read!

  • Read messages offline to Internet
  • Read Instagram notification messages
  • Restrict an account

Before explaining how to read instagram messages without seeing, I have to give you preliminary information about it. In fact, you should know that, at least at the time of writing this guide, there is no feature that allows you to read private messages from Instagram anonymously.

The only thing that can be done is to act through configurations of the social network to deactivate the activity status to be offline. However, this solution does not solve the situation, since as soon as read the message will continue to count as displayed even if you are offline.

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The only alternative solutions that can be implemented are the ones that I will talk about in detail in the next chapters: these are some nifty solutions, which can be implemented through the social network application to Android e iOS, which allow you to read private messages without the sender knowing that they have been seen.

However, I repeat, these are improvised solutions, which can therefore lead to limitations in the use of the photographic social network. Find more details about this in the following paragraphs.

Table of Contents

Read messages without internet connection

The first solution that you can put into practice, to read messages from Instagram make sure the sender doesn't know you've seen them, it's the one from disable the internet connection.

En Android you can do it first by going to the section Settings> Wireless & networks and disabling the Wi-Fi and data network, via the corresponding menu item.

Alternatively, you can turn off your internet connection using the control Panel located at the top, accessible with a swipe from top to bottom. In the menu that is shown to you, in fact, all you have to do is disable the Wi-Fi and Data connection of its mobile phone pressing the respective icons. Alternatively, you can also put your mobile directly on Airplane mode, Pressing airplane icon.

En iOS Instead, to be successful in this intention, access the menus Settings> Wi-Fi es Settings> Cellular and climb OFF the corresponding levers, to disable Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G.

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Alternatively, it can act through the control center that, in the models of iPhone with Face ID, it can be seen with a swipe from the upper right corner of the screen down and on iPhone models with a physical home button with a swipe from the bottom up.

After disabling the internet connection, start the application Instagram and go to the private messages section, pressing airplane icon located in the upper right corner. Then locate and tap the received message to read it.

However, keep in mind that if you want to always read Instagram messages anonymously, you will have to repeat this operation every time you receive a new message.

Read Instagram notification messages

Another solution you can implement to read messages from Instagram without indicating that he has seen them is that of read app notification messages.

To be successful in this attempt, first of all, make sure that notifications about the receipt of private messages within the social network are active.

Then log in to your profile through the Instagram, press the located icon located in the upper right corner and, in the menu that appears, touch the item Settings Scope, then section Notifications> Direct messages and make sure there is a check mark on the item Enable in the section Posts.

At this point, also check the correct activation of notifications in the configuration of Android o iOS. In the first case, go to the menu Settings> Notifications> Instagram and, if necessary, upload EN the lever in the wording Enable notifications.

En iOS instead go to section Settings> Instagram> Notifications and, if necessary, upload EN the lever located in correspondence with the wording Enable notifications.

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At this point, when you receive a new private message on Instagram, you can read it from the notification menu (which can be opened by sliding your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom on Android and iPhone with the Home button and sliding finger from the upper left corner of the screen on iPhone with Face ID) and thus avoid seeing it in the section dedicated to private messages. By doing so, the sender will not know that they have seen it.

Restrict an account

An alternative solution that you can implement to be successful in the intention that you have proposed is restrict Instagram account from the person who does not want to let you know that they have read your private messages.

By activating this function, in fact, the messages of the person in question will be filtered and you can read them at any time, without him knowing that you have seen them. On the other hand, this function applies restrictions to the restricted profile, whose owner will not be able to see your comments under the publications, unless you approve it.

That said, to use this tool, please connect to the user's profile to be limited, using the app Instagram or using its official website; then press the icon (...) located in the upper right corner and in the menu shown, press the item Limit your account.

At this point, in case you receive private messages from the limited user, access the corresponding section of Instagram, Pressing airplane icon located in the upper right corner. You can then find them in this section and read them without the sender knowing.

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