How to play Stardew Valley online in multiplayer mode

How to play Stardew Valley online in multiplayer mode: This independently produced video game is gaining popularity over time. That is why its developers have been incorporating new features such as online multiplayer. This entry from trick library is meant to make it easier for you to share the care from your farm with your friends or other gaming partners. You can grow your own plot of land by connecting to Internet. And it will not matter if you use a computer or a console when you are playing in this mode of the farm simulator.

How to set up multiplayer in Stardew Valley

This game distinguishes between farms for single player and multiplayer mode. This does not imply that you simply invite other participants to your save game without having to perform some previous steps. One of the options available to enjoy multiplayer in Stardew Valley is start a farm cooperative from scratch. To do this you will have to enter the main menu and select Host tab Cooperative. This will mean that you start a new game from the beginning, but with the open possibility of inviting new players to join when you find the right partners. It is a good idea to keep in mind the number of cabins you want to have on your farm, as this decision is what will determine the number of players that could be added to the game. Each cabin equals one possible player.

If you play Stardew Valley from a platform other than a PC, you may require a subscription service such as PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold or Nintendo Switch Online, depending on the console you use.

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When you have configured the farm and chosen the main parameters of the game that we have explained previously, you can invite other players to join your game; provided they have (of course) their own copy of this simulator. However, you could also add new players if you started the game in single player mode.

How to convert your game from single player to multiplayer

How to play Stardew Valley online in multiplayer-2 mode

If you have suddenly changed your mind or have convinced your friends to join your game to cooperate in the game, you will have to build cabins for them. Talk to Robin the Carpenter. He will offer to raise or demolish cabins. This is a financial deal that will cost you 100g. per building.

Common questions about multiplayer in Stardew Valley

You may have a few more questions in mind about how multiplayer works and how it works. As we cannot read your mind, we solve the most common ones.

Is it possible to transfer my farm to another player?

The clear answer is no. You cannot make your friends the owners of your farm. That would require a substantial game modification. Information about farms is saved on the platform that its owner is playing on. When you share your game with other players you are allowing them to enter your world. In fact, the game he recognizes them as farmers. In any case, you will be able to enter your farm even if you have other players near you.

Can it be played in local multiplayer mode?

If you would like to play Stardew Valley in cooperative mode while lying on your couch, you can only do it on Nintendo Switch. At the moment this possibility is not foreseen on other platforms. In any case, it is necessary that your starting partner has your own switch and a copy of the game. Especially since you don't have an option to split screen. Then you will only have to select Local Communication instead of Online in the Cooperation tab of the main menu.

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Is there a cross-play multiplayer mode in Stardew Valley?

Only through Steam and GOG from a PC. At the moment there are no projects that implement multiplayer multiplayer in other versions of this independent production game.

Is it possible to play with the split screen?

Well, the game developers did not take it into account, but there are some players who added a mod with these characteristics for PC. You will find it by searching for the right servers.

We hope to have resolved your doubts. You will find more information about this game in other creative posts. We provide you with this link where we explain how to make Penny fall in love. Yes, you can flirt in Stardew Valley! What I don't know is if your multiplayer friends should know. We don't want you to make enemies because of the Trucoteca!

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