How to play Fortnite

How to play Fortnite, here we will tell you the most basic tips of the exciting Battle Royale Fortnite in its free version.

If you follow our tips before diving into battle royale, you will be able to gain a lot of advantage over your competitors, especially considering the extra time that you will surely have during confinement to approach the game for the first time.

A beginning player is often faced with a daunting prospect in a universe with several million experienced players with months. But it is always a good time to gather the courage to face such an exciting challenge and show yourself yourself if you are able to overcome it.

How to play Fortnite and tips for beginners

In this Fortnite beginner's guide We will show you the right way and we will help you avoid unpleasant surprises when you go to the Island.

The hundreds of hours of collective experience of our team of experts will provide you with the most useful information so that you are more than prepared when you board the battle bus together with your 99 adversaries.

The game continues its evolution with Ch. 2 of Fortnite T4. Although the Island has changed significantly, the core mechanics remain; That's why this is Fortnite beginner's guide will lead you to your first Victory Royale.

Keep reading to know all our tips and tricks, take your seat on the bus, tip the driver and prepare for battle with the best possible tools.

Spawn Island things stay on Spawn Island.

Once you are in Spawn island, you will find weapons, ammunition and building materials waiting for you to get hold of them. You can catch them, but you won't find them on the Fornite map. Think of Spawn Island as an area where you can train and develop your skills, although you will most likely only stay there for a scant minute while 99 other players join the game. You will be able to shoot any of them in the immediate vicinity, but the weapons will not harm them. If you are a temporary pacifist, we advise you to build a quick sniper cabin (learn how to do it in section 8).

How to play Fortnite

Get off the last of the battle bus.

The Battle Bus will honk its horn as soon as you can drop down to the map below, but resist the urge to jump in along with the dozens of players who will be leaving the bus at the first turn. Our advice is to wait until the Battle Bus is about to reach the end of its journey. Jump off with three seconds to go, so you don't have to deal with vying for landing spots and you will avoid getting shot in the head as soon as you start; plus you won't have to share the loot with many people.

When sliding, aim for houses or structures, as you will most likely find a chest inside or at least some basic loot. All you have to do is hit the ceiling with your pick to get inside. And so…

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… Your glider will unfold automatically.

As you plummet from the Battle Bus, your glider will automatically open when it reaches a certain height above the surface. Do not try to open it before: it is impossible. That's the only thing you have to know. It will collapse when you land, so be patient and then head to the nearest structure.

Drink small shield potions before taking a large one.

You will find small and large blue potions around the map. You will get 25 and 50 shield points respectively by using the right trigger to take them (the same fire button). Once you have 50 or more shields, you won't be able to consume other small bottles, so be sure to drink them first to free up a spot in your inventory. You can take large shield potions no matter the level of your shieldSo when you only have one left, don't hesitate: open the lid and get rid of it as soon as possible.

Best Weapons for Beginners: Assault Rifles or SMGs.

As a general rule of thumb, Assault Rifles or SMGs are the best option when starting out in Fortnite. Sniper rifles are useless below 75 meters, so we recommend that you do not use them in close combat unless absolutely necessary.

Another good advice for beginners is that you use the shotgun when you shoot at a nearby target and face him melee. Shotguns do a lot of damage And they are very effective at a single hit kill, so be sure to equip yourself with one when exploring houses, basements, or other small spaces.

Pay attention to the rarity scale.

Our gray guns are the most common. The ascending order of rarity follows the following sequence: green, blue, purple, and gold. Gold weapons - such as the RPG and the SCAR assault rifle - are quite powerful - grab them when you find them around. Press the D-pad to bring up your inventory and hover over weapons to see the damage they deal when you're having trouble deciding which one to keep.

Play with headphones on.

Good headphones will make things easier for you. Clearly hear the sound of footsteps or gunshots and detect their place of origin could make the difference between staying alive or reviving in Fortnite. Anticipating the appearance of your opponents will give you invaluable seconds to prepare yourself by changing weapons or planning a hedging strategy.

How to play Fortnite

Cover yourself before you heal.

It is vitally important that you build walls around yourself before you begin to heal. Both healing and drinking shield potions take a few valuable seconds to consume (up to ten for a large healing kit). During that time all you can do is rotate the camera. You will not be able to perform any other actions, not even move or shoot, so you will be very vulnerable. The walls you have built will prevent the bullets from reaching you. Walls can also snag cliffs and hills, so you won't have to find empty ground.

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Fall damage over three stories.

This is not Borderlands: falling from a considerable height will cost you some of your health, especially above three stories (three of the standard walls, one on top of the other). Build down ramps or try to slide downhill or off cliffs.

Try to gain ground in a fight.

When the going gets tough and you find yourself in a shootout With one of the 99 adversaries traversing the map, you want to get as high as possible. Make sure you are on top of your opponent, building ramps into the sky or jumping repeatedly (it will be harder to get hit). A good strategy is to build four walls around you in the shape of a square, and then ramp up to the wall in front of your enemy. This will give you a good sniper platform that can be withdrawn when you're reloading. Just repeat the building formula up (jump to build under his feet) until you're in a makeshift tower and get guns and grenades; so on until you acquire the greatest possible advantage.

Keep grenades, bandages, or shield potions in your inventory.

It is worth keeping at least one of the above objects on your toolbar. The grenades will help you shoot down some of your opponent's cover, especially if you aim for the lowest part of their structure. Once you destroy the lowest level, they will end up demolished, exposing your enemies and leaving them at your mercy. so you can hit them. The extra healing and shields will come in handy for when you're cornered in a corner and don't want to give up; you can also share them with your squad mates if they need first aid.

Don't destroy the trees completely.

If you use your pick to destroy trees you will easily get wood for building materials, but do not destroy the trees completely. Stop when you have 50 hit points left on your hit bar; otherwise you will leave a trail of vegetation that will make it easier for other players to track you.

There are no different types of bombs anymore.

Things have been simplified a lot in Chapter 2. Before we had a lot of different bombs (boogie, stink, sticky, shadow, smoke…) that complicated the game mechanics a bit. Now we just we will find standard grenades available and we all know how they work. Perhaps with time those different varieties of bombs will return to the game, but for now we will only be able to throw a few grenades of a lifetime.

fortnite tips

Select the correct mode in the lobby.

When you start playing, they will automatically try to place you in a squad with all the spaces occupied by random players. You may prefer to go alone or join a duo, so change the game mode first. Above the "Play!" you can check the way you are.

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Crouching down minimizes the noise of your footsteps.

Acting as a sneak can be a great way to get up close to the coveted Battle Royale. If you have ability to hide, you will want to be stealthy and move crouching, so you will be quieter than if you decide to run. This is a very useful trick when listening to someone near you; you will be able to maneuver to a better hiding place and avoid being found.

Buy the Battle Pass to get rewards.

Although there are some free perks available, if you want to get the best skins or other items, you will need the Battle Pass. It costs 950 V-Bucks. You will need to purchase the smaller V-Bucks package at $ 9.99 / £ 7.99. Then you can improve your team by overcoming as many challenges as you can.

Blast your way with your pickaxe.

If you find yourself trapped in a building or inside a construction, don't despair. You can break almost anything with your pickSo make your way with him But be careful, that little red circle that appears in the form of an icon means that it is making noise and any nearby opponent will hear it. Take your time to avoid danger.

Change your skin, stickers and emoticons in the locker.

All skins, banner icons, gliders, collection tools, loading screen, contrails, emoticons, dances, sprays, etc ... will appear in your locker. You can change them in and out of this before each game, but you will not be able to do it while you are playing - Make sure you're satisfied with your appearance and your gear items before heading down.

Get familiar with the map in Battle Lab mode.

One of the key aspects to improve in Fortnite is learning the map. Jumping into public games and facing 99 opponents over and over again can be exhausting if you fail multiple times in a row. Enter Battle Lab mode and then choose Create A Battle Lab to explore the map content.

En battle royale island you'll have free rein, from Slurpy Swamp to Steamy Stacks, and everywhere in between. All possible chests and vehicles are guaranteed in Battle Lab, so you have the possibility to memorize the approximate locations of each chest and familiarize yourself with them.

fortnite tips

Get in the habit of collecting materials while running.

The most normal thing is that a player with good aim is victorious in a fight, even so building is essential to obtain the greatest possible advantage. To do this you must have materials that you can only get by collecting them. Wood is the most common and you can destroy everything from trees and shrubs to chairs and cabinets. Try out the structures that provide you with the most materials and collect them as you race from place to place to achieve maximum resources.