How to play fortnite on unsupported devices?

Due to your hardware requirements Fortnite It is one of the games that you need the most to operate fluently, so when you start your installation some cell phones with OS Android they receive the following message: "Device not supported."

However, there is a way to play Fortnite and no need to install a APK that has been modified; this does not guarantee that the game is fluid, as it should be.

For the purposes you should know that the version of Fortnite in Google Play it is the most compatible.

This game started its way on Android only being compatible with very few Samsung, high-end. But, their requirements were decreasing as developers included alternatives to reduce their requirements in the quality of cell phones.

One of its formulas to expand its compatibility was its inclusion in Google Play.

How to download apps from Google Play that are not available in your country with the Aurora Store?

There are APKs that have been modified to achieve that the entrance to this great game is practically global. However, not everything is happiness, because there is the possibility and risk that the developer company "ban" or delete the account and make it impossible for you to use it in the future, so we do not recommend these applications.

Ideally, you should use the official account of Google Play, although we will not download it from there: to install the game we will use the Aurora Store.

Aurora comes with all the prerogatives of Google Play without actually having the official Google store installed. Now, through this platform, users from other countries will be able to access the download of this app that allows you to have the game installed on your cell phone, as well as others that are not compatible with your phone.

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We proceed to download Aurora Store (not the Droid) from its official page. This is an APK file, it must be installed manually.

In this case you must enter the store Aurora and accept permission for storage.

Now you can enter as anonymous on Google Play. You can log in with the account, so that Aurora does not record your data.

Find " Fortnite ”In the search box, the game will appear there.

You will need to download the application and install it.

Now start Fortnite, and register your account at Epic Games and then download the 4 GB of weight.

Proceed to install Fortnite Android incompatible

Then Install and start Fortnite from Aurora Store

The truth is that this procedure has been used on multiple phones that claimed not to be compatible with Fortnite when searching directly on Google Play. Of course, it will be impossible for a processor with 32-bit architecture to process Fortnite being an app for 64 bits. Likewise, you will not be able to install it if your device lacks memory RAM enough 4GB.

This experience can be unpleasanti.e. playing Fortnite on an unsupported device.

Sometimes playing this great game can be disappointing on a device that does not meet the minimum requirements.

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