How to play Fortnite in split screen

To play Fortnite is to enter a new world of entertainment and fun to the maximum of adrenaline and how to play fortnite split screen It is the coolest thing you can experience with a game like this and it is that you will see it is unique with the emotions that you live in real time.

Having the vision of the players in the same opportunity is much more exciting and attractive to know the steps that each one takes and the steps that you can take in against your competitor.

Also, that two friends are in the same space game physics it's much better because you can talk at the same time and let the excitement begin!

Some tips to play Fornite

  1. You can play online with two people
  2. First you have to have two accounts
  3. Logging in with the main account of by zone
  4. Turn on the I send one and two
  5. Choose the account your classmate
  6. Hold down the X button
  7. You will see the account of the partner and yours
  8. If you would like to switch to command number two
  9. Press another see the X
  10. Choose the one want
  11. According to season
  12. You can switch back to another player
  13. Will appear to you a package, shake it up
  14. And the game
  15. Get into this new mode of split screen
  16. You will be able to visualize the first command and the second command
  17. You can see at the top the photos of your skin
  18. Click at the top with the square button to go to the dive guide
  19. At the bottom place and follow the guide delta wing which is a function similar to that of APK in the game to follow the leader
  20. Then this one will launch The bus
  21. El another player will follow
  22. So you will see both players on split screen to play Fornite
  23. In this split screen mode you can play with friends and do competitions and take turns but now two by two
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Advantages of split screen to play Fortnite

  1. As you will see, it is a new way to enter both opponents to the same game
  2. You will no longer have anyone to wait by turns
  3. It will be more fun for you to run the adrenaline for whole body
  4. If you despair lose s
  5. So it is best to control your nerves and emotions


  1. How do I play with the split screen fortnite?

Login to your account as usual and turn on the second control with another of the accounts, for example XBOX

  1. Can I create more accounts on XBOX to play split screen?

Of course you can create it and as many as you want and that way it will be much better for you to play with the split screen

  1. Can I change the models of my skin?

If you can change clothes, the color, weaponry, factions of the player, etc.

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