How to play FIFA for two on PS4

How to play FIFA for two in PS4. Surely you have organized a dinner with friends at your house and decided to liven up the night by organizing a FIFA tournament on PS4. You will ask a friend to bring you the game and the console, but, in order not to appear clumsy in front of others, you would like to inform yourself a bit about the game and discover, for example, How to play FIFA for two on PS4both locally and online to challenge other people scattered around the world.

Don't worry: if you want, I'm here to help you. Just take a few minutes of your free time and let me explain how to take advantage of the multiplayer modes in FIFA. As a final result, you can play the simulation of football from EA with your friend. In case you're wondering, I'll also explain how to set up your PlayStation 4 so that you can connect to Internet and play online, challenging whoever you want around the world.

What are you waiting for? Do you want to learn to play two in FIFA for PS4 or not? Keep reading. I assure you that, in no time, you will have reached your goal and you will have fun with your friends. I have nothing left to do except wish you a happy reading and, above all, have fun!

How to play FIFA for two offline on PS4

To play FIFA on a local network for two, just connect the second controller on PS4. To continue, therefore, connect the second pad to one of the ports USB console and press the button PlayStation Dualshock 4.

In this way, the pad will be correctly configured to work with the console and you can challenge your friend to FIFA (or any other game).

Once FIFA has started press the button X the controller in the article STARTING FOOTBALL (often found on card GAME ) and move the controllers to the appropriate spaces using the directional arrows right or left This way, you can choose whether to play in two with the same team (in this case, the players will be controlled alternately by you and your friend) or if you will challenge your friend in a normal game (and therefore, leave everyone to control is different)

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In some versions of FIFA, the second user can also decide their username. It is possible to authenticate using a previously created name (by pressing Select an existing startup name ), as a guest (through voice Create a new start name ) or through a PSN account (by pressing on Log into PSN ).

In case the name is already configured, you can change it by selecting the item adjustments and then that Change startup name. Keep in mind that you can play two in almost any mode available offline, including that CAREER.

You can also play in local cooperative at FUT Seasons / Rivals Division y FUT Draft. In this case, however, you must have an Internet connection, a PSN account and subscription to PlayStation Plus. Additionally, for online friendly seasons, the second player may also have to log in with a PSN account.

For all the details of the case, I invite you to consult the chapter of this tutorial related to the preliminary information. about online matches in FIFA. In any case, to play in pairs locally in FUT, you just have to start a match in one of these two modes and once you find the opponent press the button triangle controller: This way, your friend should be able to play with you during the game.

How to play FIFA online for two on PS4

One of the most popular ways to play FIFA for two on PlayStation 4 is through challenge your friends onlineThrough PlayStation Network. Below you will find all the information you need to play against your friends from remotely (or together, challenging your opponents remotely).

Previous information before playing

Before getting to the heart of the procedure on How to play FIFA for two on PS4 Online, I think it is essential to explain what you need to be able to play this Electronic Arts game on the Internet. Well, the basic requirements in this case are one: Internet connection, a PSN account and a Subscription to PlayStation Plus.

So first make sure your Playstation 4 is connected to the internet - to do this go to toolbar up and press the button X the controller on the icon settings. After that, select the items RED y Configure Internet connection. At this point, choose from the options Use Wireless (then you must enter the access code to the network) or Use a network (LAN) cable.

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After that, go to toolbar up and press the button X of the controller in the icon settings. Now, to sign in to your PSN account, select the item Account management and consequently that Login to PlayStation Network.

Data to fill

If you don't have a PSN account yet, press the button X of the pad in the voice New PlayStation Network user? Create an account and select the writing Register now. Then type Country or region, language y birthdate and press the button X the controller in the article following.

In case you have less than Age 18I have to invite you to seek authorization from an adult, as Sony requires it to enable the online gaming feature. For more details on this, I invite you to consult the official PlayStation guidelines.

At this point, enter city, State / Province y Postal Code and press the button X notepad in writing following. After that, write Login ID (direction of e-mail), password y password confirmation and select the article following.

Perfect: now you just have to choose one of the many avatar available, enter Online identification, name y surname and press the button X the controller in succession in siguiente, continued, siguiente, siguiente, siguiente, to accept y siguiente to complete the registration


Once this is done, you will get a confirmation email and to continue all you have to do is click on the link present inside. Once done, go back to PlayStation 4 and press the button X voice pad Already verified y Following.

To complete the registration, select the entry to accept o Skip, depending on the questions asked on the screen.

Regarding the subscription to PlayStation Plus, is required to access the online features of FIFA for PlayStation 4 (and most titles for the Sony console). To subscribe to PlayStation Plus, go to the console start menu and press the button X of the controller in the icon PlayStation Store (shopping bag symbol with PlayStation logo).

After that, select the item PlayStation Plus you find it on the left and press the button X controller up Sign up or renew your membership. At this point, you just have to choose one of the options available in 14 free trial days, 1 month for 7.99 EUR, 3 months to 24,99 euros and 12 months to 59,99 euros.

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Once this is done, you must enter i payment method data prefer to use (card or PayPal) and complete the purchase. For more information, I invite you to consult my guides on how to pay in PlayStation Store and how get PlayStation Plus free.

Challenge a friend

Once your PS4 and PSN account is set up correctly, I'd say you're ready to go play in two online in FIFA.

To continue, go to the game's home page and go to the tab LINE. The main ways to play with your friends are COOPERATIVE SEASONS, in which we play together, and FRIENDS ONLINE, where you play against each other.

To invite a friend, just press the button X the controller in the article NEW COOPERATIVE SEASON o NEW FRIENDLY SEASON (according to the chosen mode), select the your friend's nickname and press on the element INVITATION. Once your friend has accepted the invitation, you can play as many games as you want, with or against him.

Don't miss your chance to play in mode PRO CLUB, where each user creates a single player to be placed within a team. In this case, you can create your own club and leave it open for your friends to join. Usually you just need to configure your voice Public club en Open to friends.

Another very popular way is called FIFA UltimateTeam. To play with your friends in the latter, press the button X the controller in the article LAST TEAM present in the FIFA start menu and moved to the tab LINE. At this point, select the item FRIENDLY SEASONS and then your friend's nickname

After that, press the button X of the pad in the voice GAME, to start a game against your friend's team. If your friend is online, you can invite him to play against you. However, if it is offline, you will play against a AI (even if the team will be the one created by your friend).

I hope it works for you and you can have a great night playing play!


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