How to make humans in Infinite Craft? Different ways

infinite craft

Infinite Craft has taken the internet by storm thanks to the amount of creation possibilities that it offers us. Here you can create anything you can think of, with only your imagination, and the combination of different game elements. This is one of the games in the Alchemy family and is designed with artificial intelligence, which causes new combinations to be generated. Making the possibilities practically endless.

One of the most complicated elements to make and at the same time most effective is the human. This requires a series of combinations of elements, which, although they are not difficult to do, it requires a good imagination. With the human we can also unlock another series of combinations that will help us advance in the game. Stay reading so you can learn how to make this item in the game.

How to make humans in Infinite Craft with religion?

In the immense world of Infinite Craft, creating humans is a complex, yet very fun process. Although it may seem challenging at first, the truth is that if you follow these steps, the process will be simple. Besides, Once you have created the human, many other possibilities for creations will open up to you..

Have the basics on hand

The first thing you should keep in mind when creating humans in this game are the four basic elements, water, fire, earth and wind. Once you have them ready, you will have completed the first step.

Create the first elements


Now you just have to create some elements that will form the basis of human life. The first thing is to combine water and fire to obtain the steam. Then mix wind and fire to make smoke. Additionally, you will need to create the dust, so you must combine the earth and the wind. With these three elements, you are ready to create the intermediate elements necessary to give birth to humanity.

Intermediate elements

These elements constitute key components for the human creation process. The first of them is him mud, to create it you must combine earth and steam. You must also create the element fog, which is vital in this guide, is crafted by combining water and smoke.

Lastly, you must create a planet, which will be the basis for humanity to emerge, is created by combining earth and dust. Once you have created these three elements, what remains is very easy.

Creation of the first man

We have already reached the climax of our creation process, the appearance of the first man. First you must create Venus, known as the precursor of human life, so combine the fog with the planet, to get this element. Then simply combines Venus with mud in order to obtain the first man on earth, Adam.


the first humans

Finally, to complete the cycle of life, we must create Adam's companion, so that the first humans appear. First, you must merge Adam with Venus to obtain Eve. And the last combination is that of Adam and Eve, to reveal the humanity.

Create humans with “science”

There is also another way to create humans in the game, although it can be a little more complicated. You just have to use your creativity a little, or else, follow the following steps.

Get glass

The first thing you should create is some glass, which is very simple to do. Combine an earth element and a wind element to obtain dust. Then simply combine two dust elements, and you will get sand. Once here, you just have to combine sand and fire in order to obtain the element glass.

Create the microscope


The next thing to do is some lenses, with these we can make a microscope, which is vital to achieve our goal. First of all, you must combine the glass we obtained earlier with a fire element, to melt them and obtain the lenses. Then simply combine those lenses with water and you will get the famous microscope.

First sign of life

Now we have to create bacteria, to make life. First of all, we must create mud, to do so, we must first combine water and fire, which will give us steam. Then we combine the element steam with the land to finally craft the mud. The next thing is to mix the mud with the microscope and we will obtain the bacteria.


We are almost done, we only have to make life, with which to make humans. This is very easy to do if you have followed all the steps, Only by combining bacteria and steam, we will obtain the element Life.

Once again: humans

The final touch, the humans. Once you have achieved Life, we simply have to combine it with an element land. In this way, we will obtain humans through another means.

What can we do with humans in this game?

Learning how to play humans in this game is very important. Above all, because it is an element that serves as a starting point for a lot of other elements. Next, we will see some examples of combinations that can be made with these, in the game.



  • If we combine a human with Japan, we will get a samurai.
  • When combined with a book, we will get a Author.
  • If we combine it with a tree, we can obtain a woodcutter.
  • If we decide to mix it with a plane, we will have a pilot.
  • If we combine it with the element cleansed, we will do a juez.
  • When mixed with river, we will have a fisherman in our row.
  • If we join the alphabet with the human, we will have writer and.
  • Also if we combine it with a knife, we will get a warrior.

real characters

  • If we combine Canada with a human, we will get Justin Trudeau.
  • On the other hand, if we combine human with Chinese, we get Buddha.
  • Also, if we combine a president with human, we will get Obama.
  • Finally, if we combine it with a angel, we will be able to do Cupid.


  • If we decide to mix the human with the Life, we will get a angel.
  • If we combine it with a planet, we will be able to do the alien.
  • At the same time, if we combine the human with Mars, we will have march.
  • When combined with the death, we will have ghost.
  • Finally, if we combine it with the swamp, we will get to zombies.

As we saw, once you have crafted a human in Infinite Craft, Many windows of options open to you later. Furthermore, indirectly they are vital to making other important game elements. And that was all, let me know in the comments what you thought of this little guide.