How to know if a blocked number called you

How to know if a blocked number I'll call you. After receiving a series of persistent phone calls in the middle of the night, he decided to block the phone number of the person who bothered him. But what if after a while, he would like to retrace his steps and unlock it? We tell you how. However, before proceeding, make sure that the blocked person has stopped making calls at inappropriate times.

If this is really the case and therefore you want know if a blocked number called you, I am here to help you. In this post I will explain how to achieve this by using a "standard" function in your mobile phone or using some applications free developed by third parties.

Curious to find out more and eager to get started? In this case, sit back comfortably and have your mobile phone close at hand. Carefully follow the instructions that I am about to provide you and you will find that you will easily and quickly succeed in your proposed intention. At this point, I have nothing left to do except wish you a good read and good luck for everything.

How to know if a blocked number called you on Android

If you have a mobile phone Android, for know if a blocked number called you, you can use the call and SMS blocking tool, as long as it is present on your device.

In this sense, you should know that in the mobile phone that I have, a Huawei, the instrument in question is called Harassment filter And, in addition to allowing you to block unwanted numbers, it is also used to find out if you have been contacted by blocked numbers through its call log function.

That said, to access this section of the Harassment filter, start the application phone ( the headset icon located on the home screen), tap the button ( ) located in the upper right corner and in the displayed menu, tap the item Harassment filter. It may be called something else on your phone, but it should be a similar name.

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After that, press the card call, where you can see the history of calls received but blocked by phone numbers that you previously added to the blacklist.

How to know if a blocked number called you on iPhone

En iPhoneCurrently, it is not possible to know if a blocked number called you. In fact, the default tool for iOS that can be used for block calls does not have a function related to the history of calls received but blocked

With that being said, the only workaround to find out if a number you blocked has called you is related to using the tool "Secretary". However, it is a characteristic of paid and that it is only available on the lines of some telephone operators.

In this sense, if you have previously configured the answering machine on the iPhone and if the contact previously blocked by you has left a message on the answering machine, this will be stored in the section Blocked messages from the last batch. Therefore, you can find out if the number you blocked called you by playing the voice message that left you on the answering machine.

How to know if a blocked number has called you through an application

Your mobile phone Android It doesn't have this blocking option and blocked call logging functionality I suppose you used some application to block phone numbers.

Well, you should know that some of these applications let you know even if a blocked number has made other calls, thanks to the blocked call log functionality: you can find more details about it in the following lines. For iPhone, however, there are no applications that can be useful for this purpose.

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Call blacklist (Android)

The application that you can use to find out if you received a call from a number that has blocked is Call-Blacklist or Call blacklist, a free application whose main use is, of course, to block specific phone numbers or anonymous numbers.

This application is also available as a premium paid version, Blacklist Pro calls, what does it cost? €1,99 and offers the possibility of setting a password for accessing the application, removing advertising and activating call blocking based on a weekly schedule.

As for the ability to access the blocked call log, you should know that this feature can be used with the free version of the application. That said, if you previously downloaded the app from Play Store Android, start by pressing its icon located on the home screen of your device.

When the app starts, tap the item record, which you can find on the main screen: this section will immediately show you the phone numbers of the blocked contacts who tried to call you.

In case of doubts or problems or if you need more information about the use of this application, check my website, where I have already spoken more about it.

Other applications to know if a blocked number called you

There are several other applications for Android that allow you block incoming calls and SMS, and some of them can be used to find out if a blocked number has tried to call.

Succeeding in this goal is really simple, since the applications in question are equipped with a blocked call log, accessible at the moment of touching the screen. These are some of the alternative applications that you can use to find out if a blocked number has called you.

  • Call Block: It is a free application with a simple and linear user interface that allows you to block private numbers, unknown numbers and specific phone numbers added to the section. blacklist. The section call instead, it is what is needed for this tutorial. Go to this screen, located in the main menu, and tap the item Show blocked, to find out if a blacklisted number tried to contact you.
  • Truecaller: Even this free app can be used for this tutorial. It consists of two main screens: Black list, which is used to add numbers to the blacklist, and Blocked calls instead, it displays the automatically filtered call log. Easier than that?
  • Call control-Call blocker: it is a free application more advanced than the previous ones, since it allows you to block numbers manually or by establishing a specific schedule with days and hours. In any case, accessing the blocked call log section is very easy: press the icon located at the top left and tap the item Call log locked, to see the list of blocked phone numbers that have tried to contact you.
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