How to jump in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts legacy takes you on a magical adventure in the world of Harry Potter, allowing you to explore the iconic Hogwarts school and other magical places. Although there are various forms of transportation, walking is one of the main ones. However, as you walk, you may discover high places or ledges that you normally couldn't reach, leading you to wonder if you can skip at Hogwarts Legacy.

The answer is yes! In Hogwarts Legacy you can jump, but the method of doing this will depend on the platform you are playing on, as each has its own key or button combination. Here's how to jump on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. This is how you can jump into Hogwarts Legacy.

  • PC: Space bar
  • PlayStation: X
  • Xbox: A


Is there fall damage at Hogwarts Legacy?

Note that at Hogwarts Legacy there is fall damage, which means you won't be able to jump off a cliff or the top of Hogwarts and expect to come out unscathed. Although jumping can take you to new areas and offer a more agile way to travel, you should be cautious and avoid jumping anywhere without caution, as you could take serious damage that you will need to heal after.

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