How to join a WhatsApp group without permission

How to join a group of WhatsApp without permission

Your friends have created a group Whatsapp And would you like to access the latter without waiting for them to add you? Have you found a group on WhatsApp that you find especially interesting, you are dying to participate but don't know how to do it? Don't worry: if you want, I'm here to give you a hand and help you achieve your goals.

In fact, in today's guide I will show you how to join a WhatsApp group without permission using his mobile phone a tablet Android or on iPhone, or acting as a PC. So, to complete the information, I will explain how to act if you want to know how to prevent someone from adding you to a WhatsApp group without your consent. The procedures are almost identical on all the devices that WhatsApp is available for, so you shouldn't have a problem getting everything done.

Bet you can't wait to get started, can you? So if that's the case, all you have to do is give me a few minutes of your free time and put into practice the tips that you will find in the following chapters. With that said, I just want to wish you all a good read and good luck in everything!

  • Join a WhatsApp group through the invitation link
  • Be added to a WhatsApp group
  • How to avoid being added to WhatsApp groups

Join a WhatsApp group through the invitation link

If you want to know how to join a WhatsApp group without permission, the only solution you have is to access through invitation link. You do not know what it is? This is a link that allows anyone who has one to join a WhatsApp group, without an administrator having to intervene.

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This system is very convenient for group administrators, if they have to manage several very large groups and do not want to avoid save the numbers of all users to be invited in their own address book, in order to validate their access requests.

Obviously, keep in mind that when you access a WhatsApp group, the event will be notified within the Chat (the warning will be shown to all [phone number] joined through the group invitation link ) and, therefore, one cannot act literally "in secret."

That being said, if you have the WhatsApp group invite link, even if you haven't been personally invited by an admin to join, you can participate by opening the link in question and then tapping the button. join the group, in the chart below. Doing so will immediately add you to the WhatsApp group.

In case you are an administrator of a WhatsApp group and you want to know how to create an invitation link to access the latter, what you have to do is enter the chat of the group and press on your title above.

On the screen that appears, scroll through the different available items and press the button. Invite by link (on Android) or Invite the group through a link (At iOS). Then you will be shown a link that you can to copy y / o to share externally, using the appropriate buttons.

In the event that you find anomalies in the group's accesses by unauthorized users, within the invitation link screen, press the button Reset link, to revoke the previous invitation link and generate a new one.

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Be added to a WhatsApp group

If you do not have an invite link to access the WhatsApp group of your interest, I am sorry but you will not be allowed to access it in any way: the only solution left is to contact an administrator and ask them to be added to the group.

That being said, you won't need to do anything in particular other than provide the admin with yours. phone number. The latter must, first of all, register your number in his address book: in case of need, both of you may find my guide on how to add a contact on WhatsApp.

Once this is done, the administrator will enter the chat of the group to which they will invite you and, after pressing the button Group name above, he will send you the invitation by selecting yours phone number via section Add attendees.

If you want to know more about how to be added to a WhatsApp group, my advice is to delve into the subject by reading the tips that you will find in my guide on how to join a WhatsApp group.

How to avoid being added to WhatsApp groups

If you do not want your phone number to be added to WhatsApp groups without your consent, you can adjust the privacy settings of the application to prevent your contacts and, in general, anyone who has your phone number, to perform this operation.

First start the app Whatsapp on your mobile phone and, on the main screen, go to the configuration panel: to do it in Android, press the icon that you find at the top and click on the element configurations in the box shown to you; in iPhone instead, select the tab configurations located on the bottom bar. It is not possible to act as a PC.

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At this point, touch the item Account and then press on the one called Privacy. Once this is done, scroll down the screen that is shown to you and locate the words Groups. Tap on it to access permission settings options for who can add you to groups.

Choose voice All , anyone with your phone number can add you to a group; pressing option instead ContactsOnly the contacts you have saved in your address book can invite you to a group.

Finally, if you don't want anyone to be able to add you to WhatsApp groups (or just some), choose the item My contacts except : You will be shown a screen where you can select the contacts you want to prevent from being added to groups. By selecting all the numbers in the list, no one will be able to do this.

However, I warn you that if you add a new number in the phonebook, you will have to manually enter it in this list. Otherwise, the latter will still be able to invite you to WhatsApp groups without your consent.

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