How to Install Blue Crystal Addon

How to Install Blue Crystal Addon

The Crystal Azul addon allows you to view the best content added to Kodi. Third party TV channels and additional content are supported by this addon and there are many departments to enjoy and choose from.

Crystal Blue Addon Installation

Follow the steps below to install Crystal Blue on your Kodi device:

    • Step 1: Open Kodi. Go to the Settings page.


    • Step 2: Now go to System and search for File Managers.


    • Step 3: Open file manager.


    • Step 4: Click “Add Source”.


    • Step 5: Enter the URL of the repository from which you want to download the plugin. The repository address is:


    • Step 6: Enter the name to delve into: Crystal Blue


    • Step 7: Now go to the main page.


    • Step 8: On the main page, click Addon.


    • Step 9: Click on the package icon.


    • Step 10: Click Install from zip file.


    • Step 11: Look for Crystal Blue and select it.


    • Step 12: Now you just have to wait for the download to complete.


Once the plugin is installed, you will be able to enjoy all the content of this great application. You can explore different content and enjoy the famous content added to Kodi.

How to activate blue crystal?

To do this, follow these steps: Access the Tools section from the Cristal Azul home screen, Click on the option you will see to change the Cristal Azul settings, Select the General tab and activate the Activate turbo mode option, After activating option, click OK to close the panel. Now Crystal Blue will be enabled and you will be able to enjoy the maximum speed and optimization capabilities of your equipment.

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How to solve registry error in Cristal Azul?

If the registry error occurs, it is easy to find the solution: go back to tools and click on “change blue crystal settings”. Look in “General” for the option that says “Fix registry errors”. Accept the warning message that appears. Finally, on the same screen, retry the installation to see if the registry errors were smoothed out.

How to install Kodiadictos?

Add source and enter the URL:, click ok. Return to main screen, systems, add-ons. You must activate “unknown sources”. Enjoy the content that Addon puts at your disposal.

You can install Kodiadictos from the web interface as a repository from the “Settings” menu, then go to “File Management” and then select “Add Source”. Add the following URL:, then go back to the main Kodi screen and look for the “System” icon, then select “Add-ons” and select “Install from zip”. Select the font you just added and wait for the installation to complete. Finally, enable the “Unknown sources” option in the “System/Configurator” section, to install the add-ons from the Kodiadictos repository.

Enjoy all the content that Kodiadictos offers you!

What is the Horus add-on?

Horus is an add-on for Kodi that allows us to watch live streams using AceStream, a protocol peer-to-peer similar to BitTorrent but optimized for audio and video. Based on Plexus, Horus is compatible with Kodi 19 and can run on Android, Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi. It is designed as a video addon for Kodi and gives you access to live streaming content. It also has some useful features to customize the video quality and users' experience.

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How to Install Addon Crystal Blue (Blue Crystal)

Crystal Azul (Blue Crystal) is a Kodi addon created by the developer Aidan. It is a popular IPTV playlist with unique content for Kodi. If you want to use this list on your device, please follow the procedure below to install the addon.

Steps to Install Crystal Blue Addon

    1. Repository Settings: You must first configure Repository before installing the plugin. To configure the repository, enter the URL "" in the browser. After entering the url, press the "Install from Repository" button. The TV repository will download and install automatically.


    1. Download Addons: After installing the TV Repository, you will need to download the plugin. To download the addon, go to System > Settings > Addon Browser > Install from zip file > Select the Fusions option.


    1. Install Addons: Once you have downloaded the repository, you will be returned to the previous screen that says “Install from Repository”. Here you will select TV> Video Addon> Crystal Azul (Blue Crystal)> Install.


After the installation is complete, you will be able to access the addon from the Kodi home screen. We hope you found this article useful and it helped you to install Crystal Blue on your Kodi device.


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