How to get free coins in Dream League Soccer

How to get free coins in Dream League Soccer. The coins in the Dream League Soccer video game are one of the most important resources, since with them you can improve your team, as well as improve your stadium.

These coins can be obtained with real money, however there are a few ways to get free coins in Dream League Soccer, and today in Trucoteca we tell you all.

How to get free coins in Dream League Soccer: step by step

✪ Connect your Facebook account to the game

Even before you play your first game, the first step you should take when starting to play Dream League Soccer is to connect your Facebook account. By doing so, you will get 100 coins completely free.

To complete this step, go to the game options, in "Game settings" and then click on "Advanced": the first option that appears is to connect with Facebook, which is checked by default. Now you simply have to enter your Facebook account with your data.

✪ Collect the initial prize

This bonus can only be obtained by new players, so if you have been playing for a while you have surely collected this prize.

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Generally, this reward is received automatically, although it does not always happen, so if you are a new player and you have not yet received the initial prize, you only have to click on the coin icon in the main menu, and you will get 1000 coins.

✪ Sell the players you don't use

There are some players who have been useful at some point, but as you expand the team you know they will never use it again. All these players who are only occupying space on your team, it is more convenient put them on the market and in return you will receive a good sum of coins.

You can take advantage of this free space to buy a new player that interests you more.

✪ Meet daily goals

In every game there is a series of goals that you must complete. Almost all of them are simple tasks, and it deserves to take a look at them and complete as many as possible to get all the possible coins.

✪ Win the matches by a landslide

Losing and drawing games gives you very little coins, and winning does give you a few more. But win by many goals difference will give you an extra bonus of coins.

✪ Watch the announcements after the matches

The ads that appear behind every game can be a bit annoying for some players, but it is a good way to achieve 30 coins in a few seconds of video. If you need to get coins, it is a good way to gradually increase your wealth.

✪ Upgrade your stadium

Improving the stadium is usually expensive, but in the long run it pays off, since by moving up the division you will earn more coins, and also with the increase in audience capacity, you will get a greater bonus in the matches.

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You already know how to get coins in Dream League Soccer, don't wait any longer to put it into practice!

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