How to Get Coal in Minecraft

Get Coal in Minecraft

Coal is an essential resource in Minecraft as it can be used to make the fire needed to cook food and to smelt iron. Without coal you will not be able to generate power.

How to get coal?

  • Cave Mining: Exploring and mining in caves is the main way to find natural coal. You will find coal in the dark stone blocks, usually located near the bottom of a cave.
  • barns: If you're lucky, you can also find coal in barns from animals like horses, cows, and pigs. Check the barns before killing the animals.
  • Instruct the Smithy: Go to the blacksmith and ask the blacksmith to do the job for you. This will cost you some money, but the blacksmith will give you the blocks for his convenience.
  • Resource Stores: Sometimes the NPC In the trading villages they have coal blocks for sale. If you don't have enough money, try trading some items for coal.

Using the coal

Now that you've found charcoal, there are several ways to use it:

  • Baking food: Take the coal to an oven to cook food and food. This will increase shelf life and improve nutritional benefits.
  • Iron foundry: You will see that iron can be used to create weapons, tools and armor. First, you need an iron furnace, and then bring the iron and coal for smelting.

We hope that now you understand how to get, use and make the most of coal in Minecraft. Good luck on your adventure!

What layer is coal in Minecraft?

Coal has a fairly large distribution range starting at level Y 256 reaching level Y0. Regarding copper, it can appear between Y 112 and -16, although the area from which you will be able to extract the most is Y48. Both resources are found in the layer of rock (Stone).

How do you Craft coal in Minecraft?

How to MAKE Charcoal in Minecraft – YouTube

To craft coal in Minecraft, you need 1 block of barked logs, then place it on top of the Cooking Pile and add fire below. Coconut as fuel, and it can provide you with up to 3 servings of charcoal (vegetable charcoal).

Once you have that done, all you have to do is collect the coal that is located under the cooking pile. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple and quick process.

Where do you get coal in Minecraft?

The natural way to get coal is to mine it in caves in the same way as rock, iron or any other mineral in Minecraft. Its main use is as fuel for the furnace. In fact, it's one of the most efficient fuels second only to lava and Blaze Rods. It can also be obtained as a reward from killing enemies, such as taking down a spider. Many variants of special features (like biomes and areas) offer Common Charcoal, but the surest way to ensure a safe supply is to farm it. This is a relatively easy way to get coal in Minecraft. You can dig a pit two blocks high and fill it with any combustible material, such as wood, leaves, or hay. After lighting the pyre, allow it to burn for a while before extinguishing the fire with water. This way, you will have a box that contains the coal.

Where can you find coal?

Coal is an organic sedimentary rock, it is formed from the decomposition of vegetable organic matter and the action of anaerobic bacteria, deposited mainly in marshy areas, shallow lagoons. It can be found in many different forms such as underground mines, glaciers, and some sandstone deposits. It can be mined in many countries around the world such as China, India, the US, Australia, Russia and more.

How to get coal in Minecraft

Using Charcoals

Carvones are common items in the world of Minecraft and can be obtained in various ways. Charcoals are needed to make signs, fireworks, and many other items. Next we explain how to get the coal from the carvones.

  • Find a tree. Make a small fire to enjoy the light and heat. The coals are generated around the fire.
  • The coals will fall to the ground and accumulate around the fire. Take the carvones and put them in your inventory.
  • Carbons can also be mined from the ground. Look at the surface of the earth and look for the carbones. Remove them so they fall to the ground.
  • You can also get chars by killing monsters. Charons can come out of the monster's body when it dies. Take the carvones before they disappear!

using an oven

Furnaces are also used to process ore into coal. Use the furnace to turn wood into coal. If you have enough wood, you can also get a lot of coal.

  • Find a work area in which to place the oven. Place the oven on the ground to create the structure.
  • Add a piece of wood to the kiln. You can use the wood that is on the ground or pick it up from a tree.
  • Light yourself a fire. Use a piece of charcoal or a fire starter to light the fire. A single piece of charcoal will light the fire for a period of time.
  • Once the fire is gone, the oven will turn on and stay on for several minutes.
  • When the furnace goes out, open the furnace inventory and take the coal. The coal will be stored in your inventory.
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